SKS Mag Adapter Uses Modified (no Duckbill) Tapco 20 Round Magazines

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DuFlux: That is a Trijicon Reflex II... I have since moved the Reflex to my 7.62x39 AR15 Pistol, and replaced it with a Bushnell TRS-25 Micro red dot.

AlphaAsFuark!: What kind of optic are you using in this video?

MrByonks: 3 under 3

DuFlux: If you will view my video called " 3 under 3 " ...then you will see that my Norinko sks is holding zero VERY well with a Vortex SPARC Red dot in the scout mounted (fore rail) position...

DerpHWimbleton: How well does the gas tube rail do when an optic is mounted on? Is the zero retained or is there some work that needs to be done?

Arsenal SLR-107FR: Love this video! The SKS in this video is the coolest that I have seen thus far!! Definitely checking out the aforementioned website. THANKS!!

DuFlux: If someone wants to be a distributor in Canada... they can go ahead and sign up w/ the US State Department, and pay the 2500.00 yearly "registration fee"... AND all the other fees associated with import/export... I will sell to them...

DuFlux: MagAdapter is ITAR regulated.

DuFlux: The MagAdapter allows use of modified detachable magazines... no clips are used.. costs? visit the TrulyTactical website.

shane kennington: so i if i bought a type 53 sks what would it cost/require for me to put a 20 rd clip on it?

kyle fehr: niiiice, wonder if i can get this in canada

infidel556x45: the one mod im not looking foward to doing......grinding on my bold makes my wienie soft

DuFlux: you're welcome.

DuFlux: I "pushed" the bolt forward into battery... merely to demonstrate that, with a "drop-free" bolt mod... you can load and/or unload regardless of bolt's forward or rearward position...

dominicmorlino: i noticed before inserting a new mag each time, you pushed the bolt this necessary? or could you leave it open, insert a new magazine, and then push it forward?

airmannajera: oh man it works great for me thanks truly tactical

Atritionist: Nifty

DuFlux: @bradtheimpaler37 no offense but... a 7.62x39 is NOT a 1MOA Cartridge... it's a bush/jungle fighting or house 2 house weapon.. if you were thinking that it might be possible to make it into a tack-driver for "sniping"..well . the x39 just isn't up to par for that and you'd be wasting your time.. I recommend a scout mounted Aimpoint red dot.. If you want any kind of real reliable accuracy..get a flat-top AR... Thanks for the +1 on out TrulyTactical products though...

brad miller: I have bought several parts off of duflux and it takes a plain jane and turns it into something useful. Installed so far: marcus magazine adapter, dbl tapco mags, bolt mod for close bolt loading of the dbl mags and quick release for mags. I can cycle through 4 mags with ease and dont have to worry about jams or stove piping bullets. Best to do bolt mod in the video before cycling rounds though it saves a lot of trouble later . hey duflux do you have anything ideas for a solid scope mount?

DuFlux: @thebizo1 Tapco Mags work in all variety of SKS rifles... bar none.
SKS Mag Adapter uses modified (no duckbill) Tapco 20 round magazines 5 out of 5

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SKS Mag Adapter uses modified (no duckbill) Tapco 20 round magazines