Spray Paint Art TUTORIAL!

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spray paint art for beginners
spray paint art for beginners
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How to spray paint a car part 2. spray paint art tutorial
Spray Painting Your Nails?!
Spray Painting Your Nails?!
Spray Paint Art Tutorial: Modifying. cleaning. and getting new caps
Spray Paint Art Tutorial: Modifying. cleaning. and getting new caps
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Spray Paint Nail Polish?! WHY just why

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Edward Tomas: You Suck Nigga You need To Learn how To Do Mountains Because You Totally Suck

Vynral: T o e

Amy Knuth: Yo dude I'm fourteen and just started spray painting art I have just sold a New York sky line ya u have a lot to work on and they make art boards for a reason so keep practicing and for better looking mountains try making a taco out of the paper and run ur fingers on that and I sold my first peice for 25 so work on it

Belle Parsons: Those flimsy face masks don't protect you against the fumes. You need a proper respirator, and I would use one even if I was outside.

SprayPaintArtist KOBRA: Not Bad bro..


Battle775: You should clean your tips from the spray cans. Paint gets clogged up in those tips and paint splatters everywhere when you spray. Also, don't use line paper. Instead use glossy magazine sheets.

Ruel Rodriguez: Youse more colors like gold silver or mix

connor Fitzpatrick: Just a tip use more contrasting colors like on the mountains use blue and orange or poi sites on the color wheel

Marc Gutierrez: what about the shading on the mountains

Marc Gutierrez: just a word of advice so that your paint doesnt bleed you shoud do burst of paint not just holding the cap down and going back and forth.


RaBBiT WaRReN: At ahistorical 5th painting

RaBBiT WaRReN: Guys don't be so negative he's doing fine

Sean Prendergast: Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahha i posted my second one on my page damn

LilRebell57: my 10 year old sis did better on her first XD

LilRebell57: this is crapty

Angel Gris: oh crap, this is horrible

ryanatm70: bro u need to lay the magazine on the planet once lol and wait a while after u do your shades cuz itll mess up your painting go look at SEFILMS hes a good painter to take advice from

WTFlupGaming: I've sold some on the street and to galleries for $15-$30 and I'm a beginner/intermediate, people do really have an interest in these paintings, trust me.
Spray Paint Art TUTORIAL! 5 out of 5

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Spray Paint Art TUTORIAL!