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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Robin Wallace: you need to go to setting, system, and do a video calibration
dizze9: The only reason you think American clubs are a joke is because the front door bouncers don't let sorry-ass looking Euro trash like you in the club. The only thing "pathetic" is the flacky, retarded clothes and pointy leather boots you lame-ass Euros. Do us a favor, stay in your stank-ass European Union ok? Nobody will miss you here...trust me. Later asswipe :-)
arsicifyable: N: NO F: freakING L: LIFE :) NFL.
Tamás Fodor: That thing under the window is the collision warning!!!! :D
Austin Eubanks: Leave a like for some gameplay!
dimitris iliopoulos: and how is the battery life ?
D-Ducky: The intro is cringey why u hav it?

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