Fitbit Flex Vs Jawbone UP Review And Comparison

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Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone UP Review and Comparison
Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone UP Review and Comparison
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CAMO: this guy is awesome

Daniel Hernandez: Cool. Thanks for the video. My father got me a JawBoneUP 24 for Christmas and i asked for a Fitbit Flex. He told me at the store there wasnt anymore fitbit flex. So i wanted to watch a camparison to see which i like better. Im going to wait for the FitBit Flex

cherrybomb921: Is there a way to use the Fitbit if you don't have a bluetooth device? Does it connect to a computer through a USB adapter or something?

TheSexybraz: Hi Jason, cool video. Very useful! Quick question... I am mainly after something that will count calories burned. I couldn't care less about steps taken. I have decided on the Fitbit but was wondering if you could change the step goal to calories burned instead. Cheers

Adriana Enríquez Oliver: I had the same experience with the Jawbone Up...

coldfusion167: What a bias review.

coconutandwhat: my jawbone broke twice and waiting for another one but i am watching this because I'm looking into getting an alternative, thanks for the video

Tyler Wilcox: The UP has been a really good fit for me. Cant give an honest opinion on the Fit, but really love my UP. Jasons experience of it breaking is only a single experience. Ive had mine and never an issue. The app is amazing. Good purchase for me. Great video and appreciate a different outlook Jason. Don't be dogging my UP!

Jairo r: I don't like this guy

Vasco Feeney: have you seen razor nabu? they say its good 

Brendan Hinds: Neither are good enough. I want something that also records heart rate along with movement as that is a FAR better indicator for sleep/step tracking. Simply relying on an accelerometer for steps and sleep tracking is soooooo inaccurate. A device which takes measurements throughout the course of the first 72 hours of use and then uses averages based on time of day, using that collated data to give accurate activity information for the particular person would be WAY better.

Zina Sanchez: Thanks for the review!! Very helpful!

Craig Williams: Thanks for the video Jason. I plan on buying either one of them this Christmas but not sure which would suit me best. I do more swimming than running but was just wondering if the Fitbit Flex is waterproof and wouldn't get damaged while I was doing laps of the pool? Keen to see how much I improve when it comes to fitness this Summer over Christmas (Australia)

Rita Post: Awesome video, certainly helped me rule out jawbone. Now if only you had review of fuel band vs fitbit that would just make my life so much easier haha. As someone commented above the watch on FB is a big plus, it seems stupid to wear a band AND a separate watch, and I don't usually take the phone along when running so hmmm decisions decisions lol

ETT BURNS: Какой браслет выиграл?по ответьте пожалуйста!

Jason Zook: Yeah, the waterproofing of the Flex is a huge upside. I was always nervous to shower with the UP on. Nothing like paying $150 for something and ruining it with one soapy cleaning session! Thanks for watching and commenting.

Jason Zook: I did see the new Fitbit Force. Was thinking about grabbing one, but I'm still waiting on my other color wristbands for the Flex which I ordered in May. Yes, May. Not too happy about that.

Jamison: Have you seen the new Fitbit Force? Just came out at the beginning of October.

Dana Meier: Loved your video and laughed how similar our experiences have been. I am also on my 3rd jawbone, while the fit bit is still going strong. One additional thing that bugged me about the jawbone was the inability to track any sort of water exercise (paddling, swimming, etc). I even asked them to add this feature and they outright told me no. I know the thing is not waterproof, but I do not want to use 2 separate apps for tracking activities.

asya2011: I would really like to monitor my calories and exercise to help me gain weight, which one is better at monitoring food and stuff?
Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone UP Review and Comparison 5 out of 5

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CAMO: this guy is awesome
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Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone UP Review and Comparison