Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review

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Sony Walkman Mp3 Player Review
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musik lounge: i have had mine for 4 years,can you change the battery on it,Because mine,Don't last very long when its fully charged,can you help?thanks,thumbs up

Kyle Kushner: what songs were on it ?

LovezYouful: Can you play movies in this??

LovezYouful: I've had mine for about 5-6 years now...I lost the charger a couple years ago So it's been in my drawer for years. I finally now just ordered a usb port....Hope it works! Really want to use this mp3 player

Tristan Miller: i have this

Maxwell Reynolds: I've come to like my Walkman more than my iPhone 5!!!

thatgirlfromaptd8: does it have it s mirco sd expansion slot

Jorge Lopez: i've had mine for about 4 years now, and its the ONLY music player i use, i only use my ipod for the apps and stuff, but if i want music, i go to my walkman!

Jorge Lopez: just open it up in the windows media player, and literaly just drag the music files u want in the "Sync" area to the right

TruckersCantRead: Can someone PLEASE help me, I have this exact same MP3 player and I literally just plugged it in after about 3-4 years no use and how do I put my music library files and stuff on it, because all that happens now is I plug it in and the Windows AutoPlay box thingy pops up and I don't know what to do from there to put my music on there if someone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it, thanks 

silversonic99: I can't believe I'm watching this on my iPod touch.

EliteSportsGaming: @access1ism Nope. But I use Beemp3 works great. But now when I open Windows Media Player it says "Error" now I cant download any songs :/ any advice?

EliteSportsGaming: Hey! Nice Vid! I was thinking about getting one of these and I know NOTHING about ipods or Mp3's. And I was wondering where to download free music? Honestly I dont know nothing. Is a good website? Please respond!

iou551: @jumpthemap hey man i have the exact same on but it wont turn on and ive tired to plug into the computer and it still wont turn on but it does show the walkman emblem but its faded....HELP lol idk what to do.

mike: wtf 8 gb is good 

Mnstr4lfe: I let my mom use mine and she lost the usb for it. Im so mad kuz my ipod touch isnt as always as clear as that and it has a fm radio

Genghis Khan: Ive had one for 6 years and its still going strong. 

Lewis Pola: does this model work with windows 7?

robert sanchez: @brandontrandon09 the battery life for this little beast is 33 hours. :)

robert sanchez: I have mine for 3 years and this thing works great years from thence! it does more than an apple ipod man! and easier to use!!
Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review 5 out of 5

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Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review