Xbox 360 Power Brick Supply Repair

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Xbox 360 power brick supply repair
Xbox 360 power brick supply repair
Repairing XBOX 360 - Part #1 - Testing power supply
Repairing XBOX 360 - Part #1 - Testing power supply
How To Fix Xbox 360/ Xbox 360 Slim Red Power Brick Problem/ Power Brick Problems
How To Fix Xbox 360/ Xbox 360 Slim Red Power Brick Problem/ Power Brick Problems
Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Fix / Repair
Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Fix / Repair
How to fix Xbox 360 power brick/supply. EASIEST
How to fix Xbox 360 power brick/supply. EASIEST

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Shawna Graham: Oh hell just use a 16Lb sledge next time

Second Unit Aerials: Wow, you smashed it against the concrete?!  You simply need to remove the four rubber feet and then when the tiny hole under each foot is exposed, put a thin bladed screwdriver into the hole and angle sideways.  This will remove the plastic caps that covers each Torx screw. 

If you ever open a repairs shop, get someone to take away all of the concrete beofre you start trading! 

S.B.A Street Skateboarding: this is funny af 

AquiredCents: SMACK it on the concrete. HEEHAW!

Sam Fredricks: Hey thanks alot man. took off the top, a cord to the light was unplugged. I was just gonna buy a new one but this vid motivated me to do it so thanks bud!

Arbitrary Snark Fairy 2.0: my power brick fried because of being suffocated, anyone here know if that couldve damaged my xbox console?

gamma ray: How did you get the rubber stoppers out cause i tried and pulled one on half

rorymurphylol: so glad you told us about your wife being in bed and you had to smack it on the bricks out front, no one cares get on with the video.

Kevin Minor: Man I keep getting a message telling me about my system cutting off automatically due to overheating could the power brick be causing this? Or does my system need to be cleaned?

Travis Land: Not true. Disassembly of an Xbox 360 is relatively easy. Not in comparision to a PS3, no, but it just takes a little patience and a couple small tools.

Delicia Q: your doing the most

San Tovmasyan: how much fps have a xbox gamers?

dominic brown: I just turned mine on and off and it works no joke and it works for hours

cgarrand1: Remind me not to let you work on my computer , I don't think it could handle a beating on bricks and concrete :) J.K I know some of these things can be a pain in the A** to disassemble .

Anthony Ricciardi: It's called "solder" everywhere they just have no idea what they're talking about

Belfast Prank Calls: Because the sauter *in ireland we call it solder* holds it in place... If the manufacturers just set it in there then the slightest bit of movement would throw it out of place... think you goon.

John Smith: I was pulling my xbox into the lounge room and I didn't see that the power cord was still plugged in. I was walking and I noticed it was still in and I gave it a pull and I accidently dropped the xbox. I had a look for any thing broken and I saw the part that connects the power cord to the xbox was loose and i saw the red wire was out of its usual place so I tried to put it back to its normal spot but nothing worked. Can somebody help me get it back in there?

Evan Bayles: My 360 slim sounds like it has a piece of plastic chipped off in the end near the fans is that the power block making it do that

Justin003ification: i hate to break it to you guy, but you didnt need to smash it on the concrete or cut away any plastic to open it. those are safety screws, break the center of the screw out of it with a scew driver, unscrew and pull apart, simple as that.
Xbox 360 power brick supply repair 5 out of 5

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Harrzack: Too bad you wore a black shirt and held the black Lenovo against it - couldn't see ANY of the important details of how to open the box. Not to mention you lit your coffee cup very well - but the Lenovo was generally in the dark. May have been some good info here - but really couldn't see much.
Ericks Maldonado: From where you got those..???
I Am Garrr: Gotta love marines...
kyle g: thanks brah this helps alot....this vid has one you the number one acheivement of SUPER DUPER POOPER SCOOPER!
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Xbox 360 power brick supply repair