E90 LED Tail Light Anti-Flicker Installation Guide

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Tee S: Guys, just get Carly for BMW app and adaptor and you can disable the bulb check (which makes them flicker). Also the app will read errors and give you coding ability all from your phone.

quaztron: I'm so disappointed in the car manufacturers. They share the same LED lights, running at 100% intensity for brake lights and turn signal, and ~50% intensity for running lights, which is reasonable. But they make the ~50% using PWM (pulse-width modulation) at low frequencies. If you move your eves at night, the pulsing LED taillights make dotted lines across your field of vision. It is cheap, ugly, and a disgrace. They need to either use a much higher frequency, or (better) send 50% current at 100% duty cycle (little more than a series inductor and a flywheel diode changes PWM into smooth DC). I hope later-model cars are made smarter. It's so annoying, people buy after-market add-ons to correct the deficiency in their cars. Rotten lousy car manufacturers. (I should track and mention the specific rotten ones by name. Every time I see the dotted-line taillights, I want to smash them out with a hammer.)

Luis Orduño: HID Canceller? is the same product?

Scott Shannon: Mine flicker when brake is applied, half of the black is lit and the other flickers . This is what I need I'm guessing??

LRRVintage: what is anti flicker??

Sami Mlijy: Can you send a link for these modules

Andrew Tsang: Any chance you still have these for sale?

jlevisw: @wmckelphin We have been using these taps for years - even under the hood for the turn signals - and never had a problem. This is doubly so with the trunk because they are inside the car and behind the carpet once installed.

charles sanchez: Good, stuff. Issue fixed! Thxs
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E90 LED Tail Light Anti-Flicker Installation Guide