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How To Adjust The Carburetor Idle On Snowblower With Tecumseh Engine Toro Ariens
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Why A Snowblower Carburetor Drips Fuel When Primed
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Ariens snowblower 824 carburetor repair
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Toro Power Max Snow Blower Carburetor Cleaning (Quick Clean) - Toro Snow Blower Won't Start
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Onkel Deerh: I have an old snowblower, trying to fix the whole thing, but the carburetor is like throwing up gas all around the carburetor. What caused the problem?

Robert Tyler: Hi Donny......I have a 9HP Craftsman snowblower with the Tecumseh engine.....I replaced the carburetor when it did not run properly and now it shuts down when I put a load on it....otherwise it runs fine at idel or higher rpm's....I also replaced the fuel line....any ideas. ..

Super Pie: Really excellent video. Very clear and simple. Thank you very much!

Jean-Louis Saavedra: hehe tanks and dont forget to use super gaz oil ( 91 octane ) not the 87 octane
sorry for my english i'm french

jim maddog: hi donny I just rebuilt my carb. which is the older one with the adjustable bottom and side adjustments on my Ariens 932 model 524 series.It runs great idles good but the spark plug is black and it smells of raw gas when i start it in the garage.I'm assuming it's running very rich too much fuel not enough air? should I run it at full throttle while adjusting the bottom bowl mixture screw or leave the throttle in the idle notch?thanks jim.

joe18370: my sow blower will only run with the chock closed help

joe18370: where it will only run with the chock closed even after the engine has been running for half an hour.

John M: Hi Dony,
i have the same carburetor on my mtd snowblower. when it runs the muffler glows cherry red but it doesn't sound like it's idling too fast. what could be causing this? the carburetor I have has a fixed jet on the bowl with an air idle mixture screw (like a hybrid of the two you showed in your video)

Thank you!

anniversary4: Thanks for yet another great video. I was working on my neighbors Toro snoblower with Tecumseh HMSK80 engine. OIt is just a few years old and does not have adjustable mixture screws..Seems to high speed rev a bit slow and the end of this video clearly explains how to adjust this. I want to speed it up a bit but don't want to risk going too far and damaging the engine. (per other videos you have). What is the nominal high speed RPM for that series of engines or where can I find it?

Thanks Don

Twodose: What should the idol and full throttle rpm be on a tucumseh ohsk70?

M Gomez: Donny, installed new carb with adj. screw like this one but leaks from it. will new oring fix it?

StChinook: @donyboy73, at 1:05 you mention that the second carburetor has no idle mixture screw. There is one, it's behind the grey plastic cap.
Snowblower Craftsman # 536.886260 (9hp, 26")
Engine # 143.019003 (Tecumseh)
idle mixture screw, diagram key:#20 part number: # 640016, Craftsman manual, pages 50,51
The grey plastic locking cap is a piece of junk, use blue tread-locker (sparingly).

Engine Low RPM 2,000
Engine full throttle RPM 3,700 - 3,850
Without a (proper) timing light, you can check the RPM with a Smartphone and a stroboscopic LED app. most of them are free. They are not ultra precise, but it's free. ; )

Thanks for posting the video.

Robert Waid: nice detailed video don. pretty soon we ll be working on those carbs.

CB Tech: Hey. I have a question for you. I have a Craftsman 7.5hp OHV Snowblower.  It had a bent push rod.  I put a push rod in it and it fired right up.  Then i shut it down, and it will not restart.   When I go to adjust the valves, it seems like the valve timing is off.  Have you seen that.  The intake valve opens when the piston is coming up.   Can the cam gear jump.

ron martin Mhg: Nice one Donny. On my weed eater TD 40 The carb seems not to have a mixture adjustment screw. Is the mixture controlled by the throttle needle? If so, what notch should it be held in? The machine is running rich and just to keep it running the throttle slide is way above the idling adjustment screw. Thanks again for your videos.

John Nelson: This was awesome!  Just what I was looking for.

tony nourbusiness: thk u i got it running i just got to play with it..

Joseph Anderson: Thank you for your Videos on various small engine problems. I'm so glad that I'm a subscriber to your channel !!!

M Morrissey: Donyboy73 - thanks for the instructions.  I followed these last fall and my Toro ran better than it has ever run, and ran well through the record setting Boston winter.  Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

Pete Massey: Very clear instructional video. Definitely removes the uncertainty I had when approaching this carbs adjustment. Nicely done. Thank you!

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