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Kalvin Crump: RoadRunner and daffy

ScoobyDoolover99: Daffy and Sylvester!

Brady Diana: nice video

Claire Hislop: Daffy duck

Lucky Mikey: Tasmanian devil

FIFI: Daffy ith my perthonal favorite. HO HOO HO HOO

321SPONGEBOLT: +BirthOfSerpents And I would agree. This show left nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. At the same, while it was indeed a disgrace, I still surprisingly got the whole first season on DVD. Yet, despite it's awful rating (like with some of the things you mentioned, as well as my thoughts of the voice acting, plot elements, and writing to be terrible) I used these guys for my own series I have on my channel. It's an untitled Animaniacs spin off I wish to release someday on Nickelodeon in partnership with the licenses of Amblin Entertainment (Steven Spielberg) and Warner Bros. It's a mix of characters from Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Looney Tunes all in one environment, and they'd act as if they were former actors. This happened before in animated outtakes like Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, and Monsters Inc.

DrSpecktro: Anyone else find the Wile E Coyote, Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales figures yet?

It's your boy jake moore: Michael jordan.

cjpug puggle: bugs bunny

apicc75: My favorite is bugs

Casey Jackson: sorry i mean't i also like elmer fudd talks :3

Casey Jackson: my favorite looney tunes character is bugs bunny cuz he's very smart and outwitting XD lol my second is daffy duck cuz hes so crazy lol u also like how elmer fudd talks c:

alypkm: I hate how they made taz just a dog in this series....everything else was good

yoshikcute ares: where can you get it

travisplatypus: Have you seen The Bugs Bunny Plush Show?

BirthOfSerpents: Not once did I say Chuck Jones created Looney tunes. Chuck just played a big role in the franchise that I believe should be respected. The new show loses all the wackiness, charm the original had, this is all my opinion though.

BaconStein: Chuck Jones didn't invent Looney Tunes. This show (at least art-wise) seems more in line with the Bob Clampett and Tex Avery shorts, which is very refreshing after decades of shallow imitations of the Jones and Freleng cartoons. There's also more to visual humor (and cartoons in general) than anvils and dynamite. I agree with you about Gossamer, but I'd say Lola is actually a big improvement.

BirthOfSerpents: You mean Daffy Duck

BirthOfSerpents: Bugs feet look like platform shoes...
The Loony Tunes Show - Figures & Toys 5 out of 5

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Kalvin Crump: RoadRunner and daffy
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The Loony Tunes Show - Figures & Toys