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Neil Call: I have a Toro CCR powerlite snowblower 3hp. It starts and runs great when it is cold but after it runs and heats up if you shut if off or kill it it will not restart until it cools down. It has good spark but it will not fire even with a little ether in carb.

John Graham: thanks, now I can adjust my carb.....great video

Chris Bouwhuis: Thank you so much for this and so man th of your other videos. Very helpful. I have been playing this one over and over as I try to adjust one on my snowblowers after I did a carb overhaul following your Tecumseh overhaul video. Floats checked, not leaking & level adjusted, throttle butterfly valve sitting right so it opens and closes properly. I had to adjust the throttle high adjustment screw out to turn the high speed down to not run too high. the primary needle below and mixture screw adjusted as instructed. the fast speed seems set about right now but I can only barely lower the speed down slightly (lever down about 5mm) before the engine idle goes way low and then the engine dies. It doesn't get near the low idle adjustment screw. The blower seems to have 2 main areas where the lower main jet adjustment screw seems to run best, just below the max adjustment or just above the minimum. In between these 2 areas it goes into really high speed. That's where I started adjusting down the throttle max screw. But there's next to no throttle range. Ive adjusted the minimum idle screw up to all the way in and the blower stalls before it even reaches it when throttling down. very perplexing. Any ideas?

SeaRay45DB: Nice job, I know this, but keep forgetting from last year!

G money: why would a throttle lever go down by itself as if the governor was doing it? It will not stay at full idle. Thanks in advance

Denis Savoie: Thanks again Dony!

Kreig Dernier: Hey donnie i have a jd 726 model w2121 with a mechanical primer very hard to start but starts ok when it's warm is the adjustments different for a mechanical primer?

INTERNA9: Great video, thanx

Regular Guy Mountain Biking: Hoping you can help me. Ariens ST824 that I found on the street. Just bought a new carb. Ran new lines with the new carb and it starts right up. Bad part is it's pouring gas from the bottom of the engine and I don't know why? Could you please offer me some advice? Thank you very much!

Roger Flerity: Great vid. Installed a new adjustable carb for $20 on a 9HP blower that has been humping and hunting off load for two seasons, adjusted as you directed. It fired up and runs like new again. The old non-adjustable carb is in the bin. Thanks!

Darrell Baxter: I have the same snow blower but when I adjust the bottom screw gas comes out. I have the screw with the spring, but is there a o ring or something missing. can you help thank you

Agario Peeps: Simply Amazing Video! As we say in Woodbury, AAAAhMazing.. Tanks!

Helladamnleet: Mine has a fixed jet but still has the other adjustment screw, so not really that helpful

Van Alstyne: Is there any kind of air filter? I got an old Toro 824 (adjustable carb) today missing the carb/lower muffler cover. No filter, the choke side of the carb is wide open with the choke rod supported by a bracket. There isn't enough room for one inside the cover, if I even had one. Thanks Donyboy, great videos.

Jennifer Tanner: So I am adjusting my carb which is the adjustable one in this video. I have sparks and such coming out of the exhaust at full throttle and am having difficulty keeping it run at full throttle. What should I adjust now?

SlumpBuster Tackle: thank you for the great videos. My MTD snowblower seems to run really well and strong until it gets under loade of throwing snow. Then it seems to bog down and not handle the load well. I have to back off the throttle and let the auger clear before I can continue moving forward, newer carb that potentially isn't adjusted for the load. I am going to tighten the impeller belt tension tonight but wondering if there is a carburetor or governor adjustment that will help with the bogging down under load.

Louie Moscatel: recently rebuilt my exact same Tecumseh carb. Works great under load for about an hour or so then wants to die. When it does, I'll start it right back up without issue then shortly after it struggles and wants to die again. Fresh gas is being used. Thanks for any suggestions.

Eric Schwerdt: Thank you so much for this, huge help!!

Matthew Dolezal: I've seen quite a few of your videos and am always very happy with your organized and thorough explanations. Your speak and enunciate clearly, which helps because I don't question whether I misheard a term I haven't yet learned. Thanks!

Jake Mercer: Thanks for sharing this. It gave me the information I needed to get my snowblower up and running.

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