K2 Forums Demonstrates How To Dip A Wheel

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K2 Forums Demonstrates How To Dip A Wheel
K2 Forums Demonstrates How To Dip A Wheel
K2 Demonstrates Wheel Dipping
K2 Demonstrates Wheel Dipping
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K2 Forums Demonstrates How to dip a welding helmet
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oJ0KA: Yea I get what your saying mate the cuts about 5mm deep and 4mm wide and it's the new scary clown 1 I'll just give it 1 more try and see how it looks thanks anyway mate 

oJ0KA: Hi Jim thanks for the video I dipped my wheels yesterday but Iv got deep cut lines in my wheels so when I dipped it it don't go into the lines??? Should I hold it at more of a angle for it to go in the lines???? Thanks

SickBoy2601: Hi Jim. I dipped my wheels in CF and I have an issue. There seem to be litteraly hundreds of micro bubbles on my pattern that just washed away with the ink at rinsing. I dipped at a 30  degree angle or so then waited about 3 to 5 min before rinsing. Could this be an activator issue? Thank you very much and I learned from you alot Jim :)

Edward Carr: you should be an instructor, Ive learned alot from your hydrographic dipping videos.  Good work

Joe “Nacho” canon: wow this worked awsome, i got lucky first wheel no air..wootwoot

Keewee: Hi Jim, I have some 12 inch wide rims off a drag car I want to dip, is it possible to dip a wheel with a 10 inch band? Cheers.

bitas kostas: Hello Jim.nice work.The rims that you dip is powder coated or is coated with normal auto paint?If i spray it with normal acrylic auto paint will there be a problem?
Thanks for the nice video. Wait for your reply.Kostas Greece.

Jordan Wehrle: Hey Jim, just subscribed. Love your work and passion! I was wondering what the activator is comprised of? Any guesses? 

Jim Urbano: Pick a film that doesn't distort as much as others...and don't expect miracles...

Fenner408: Jim, what would be the best way to tackle a wheel with a good size dish(4"+)?

Jim Urbano: I would buy from Bryan at Liquid Concepts for now...but we will be offering our own brand of tanks very soon.

Scadders: Hey Jim, Hope you see this, where did you get your dipping tank from? Great videos, very informative.

rockport101: Jim have you ever seen banded steel wheels? if so how would you go about dipping them? Cheers

michelle kuruc: im having problems with my finished product. Sometimes when its dry it looks faded or sometimes it looks really thin. just wondered if you have advice. thank you xx

Jim Urbano: I don't know...I don't use clamps to put my film in the water.

MrKevindent: hey jim im in uk and been looking for the clamps that you can use to hold the film as your putting it in the water. any idea what there called or where to get from. thanks kevin

Jim Urbano: You are most welcome.

dubbys: Thanks, Great Videos. I appreciate all the advice.

Jim Urbano: Yes.

dubbys: with a 2 sided rim, like a motorcycle rim obviously it matters on the pattern but would you tape off one side at a time?
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K2 Forums Demonstrates How To Dip A Wheel