How To Make A Cheap Transponder Key Bypass

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How to make a cheap transponder key bypass
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass
How to bypass Transponder Key(Temp Fix)- Free and Easy
How to bypass Transponder Key(Temp Fix)- Free and Easy
Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!
Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!
transponder key bypass chipless
transponder key bypass chipless
Tricking (disabling) factory transponder anti theft system with an aftermarket databus bypass module
Tricking (disabling) factory transponder anti theft system with an aftermarket databus bypass module

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Rick Pickford: This is a scam to get you to watch his videos. This does nothing. A relay?

TheSolidPlaya: will this work for a 2004 Saab 93, think i need a new CIM module, but not sure, do you take apart the ignition and figure out which wires are transceiver wires, and then hook them up into the relay ...anything else?

anonimo: To the much talking!

Phil tutz: Or, remove transponder ring and tape transponder key to it in the correct position. tuck assy behind ign cowling. For those that are arsed about anti theft, there's not many thieves will pick up the mod. Most European cars have the transponder ring behind a trim which means the "mod" is invisible to the naked eye

Jesus Sotelo: will this work on a 05 Magnum. please I need help

Cornell White: awesome information, would this work on a 2001 Nissan Sentra 1.8 any key? or does the transponder key need to be for the exact vehicle. Lost key Totally need help.....

Romppai's Outdoors: I don't see the link on your website that you say is at the bottom right for wiring diagrams for you car.trucks??

NoKeysNecessary: will this work on a 2009 GMC sierra?

shivam sewal: Hi
like you said the ignition wire is same as starter wire or a different one? my car needs the key to be turned twice first turn accessories second turn on position where all the lights in dashboard come on power windows work and Ac then 3rd turn to start the car. so which position wire I choose 1,2, or 3. 1 being for accessories, 2 for on, and 3 for start ? I have a 2008 Suzuki sx4 sedan front wheel drive
little help please

thank you

Marion Frasier: And then someone steels your car. Stop being cheap and buy another set of keys. SMH

Harout Sagharian: Hi, I did this in my 2004 Kia Sorento and it worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing.
I live in the GTA (south Ontario), and when the temp. drops below -10C, the car will not start with the remote. I have isolated the problem to the immobilizer bypass, since it will start if I go in the car and start it with regular (chip) key. I proved this by trying to start the car with the valet key when it's below -10C, and it won't.
It's letting me down on the days when I really need the remote start.
Any ideas how I can fix this?

Jerry It: will this method work on KIA picanto 2007 model?

Razorsedgeartwork: The relay is 100% redundant. There's no "maximum reliability" when you're adding in another part that may fail in lieu of a piece of wire that can't fail. All you're doing is extending a loop around the key and having a relay in the middle for no reason.

And a cars computer won't have issues with having 2 keys and 2 chips close to each other. They're passive systems to start with, they're only energized during starting. The ring's field extends further than the immediate area, having 2 keys on a ring will both be in the field. As long as 1 of the keys is returning a known code the engine starts. That's it. If not anytime you bought a new car you wouldn't get 2 keys on a ring, you would get one on a ring and one in the trunk so you wouldn't have cars shutting down randomly on the first drive home.

Dean Peden: will this work for an 03 ford Taurus SES

Kueenly Dulnuan: Its not working ,i tried it on my montero sport :( is there any other solution?

ChicanoBluesAZ: but now... if some thief attempts to steal your car and manages to break loose the column lock and/or lock cylinder
please keep that in mind people

Jack Poage: What I did was hide a transponder key in the car, put another one on my keyring, and carry a plain key in my wallet to get in if I lock the keyring in the car or lose it. I have worked on vehicles with rigged electronics and poorly installed aftermarket antitheft systems. Have some pride and do things properly.

Carlos Zárate Ramirez: Q bueno

Tyler Allen: Would this work as a bypass for a remote starter? I need a cheap bypass module

Luis Ramirez: lessco electronics will this work with a mechanical key or does it have to be a chip key I los the only key that I had and only have a mechanical key
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass 5 out of 5

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How to make a cheap transponder key bypass