My Infinity Subwoofer

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My Infinity Subwoofer
My Infinity Subwoofer
12 inch Infinity Kappa Subwoofers
12 inch Infinity Kappa Subwoofers
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Robust Subwoofer - Infinity Reference 1060W replacement
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Infinity Reference 1260 subwoofers
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infinity subwoofers
infinity subwoofers
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Infinity Referance 12" subwoofer
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Infinity BassLink Subwoofer Install in a 2014 Toyota Corolla w/ Interior Trim Removal

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Daniel Rivera: twelve

AznGunGrave: Kickers are the best

dawgfan3485: I had one, and the freaking crapty surround ripped off the cone, got a kicker, so much better

Daniel Granada: Suena! Mal!! ¬¬ Tiene Mejor Sonido El Radio De Mi Abuela!!

Brody W: i have this exact same subwoofer, they hit hardd.

Daniel Rivera: are you talking about the ones that have the black center, but same power handling? I still have warrenty on this one, and if I blow it, I get the "upgraded" replacement

sorryorange3: Nice..

jkrowing1234: 0:24 sounds like someone after they have eaten a tin of beans :P

whitey211: in my opinion they are the best subs for the money. I had a kappa 12 in my car till my brother blew it. he replaced it with a diamond k9 which is ridiculous but cost 3 times as much.

Jacob Graham: yoo dude..i have those exact subs..but mine are 10in

jake2886: I've heard a lot of complaint's with infinity, One of my friend's had 2 of those in his galant and after a little over a week, got rid of them and went with kicker. the kicker's sound 10 time's better.

Daniel Granada: Suena! Mal!! ¬¬ Tiene Mejor Sonido El Radio De Mi Abuela!!

Davaith: These speakers dont flex much.... I mean compared to others... why is that?

Daniel Rivera: I've had it for about 3 years now with no problems. I have about a year left where it can be replaced for free... I wonder if I should blow it the last couple months to get a "newer" version replacement... so you've had bad experiance with them??

donjeta slnladfadf: can u tell me the model number to that? i want to buy one of these paired to a baja 700 watt amp for $100. is that a good deal? and the box and wiring comes with it

Auston Martinez: I got the exact ones for sale they are great

icdbko32: how much power are you running into that?

Daniel Rivera: Just an update, I STILL have this sub, and it's going strong.

llamaking12: should i pay $300 for this and and amp and kit?

WhatStinksNelson: infinitys rock dude check mine out

dawsondean62: Are infinity subs top brand I payed $500 for 12" home theatre it rattles my house.

Daniel Rivera: Damnit Man by Pitbull

kios05: infinity is like the most expensive brand i denmark, compared to pioneer, alpine :(

Daniel Rivera: 800 watts / 360 RMS

Daniel Rivera: yeah man. I've had mine about 5 years now and it's still going strong after giving it a beating.

Stash201212: If u use infinity subwoofers there nice but they cant handle big amps wit alot of watts

3xcorebyrd: its called low volume...

BTBAM13: yeah i got the 12's for 98 bucks brand new, a pair and they sound great in my custom made box. i also have a 1200 watt amps so it sounds great. good subs and cheap.

romanian1991: i got an infinity hits hard and sounds alright but i only pretty much got the bass. i turn the treble and stuff all the way down. only prob is i blew my back two speakers so i gotta switch them out.

3xcorebyrd: no.

antho0915: how many inch ??

granpacute: infinity subwoofers wont take long, because of its engineering design, especially the rubber and its plastic face bonded by a ordinary paste, mine is a 12" infinity and i often bond this by mighty bond. and infinity for me is good at seperates not at subs.

bigniq05: i gotta question i got the same speakers the 1252w's but i got the 600wattrms class d too but if i wire both 12" parellel does both speakers get the same wattage as one speaker since there parellel
My Infinity Subwoofer 4.6 out of 5

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My Infinity Subwoofer