Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review

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824UNDERWORLD: i have had mine for 4 years,can you change the battery on it,Because mine,Don't last very long when its fully charged,can you help?thanks,thumbs up
Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review 4.7 out of 5

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HEAVYMETALmovie1981: Love it :-)
beeguy360: thanks, now I pay 30 dollars for an airfill
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Joe Smith: Another thing. Dont be a hater. I respect bmw for leading the industry and forcing others to step up their game and really making the best engines and cars but what it all comes down to is driving characteristics, money and tunability. Are you gonna be using it for a track car or a daily driver? How rich are you? Do you live in europe or america? Cost of ownership is my point. I agree with the reviewer the auto tranny in the caddy sucks compared.... but but... money spent, cost of ownership plus the caddy has so much low end torque that you honestly would not have any complaints about the lazy auto trans unless you actually track the dam thing. In everyday driving you would have no complaints. Im shopping for an n54 3 or 5 series for my wife right now. With little money you will be faster than an m3 or m5 with way better gas mileage. Ppl that talk like the fart mouth dumb crap I have absolutely zero respect for like the idiot im responding to dont have any of these cars so they dont actually weigh the pros and cons of ownership. Im only trying to help actual potential buyers with this rant. The idiot troll only sparked my urge to help real buyers and for that. The real buyers abd i thank you internet troll...
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Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review