REPAIR Of The MTD Snowblower PART 1 Of 3 - Auger Gear Box

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REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box
REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box
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Michael LeFave: does anyone know if a Ryobi 10hp 28 augur front will fit on a yardman 8.5hp 26inch front. it looks exactly the same, but the motor is obviously slightly less powerful and the mouth is a few inches bigger. It surprisingly looks like it could work, but before I rip it appart to find nothing lines up has anyone else tried this.
the yardman is mine, in good condition but it stripped the gearbox bad, steal shaft and the gear. the Ryobi I just picked up at a scrap yard for 12 bucks. broken gas tank, no handles, probably a bad engine.

Michael Rumak: Rebuilding a very similar blower mtd 29 inch and have looked at the diagram for the blower it only calls for one washer by the gear box and in my parts box i only have 4. Am i missing something?

Jonathan Dignam: Donnyboy, great video as always. Very detailed. Do I have to maintain the gear case in anyway? Do I have to remove the grease plug and add grease? I have not lubed the MTD snowblower. When I remove the shear bolts what kind of oil do I put in there. There is no nipple for a grease gun anywhere. Thanks

Mark Cramer: what would cause the impeller shaft to move back and forth ? so much so that the impeller blades scrape the back of the auger housing and the auger pulley hits the engine frame ?  Auger Pulley  looks like it woobles a bit too?

John Romanoff: Thanks for the video. I got the gear box replaced, but now I can't get the impeller/auger assembly back in the housing. The shaft for the impeller won't fit into the bearing. I've greased it, but I don't want to start pounding on the thing now that I fixed it! 

Rob Kennedy: I am having trouble pulling or separating the Auger and impeller from the bearing! Any advice?

lanp2502: First, thanks for this very helpful video!  My problem is very similar to the one in the video, except that my gear is not snapped, but very worn.  Is there a way to replace only the gear?  It seems to be pressed on the shaft.

Bruce Bastarache: Can you explain how to determine RH vs LH and in/out on the auger spirals need to be in the case that they get mixed up?

Dave leaf: do you know what kind of fluids or gear lube goes inside the auger gear box?


Enrique Benedicto: Salut Don,

I think I've detected a bit of a French Canadian accent... but I'm going to go ahead and ask my question in English, in case I'm wrong... :)

I have one of those tractor mounted snow thrower from MTD (model OEM-190-823).

My auger gear seems all messed up.  I'd like to take the assembly out WITHOUT taking the whole Impeller assembly out in the process. There are a couple of spirol pins on the shaft that goes through the Impeller.  Is there a way to remove those pins easily without having to pull the Impeller and/or snow housing assembly?

If I need to pull everything out... this may just be too much work for me.  If I could, however, remove those pins... then the job (with your videos) seems pretty easy.

Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I'm using the user's manual for part names... I have no clue what I'm talking about :)

dick bailey: don, thankyou very much, for your quick reply. i had no idea that  the auger housing was that expensive used. thanks again,  pickle bailey

dick bailey: don, i know you are very busy, but ive a question. i have an mtd snowblower,8/half hp. my auger housing is all bent up,on the bottom, what should i expect to pay for a good used one?      pickle bailey  thankyou

Jon Jones: Thanks... bought an old one the other day, and the gearbox blew after an hour. With your video and $85, I'm running again

Grant Parr: I had a similar problem. There is a pin on the shaft, just behind the gears that broke a couple of times. Difficult to replace the first time.

Lisa Iobst: Thank you so much.  I fixed my snow blower yesterday and today we had a foot of snow and worked great!  Thanks to your great videos!

ryanarey79: Great video 

Pejones95: Appreciate the video.  I am working on my 2005 MTD Pro, the bearing in the housing behind the impeller did not want to come off the shaft.  I used a gear puller to get it off.  Should that actually just slide out? - I am afraid I stripped the threads inside the impeller shaft when I did it. Also can you recommend a site to purchase parts?

sunshineman68: I forgot to mention that I couldn't find a video that included removing the shaft from the housing. It looked like an easy thing, but since I didn't see anything I ended up taking the bearing retainer plate to see if something else was needed, but didn't see anything. I gave it a couple of taps with a brass hammer, then some anti rust spray, let it sit, and tried the brass hammer touch. Nothing was happening, so I took it into a shop for repair. Here in Michigan we need our snowblowers this year, but I don't think Michigan needs me to be here while all this snow is coming
REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box 5 out of 5

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REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box