Glass Vapo-Bowl And ROOR Glass-On-Glass Jar

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namelesssnitchy: Why are people using this??.. you are still inhaling exaust gasses from the lighter.. there must be better ways... i thought about an a heating bold wich you could hit the weed with and warm it up..

OG DEMACIAN: trust me it does ! a lighter wil not get you high it will take too long for it to get high , a propane torch or microjet torch will deliver fast clouds high heat !


Michael De Leon: where did you order your vapobowl????

ieatbabies12: Does it matter if you use a regular lighter instead of a torch?

CamoteMaster: nice butane hit


troglodyte3344: no he isn't he doesn't have a rush hold so is removing it to inhale. He can't remove the bowl because its too hot and the adapter is also his downstem so would have to lift it off about 6 inches to create a rush.

troglodyte3344: yeah he should put wax and hemp which is perfectly healthy.....or so you've been sold into thinking....

troglodyte3344: That made no sense.

TheKobe24laker: why would you get this for a bong if a bongs main purpose is to vaporize it?

ragingnerd10: just remove your downstem? i think would be easier.

thejordank001: WTH ITS BEEN 5 MINS ALREADY.

thejordank001: WTF


minimullins024: You saying, youuu just need to cough to get buzzed? or It makes it so smooth, so it takes a lot to cough? ... can you compar this to a normal waterbong?

coolblue256: So does this work just as good as a regular vaporiser?

sk8drumdie0116: Bro instead of taking off the cap just pull the whole bowl, and k clip your downstem. Noobish.

MyGreenMiniBic: i'm pretty sure i cough from inhaling for so long... i've kinda noticed i don't get buzzed unless i cough, smoking or vaping.

Lolp821: Do you have a cough from an illness you have at the minute? I'm only asking because vaping doesn't really make you cough so much, I'm wondering what you'd be like if you smoked it.
Glass Vapo-Bowl and ROOR Glass-On-Glass Jar 5 out of 5

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Luci Chorley: This is can people think this is good.

Glass Vapo-Bowl and ROOR Glass-On-Glass Jar