StraightTalk IPhone Data Help! Problem Has Been Fixed

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Straight talk iPhone Data Fix!
Straight talk iPhone Data Fix!
Straight Talk Data FIX
Straight Talk Data FIX
Straight talk data and mms fix on iphone 4s (AT&T iOS 7)
Straight talk data and mms fix on iphone 4s (AT&T iOS 7)
How To Fix Straight Talk TFW Carrier Settings IOS 7
How To Fix Straight Talk TFW Carrier Settings IOS 7
How to get 4G LTE on Straight Talk on Apple iPhone 5s (Carrier Locked)
How to get 4G LTE on Straight Talk on Apple iPhone 5s (Carrier Locked)

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raygunsonmars: after u use a certain amount of their UNLIMITED data they shut your data off and basically tell u tought crap you should contact Main phone 800 876 5753 x 6175 or 305-715-6500 x 6175 fax 305-715-6737 Her name is Karen Calderon email is

SaraST8: Hello robbil14! I'm Sara with Straight Talk Wireless. I came across the question you have about 3G and EDGE service. Network service may depend on the phone's and the towers' capabilities. To assist you with your MMS, send us your contact details, phone number or serial number, and a brief description of your transaction at Thank you!

xxnothingpurexx: Did you use over 4 GBs of data I did that once and they turned off my data.

SaraST8: Hi Theeyesfrog, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. For us to check and resolve the issue, please email us your name, phone's serial number/IMEI, alternated contact number and the most convenient time for us to call you at In addition, make sure to update your phone's APN (Access Point Name) setting in order for the MMS and browser to work.

Edwin Tagoe: Hey, where you able to resolve this issue regarding your data problem? I'm experiencing the same issue. how did you fix your problem?

JAGUARxGENTExNUEVA: hey i had the same problema i can help you fix it comment me back or message me ok ill help you

Maro Vok: why the freak u confusing people like me with your questions just look for answers ,hopfuly u dont find soneone like u who got only questions . ..

MrDutchentre: Did You get it working? Did they cut You off? Did you call ST? Please let us know. Thanks

chrisnshoe: I dont know if you fixed this yet...check out my video I posted. I show how to get MMS DATA and Tether working on the iPhone 4 with Straight talk

lonerglide: most likely u have gone over 2g's and they shut off ur data,, ive been warned myself when i used mine as a hotspot for my laptop,,one friend had his data shut off and another had the bandwidth restricted down to where it wasnt worth using and yet another was shut off his service completely and refused ST to reactivate, its to bad its not what they say it is but for $45 per mth ill put up with alittle crap including thier poor tech support!!

Brandon Robinson: Hopefully by now you have things running correctly with data and MMS. If not however, if you go to my channel, I created a tutorial for this purpose. Follow the video and everything will be working in under 2 minutes. Also tetherme does not have to stay installed to get this working correctly.

FunkyG: If you put that sim card back into the NOKIA phone (hopefully when you cut the sim you keep the outer part to put the mini-sim back into it to make a full size sim)- put it back into the NOKIA phone- if you don't have data, .StraightTalk likely cut you off for going over the limit. Unlimited is NOT really unlimited. over 2G you will get clipped. Call them up ,tell them to turn it back on. and stay under 2G a month in the future on that iphone.

Trey Devon: @ebravo27 well ive heard that also but ive called them many time and they always say nothings blocked or any thing ive even had them send me a new sims card and still no fix, :( idk any more

vidzgurl: maybe you went over 2GB data. i read from other forum, straight talk cuts off your data if you go over 2GB.

warzonegamerTV: try cutting your nails
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StraightTalk iPhone Data Help! problem has been Fixed