How To Make A Cheap Transponder Key Bypass

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How to make a cheap transponder key bypass
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass
Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!
Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!
transponder key bypass chipless
transponder key bypass chipless
Tricking (disabling) factory transponder anti theft system with an aftermarket databus bypass module
Tricking (disabling) factory transponder anti theft system with an aftermarket databus bypass module
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Ignition Key Transponder Detector. How to Use

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Tyler Allen: Would this work as a bypass for a remote starter? I need a cheap bypass module

Luis Ramirez: lessco electronics will this work with a mechanical key or does it have to be a chip key I los the only key that I had and only have a mechanical key

Laurie Morrison: I'm attempting this on a volvo that I have that will not start. I've done the wraps around the key as well as wrapped the wire around the immobilizer ring. It is on a 2005 Volvo S60 and I'm uncertain what I'm doing wrong. 1) do I wrap the wire around the ignition of my volvo. Which is on the left side of the wheel or do I wrap it around the immobilizer on the right side around the key. 2) the hot wire that I used is the yellow on on he left side of steering wheel going into the ignition. When hooked up as described, I do get power to the relay when turning the key. Still no starter. 3) starter is functional. I've manually turned it over by closing the starter relay under the hood, Car still won't start though due to suspect bad key???HELP?!

EndofUSA: what if my transponder key is dead or broken or the key battery is dead? or if I have lost my key? Could this method still start my vehicle?

Bohappenstance Click: You haven't "bypassed" anything slick.

John McClarty: I guess everybody knows the transponder is to keep your car from being stolen. if you bypass it then the thief just has to brake the ignition over or pick the lock over. I am a locksmith and I can do make extra key for around 60.00. actually cheaper than that but I still have to pay for equipment. small price for the security of keeping your car. find a locksmith in your area. bypass techs won't be there for you when your car gets stolen.

ben fiddler: Will this work on a 1999 Nissan micra

ross rocha: will this work on a 2000 ford mustang gt with a new steering column, meaning different key from what the computer would recognize?

Rich Szatko: 8 loops of magnet wire is much easier to use

Rich Szatko: the mini relays from DEI are a better choice for several reasons.

Rich Szatko: you can hide a ghost switch to interrupt either 85 or 86 on the relay so your theft system is not compromised.

Rich Szatko: keep in mind that in cold climate it may work when it is warm out and may not work when it is cold the signal from the chip is proportional to temp. you can also take magnet wire from radio shack and wind it around the chip and cylinder and connect as you show tripin the relay with a crank wire 85 and a neg. key sense on 86

Ted Mad: Is it possible to bypass the transponder this way by hot wiring a car(without the need of a key)?

rod builder: I thought this clown was serious until he started wrapping a wire around the key. Now I know he's a dope!!!

Brad Brinegar: it would be awesome if this would work in my can am sxs. i need to look more into it. those are expensive keys

Lisandro Fernandes: will it works on ford fiesta titanium 2010?
Thank you

paul kelly: will this work on a magna

Mason Sinda: Nice ACDC in the background

shai milz: will this work on a 2002 volvo s80?

Jonathan Tatler: stop messing around, buy another key and keep the security of your vehicle intact.
Yep, starting the old cars sans key was easy, nail file, broken hacksaw blade, or just a plain old flat bladed screwdriver.
Never stole one but started many.
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass 5 out of 5

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How to make a cheap transponder key bypass