S&W Dirty Harry .44 Magnum Revolver

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unlitdarkness6: Just got a REDHAWK in 44 MAG 7.5 barrell. This gun is unfreaking real

4624you: freak that some asshole try to kill me with that

mcsquare77: They're both cannons!

David Henderson: i fired my grandfathers it had to much kick for my liking

sjds51: I have a Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag. Late 50's early 60's. But i'm going to buy me one of these for xmas! 799? they list for about 1,200$. If you can buy one of these for $799, by all means jump on it!!!

olds1978: Most awsome gun! 44 Magnum

Robert Blanck: -3 means sell it for a -2.

vhopper50: 29-3 was made after 1982

MrToonfish: Not the only one... Recessed cylinder + pinned barrel and the 6.5" to 6" barrel length.

TheIdahoanShow: @nightrider185: Absolutely not! Based on what I've seen a .44 mag do to jackrabbits, I can assure you that anything it blows off will be a bloody mess--there won't be anything clean about it! (I've never seen it used on a human, and I hope I never do.)

nightrider185: can it blow your head clean off?

GunWebsites: @NewHamOnTheAir Another one who sees a machines and immediately thinks about their genitles .. blocked

SuperRip7: Dirty Harry my favorite

404040c: @kisshooters69 I saw one today at my local gun dealer for 799

KISS HOOTERS: @hakesterman I paid $330.00 for my Model 29 44. Magnum in 1988. Wonder what it could sell for? It's probably a 9 out of 10. Blue, 8 3/8 barrel, wood grip,

Ted Tezeu: yeah

TheGoodOlBoyzChannel: the 3 means it was used in the movie

crewgadjy: The 3 signifies it is a series 3 model, through out it's life various chsnges where made to the M29. The guns used in Dirty Harry where Model 29 - 2, 6.5" and Model 29 - 2, 8.75". In scenes filmed early on a Model 57 .41 Magnum was used as the factory had no .44's available at that time. IIRC the Series 3 saw the shortning of the barrel on the 6.5" gun to 6". About then the speed loader relief in the left grip scale was completely cut out rather than just dished.

LolboyyNL: @jokeclanproductions we dont care..
S&W Dirty Harry .44 Magnum Revolver 5 out of 5

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S&W Dirty Harry .44 Magnum Revolver