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Rosangela de Noronha: sem palavras que isso talento !!!! parabéns!!!!

Sneha Bhabar: Can u make another video which shows how to make crib step by step

bertha quintero: GRACIAS A TI.

michele ciaramella: Bravissimo!!

miranda kullen: impresionante...realmente una obra de arteee, felicidades kedo hermosooo!!

Marcos Gomes: beautiful ! Please what name of music ? Thank you !

uannoyme74: nerd!

DandyLionPack: beautiful!!! bravo!!

Darrel Pace: Marco, ma nafx tistax tghini billi tghidli kif nista' naghmel biex il-mithna, inkun nista' naghmilha timxi bil-mod, meta nqabbadha mal-mutur. Uzajt xi tip ta' mutur partikolari? Jew ghamilt xi haga partikolari? Grazzi hafna

Darrel Pace: Ma nafx wasallekx l-email

MarcoSpiteri: For the benefit of those looking through this clip and wanting to construct a Christmas Crib. Basically the crib is made out of jablo pieces fixed together with pva glue and toothpicks and formed by hand to any shape required. The building is done by cutting small blocks of jablo in the form of small bricks and building as we did with lego blocks. After having finished the shaping of the Jablo for rock and the building preapre a mixture of PVA glue, plaster powder (english plaster)


Redeemer Borg: ibaghtli kif amiltu step-by step fuq reply comment pls u fuq il-gablo amilt xi karta pesta??? Reply FAST

Daryl Vaz: hey hi marco, I really loved your design of this christmas crib and would like to congragulate you for that. I have started making crib for this year I need your hlp on how to put extra statues apart from the nativity statues. Could you please help me, it would be great from your side like the shopkeeper or lady carrying water etc.

melissa calabro: Beautiful Presepio! Could you tell me where I can get the figurines from please? That would really help!

MarcoSpiteri: ....and saw dust and mix with water until you have a creamy liquid. You will need paper napkins. Place a paper napkin on any area you want to plaster and dab with a small paint brush. Cover all the crib in this way. When dried it will give you a good hard finish. Paint to your liking however do not use dark colours.

LUPO IRPINO: Marco cosa hai messo per impermeabilizzare la cascata??grazie sei bravissimo

iw3ioj: e la fiaba continua... bel lavoro, complimenti.

Carmel Teuma Vella: My dear old Nannu in the late fourties gave my brother and me his Presepio complete with mnay very fine and beautiful figures. The actual manger was made up of roght red colored chunks of stones. I have always wondered where they may have come from. The many stones are assembled by whoever has them in many different ways, but with a manger as the primary part. My younger brother now has all that , still in Malta.

Andreas Barbara: Marco in naha li amilt lix xmara zghira xinu dak il past rasin u hardner jew xi tip differenti ? Grazzi

jambo jambogb: Amazing! You are a great artist!!!

MarcoSpiteri: puo usare tempere che si usano per dipingere i muri del appartamento pero le tempere devono essere "water based" con base aqua perche se non sono cosi fanno danneggio al polistirolo. Grazie per i complimenti Marco

MarcoSpiteri: Thank you Sasha..polystyrene is easy to use and it gives nice results....good luck and keep it up

Daryl Vaz: Hi Marco could you please help me in giving some tip or idea of how can I prepare or make such statues like the baker or the women filling water because in India you dont get such kind of statues apart from the nativity set. It would be very helpful from you. Thanks.

MarcoSpiteri: Darrel mur ghand hanut taz-zeba u ixtri kulur tat-trab isfar, kannella u ahdar

frizz787: what material is the crib made of

MarcoSpiteri: thank you

MarcoSpiteri: Grazzi Habib

MarcoSpiteri: Darrel, Muturi hawn be speed differenti...jien tieghi nixtrihom mil-hamrun magenb il knisja..u nghidlu li nkun irrida bi speed baxx..

Darrel Pace: Proset hafna talx-xoghol li inti ghamilt. Ghadni kif lestejt ix-xoghol tal-jablo u l-kisi bil-paper napkins u l-kolla. Wara li tlesti dan ix-xoghol, x'tip ta' zebgha trid tuza biex taghti z-zebgha lill-presepju? Grazzi

MarcoSpiteri: Yes go ahead no problem..::))

erfut: Do you have any plans for a mechanical crib? Thank you for your instructive video.

MarcoSpiteri: Facli mur ghand xi hanut taz-zebgha u staqsieh ghal kuluri li jaghmlu fuq il-presepji generalment ikunu kannella, isfar u ahdar. Jien l-ewwel nuza il-kannella imma kif naghmel bicca nimshu mal-ewwel biex ma jkunx skur wisq u bhekk thalli ftit mic-car tal-gibs jidher

MarcoSpiteri: jekk tkun trid ibghatli ritratt tal-presepju tieghek ghax issa ghamiltni kurjus ::)) ...rigward il-kulur zommu car kemm jista jkun. Jien mal gibs inhallat sallatura naqra skura tal-oak biex il-gibs ma jibqax bajdani..wara naghmel kannella u nimshu mal-ewwel bhekk jigi qiesu stained u jibqa jidher il gries tas-sallatura skura.

MarcoSpiteri: thanks for the compliments however its not that difficult you know...I tried to explain as best as I could so that even you can try making a crib :)

MarcoSpiteri: not at the moment

Cake Creations One Stop Party Shop: biex zbahtu?

MarcoSpiteri: Lupo, Grazie per il complimento, allora ho usato film di plastica quella che usiamo in cucina un po di colla bianca sotto poi sopra ho messo quella cera che viene intorno al formaggio di galbani :) ...ho usato questa tecnica perche la corsa dell'aqua e corta.

LUPO IRPINO: certo diluityi con acqua

MarcoSpiteri: Carmel those stones come from blacksmiths ovens / kilns..some people still use them in Malta to make cribs.

hey sasha: this is amazing we build a crib every year and its always different but this year we are trying to use polystyrene :)

erfut: Thanks.

Darrel Pace: Grazzi hafna Marco

MarcoSpiteri: 100cm X 80cm

MarcoSpiteri: Hi Daryl thanks for your comments. You certainly need to get some sheep and one or two sheperds. Yes a woman washing clothes or a statue holding a bucket next to the water fountain..a shop keeper and a Baker for the Bakery...three wise men are important...the rest I leave to your imagination...every character is nice to Malta for example we have a figure looking downwards from the top of the nativity cave which I have not included in this crib...hope this is useful information to you

LUPO IRPINO: Marco mi dici le dimensioni del presepe grazie un saluto e buon natale 2012

Julian Scicluna: Very good Marco. Your effort to show how gablo can be used in crib making is very much appreciated.

Billy Wardlaw: Great work!

elroydsilva123: WOW! Really Cool! Can I borrow your design for this Christmas? :-)
How to make a Christmas Crib - Presepio 4.8 out of 5

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How to make a Christmas Crib - Presepio