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anniversary4: Thanks for a great video. I watched this a couple of years ago and have worked on many Tecumseh Snow King engines since. It seems like they had the snow blower engine market cornered years ago. Hate to see them no longer in business. I have rebuilt carbs on numerous units. The most impressive is on an old Toro 5/24 that is close to 40 years old and still starts first pull every year. Newer carbs are much more finicky which leads me to ask your opinion on the new Ariens with EFI. What are your thoughts on this and any tips for maintenance?

mtntim: I had a Sears 10-32 Snow Blower given to me.. Wasn't running.. Cleaned fuel tank and carb.. Got running.. Carb. still had problems... Found one by chance on line.. Installed runs Great. Replaced pull cord... has electric start... Where can I find more parts for same Snow Blower? I got this one going for my daughter... Her house is 3 doors down from me in the mountains and it saves me from doing my snow blowing then having to run my blower to her house... She can at least get most done so she can either come or go as she pleases.... any help would be great.. Thanks.. Love your Channel learned a lot about snow blowers for you... Keep them coming.. Again .. THANKS!!

pete Stockbauer: question i adjust the mixture screw in the motor revs ot doesn't cut out it cuts out when i turn it counter clockwise it the same carb you adjust in this video

E Sears: Hello and thank you for your helpful videos. I have a Simplicity snowblower with a Tecumseh engine (model HSSK50). It starts and runs fine, but keeps dying when it's under a load. I recently replaced the carburetor and the spark plug, and I have no idea what the next step would be. Of course, to make matters worse, we're currently in the middle a blizzard here in Massachusetts...Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

pete Stockbauer: my blower is a old model Tecumseh carb is the same but when i push throttle to hi it shuts off now if i move it slow to hi then ypu can hear it pick up

7redheads: Fabulous video! Thank you so much for the great information! God Bless you!

Brian Sadler: Hi,
My 8/24 Toro works great but it
stumbles or hesitates when throttling up from low to high .
Just wondering how to fix that!

jsnthurst1: As I tighten the main jet (on the bottom) the engine starts running so fast I get scared that it might blow a rod so I don't feel safe tightening it enough to make it start hesitating.

Kevin Whitacre: i have the old style on an Ariens and the bottom screw is leaking gas all of the sudden. never done this before. obviously I'm a novice.

Demetris Nikopoulos: Hi donyboy73,

I like all your videos on Tecumseh engines and repairs and maintaining them! I have a question about the idle mixture screw on my Tecumseh LH318SA. I tried unscrewing it and adjusting it to the proper position but when I unscrew it just a bit and its "loose", well with the vibration on the snowblower, it will always spin and fall out. So right now its fully screwed in(snug) and the only thing I adjusted is the idle screw so that it idles properly in low. So my question is, what can I do to resolve this issue and what other techniques do you suggest?

Many thanks for your support and instructional videos!

Hugo Chavez: dan my lt2000 runs on open throttle my lever when i full throttle and lower it does not seem to make a difference the revving stays the same its runs on full throttle even then my throttle lever is on low.any ideas?

Jose Estremera: Thanks Dony. My unit was surging and spitting sparks with fire. Quite a display! I adjusted the carburetor and all is fine.

Mark Eldridge: Mine won't shut off? It's the same as this one

Richard Ruderman: Thanks for this video. Followed your tips, and snowblower is running much better.

Neil Call: I have a Toro CCR powerlite snowblower 3hp. It starts and runs great when it is cold but after it runs and heats up if you shut if off or kill it it will not restart until it cools down. It has good spark but it will not fire even with a little ether in carb.

John Graham: thanks, now I can adjust my carb.....great video

Chris Bouwhuis: Thank you so much for this and so man th of your other videos. Very helpful. I have been playing this one over and over as I try to adjust one on my snowblowers after I did a carb overhaul following your Tecumseh overhaul video. Floats checked, not leaking & level adjusted, throttle butterfly valve sitting right so it opens and closes properly. I had to adjust the throttle high adjustment screw out to turn the high speed down to not run too high. the primary needle below and mixture screw adjusted as instructed. the fast speed seems set about right now but I can only barely lower the speed down slightly (lever down about 5mm) before the engine idle goes way low and then the engine dies. It doesn't get near the low idle adjustment screw. The blower seems to have 2 main areas where the lower main jet adjustment screw seems to run best, just below the max adjustment or just above the minimum. In between these 2 areas it goes into really high speed. That's where I started adjusting down the throttle max screw. But there's next to no throttle range. Ive adjusted the minimum idle screw up to all the way in and the blower stalls before it even reaches it when throttling down. very perplexing. Any ideas?

SeaRay45DB: Nice job, I know this, but keep forgetting from last year!

G money: why would a throttle lever go down by itself as if the governor was doing it? It will not stay at full idle. Thanks in advance

Denis Savoie: Thanks again Dony!

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