My Infinity Subwoofer

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Auston Martinez: I got the exact ones for sale they are great

Daniel Granada: Suena! Mal!! ¬¬ Tiene Mejor Sonido El Radio De Mi Abuela!!

Daniel Granada: Suena! Mal!! ¬¬ Tiene Mejor Sonido El Radio De Mi Abuela!!

donjeta slnladfadf: can u tell me the model number to that? i want to buy one of these paired to a baja 700 watt amp for $100. is that a good deal? and the box and wiring comes with it

llamaking12: should i pay $300 for this and and amp and kit?

dawgfan3485: I had one, and the freaking crapty surround ripped off the cone, got a kicker, so much better

WhatStinksNelson: infinitys rock dude check mine out

Cowering Trout: i have this exact same subwoofer, they hit hardd.

icdbko32: how much power are you running into that?

kios05: infinity is like the most expensive brand i denmark, compared to pioneer, alpine :(

whitey211: in my opinion they are the best subs for the money. I had a kappa 12 in my car till my brother blew it. he replaced it with a diamond k9 which is ridiculous but cost 3 times as much.

bigniq05: i gotta question i got the same speakers the 1252w's but i got the 600wattrms class d too but if i wire both 12" parellel does both speakers get the same wattage as one speaker since there parellel

Jacob Graham: yoo dude..i have those exact subs..but mine are 10in

sorryorange3: Nice..
My Infinity Subwoofer 5 out of 5

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parada med: The action feature is stupid!
Jaka Mlinar: Whats up bro.
Great video! Seriously enjoyed it.
I will subscribe to you If you subscribe to me!

zcisz: You said there were instructions or a video? from the screen supplier. Could you give the link for it? Thanks.
Davidov1973: Тоже взял сие чудо, всё работает нормально, но, при просмотре видео с ютуб, качество больше 360р поставить не даёт, в настройках установлено 1080i, 50 телевизор поддерживает именно это разрешение. Настройки Ютуба все перелопатил, бесполезно. Ютуб из браузера вообще не даёт выбирать качество видео, а вот скаченный с Плей маркета не более 360р. Как смотреть нормальные фильмы, ролики и т.д. Может кто подскажет что-то умное
Mo Fo: Sp5 is the best! We have two in our shop... We are going for ford certification and pro spot has everything we need for it... Could not be happier, a must try seriously! American made too!!!!

My Infinity Subwoofer