REPAIR Of The MTD Snowblower PART 1 Of 3 - Auger Gear Box

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REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box
REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box
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Richard Emerson: Great thank for the very helpful video! I managed to a snag a tennis ball-sized rock in the auger (buried in deep snow) and thought I'd killed my gear box. I got lucky and only clobbered the shear pin and bent the blade tip. But if the box lets go, I'm good to go on repairing it. Good on ya!

deus ex: 7:45 Does anyone else see an image of a dog, cuddling with a person, in the shop rag on the floor?

Mike Hartmann: This is still a useful video for MTD repair. The one recommendation I would make is to use locktite on the bolt holding on the flywheel belt pulleys to the drive shaft. I used blue the first time it came loose (factory torque failed), and used red after the 2nd time that bolt worked loose. Red did the trick, and haven't had an issue with that bolt since. After 18 years of service my MTD gearbox failed today on the first snow of this season. It's pretty heavily rusted....not sure if it worth trying to repair

diver dave: ??? why didn't you clean off the rust on the shaft before adding some grease ....
a few moments with some sand paper or steel wool would have smoothed it out fast

Jasper Edwards: i have an idea i want to make a hay tedder or belt rake is this possible

john doe: My gearbox is leaking oil. What's your suggestion? What kind of oil should I pit in it when done?

Dave Marsh: I found 2 ball bearings just laying in the chute. where are they from. is it easy to fix. thanks for any and all help. Dave

Chris Larson: Is it possible to replace just an auger without removing the whole front blower assembly? One of mine broke and I have a replacement coming. I'm hoping that I will only have to take apart the gear box also. thanks!

Eric Rivera: how did you get the auger out? mines seem stuck I need to change the bearing . did u hit with a hammer? please help

Colby Smith: Donyboy73, thanks for all the great videos. I have used your tutorials on all my chainsaw, lawnmower and snowblower fixes. Your videos are very informative and you have saved me a lot of money as well as taught me a lot. I hate having to get someone else to fix something for me if I can learn to do it myself.

I am having a bit of a challenge diagnosing my latest problem and hopefully you can help me out or point me to a video you may already have (that I have missed). I have a 27" Murray Snowblower and today while using it, I noticed that I seemed to have a lack of power. Sometimes while in 1st or 2nd gear, the snowblower would not propel itself. I later checked the idler pulley and it appeared to be in good shape and tight enough. I then heard a scraping noise from inside the housing. I determined that the augers were still spinning, however, the left side of the auger blade (if you were standing at the controls) was now scraping the side of the housing assembly and gouging the metal. I removed the shear pin to stop that side of the auger from spinning temporarily until I can figure this out. The shear pin was in tact, although it had a slight bend in it. Once the shear pin was removed, the hole in the auger blade would no longer line up with the shear pin hole in the shaft. It appears to have misaligned by 1/4". There is a 1/4" gap between the auger blade and the bushing on the housing assembly, however, I cannot slide the blade to align the holes because the end of the blade is pushing against the housing assembly.

I can't understand why the auger blade just began doing this. Is it possible the the gearbox and/or impeller has misaligned and is now on an angle causing the scraping? If you could provide any guidance on how to troubleshoot this, it would be greatly appreciated. Another Nova Scotia winter snowfall is coming soon and I want to be ready. Thanks again Donyboy!

Antonio Aguilera: hi..i am looking for a mtd 26" auger housing 684-0040D

John Bird: Hi Dony, I could use some help. I have a 42" John Deere snowblower attachment for my riding mower. This seems to be nearly the same type of system but there's one thing I couldnt understand from your video. I removed the pulley on the back of the snowblower housing but I am not sure how to detach the worm gear drive/shaft/impeller from the housing. also, not sure I can get the 2 pins out that are attached to the gear drive shaft where it meets the impeller. any suggestions?

Basher: Thanks Donyboy73
Cost me ~$35 in parts to fix. Our excellent local small engine shop needed $250 + parts.

Youtube and folks like you are an incredibly valuable resource!
Thanks Again

Buddy B: Hello it's me again. What would cause a snow blower to spray gas out of the primer bulb, the carburator the drain valve under the bowl and the tiny little hole that's on the side of the carb itself.?

Michael LeFave: does anyone know if a Ryobi 10hp 28 augur front will fit on a yardman 8.5hp 26inch front. it looks exactly the same, but the motor is obviously slightly less powerful and the mouth is a few inches bigger. It surprisingly looks like it could work, but before I rip it appart to find nothing lines up has anyone else tried this.
the yardman is mine, in good condition but it stripped the gearbox bad, steal shaft and the gear. the Ryobi I just picked up at a scrap yard for 12 bucks. broken gas tank, no handles, probably a bad engine.

Michael Rumak: Rebuilding a very similar blower mtd 29 inch and have looked at the diagram for the blower it only calls for one washer by the gear box and in my parts box i only have 4. Am i missing something?

Jonathan Dignam: Donnyboy, great video as always. Very detailed. Do I have to maintain the gear case in anyway? Do I have to remove the grease plug and add grease? I have not lubed the MTD snowblower. When I remove the shear bolts what kind of oil do I put in there. There is no nipple for a grease gun anywhere. Thanks

Mark Cramer: what would cause the impeller shaft to move back and forth ? so much so that the impeller blades scrape the back of the auger housing and the auger pulley hits the engine frame ?  Auger Pulley  looks like it woobles a bit too?

John Romanoff: Thanks for the video. I got the gear box replaced, but now I can't get the impeller/auger assembly back in the housing. The shaft for the impeller won't fit into the bearing. I've greased it, but I don't want to start pounding on the thing now that I fixed it! 
REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box 5 out of 5

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REPAIR of the MTD Snowblower PART 1 of 3 - Auger Gear Box