Homeowners Clean Their Gutters From The Safety Of The GROUND With Flipgutters.

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Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters.
Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters.
The FlipClean Gutter System
The FlipClean Gutter System
Gutter Cleaning from the Ground - Gutter Cleaning Tools
Gutter Cleaning from the Ground - Gutter Cleaning Tools

"As Seen on TV" Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit Safely Clean From Ground
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Cheapest Gutter Cleaning Without Ladder

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3lectronic f4rts: What if the stuff falls on the facade and the windows?

John Bradshaw: Poor Design. Imagine if the gutter is filled with dirty water, debris and bird mess. Do you really want that emptying on you?

Kevin Leahy: forget the stupid gutters...check out those jiggling jugs

Asima Jabeen: Very helpful, from where I can buy this long stick gutter cleaner?

TheApachevy: she can flip my gutter any day !

RRFKgames: @1:23 breast... I mean, BEST technique

Garry Gemmell: Lol i found G'S commetn quite witty actually - some folks have no sense of humour!
Nice jugs i must say!

Anthony Barbary: Whats with the ruffles BEHIND the gutters?

Sergey K: how does it go around corners?

Peter S.: That tool is no good for when you have mud/weight heavy accumulated debris that is stuck in the gutter. I also noticed that this tool is doing major damage to the gutter itself! Notice that when they do a close-up, you can see all the bends in the gutter! NO THANKS!!!

Chris Banzet: NOTE: the amount of weight that it takes to actually have the gutters flip away from the roof is the EXACT amount of weight needed the day you're walking underneath them and the load inside becomes too heavy with rain and mud and deposits itself on your brand new business suit...  :) 

Great idea, maybe... BAD idea, more plausible... 

David Hamilton: Just looks like another thing I have to lubricate.
The hinges, not the boobs, err lady...

HintonburgRep: lol she hot 

redmond424: Here is the most important information about cleaning your gutters: Do what I did: Pay off your mortgage and credit cards using The Dividends Pay My Bills Method (Google it). It also taught me how to use investment dividend income to pay my monthly bills and pay others to do home maintenance... Google the method.

Kevin Olesik: that lady really can handle the pole well ...

Jason Dunlop: Dave CP hit the nail on the head. The vast majority of gutters will contain more than just crisp dry leaves. In the real world gutters have sludge, wet rotten leaves and moss blocking them up. Unless you live in an extremely dry environment then this system is absolutely pointless. For that reason, IM OUT! 

5micky2: She's doing the work and I'm the one getting hot.  Strange.

ray j: She's got a greak rack.

Joe Shook: Oh I get ya, the telescopic thing sounds good.

Cumbriahandyman: That was funny.
Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters. 5 out of 5

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Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters.