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Lyrica81: Sande you a FOOL!!!!! Girl, I'm so happy I came across you & Juice's vlogs!! I've been sayin, "I wish more black couples vlogged." I was already subscribed to this channel but came across your daily vlogs a few wks ago. I'm soooooo glad!!! It's so nice to see a black, positive couple living the dream!!! You guys inspire me so much and I absolutely love the respect that the two of you have for one another. I'm about a year behind(I started from the beginning), but I love it because I can watch a marathon and not have to wait for the new ones! Thank You so Much for Sharing Your Life With Us! You Really do Give us Fans Life! Whoever ain't hip to you yet missin out! Your channels are some of the best on YT! Real Talk! You're just a natural. Remember everything happens for a reason ;) You were put here to entertain & inspire! Keep Doin You :) Love Yall!
savedabuffalo: Why am I just hearing about this now
Robin_h00d ': Omg yor eyes honey! You are to beuteful!
rapkantodus: evryone needs to man up and playy paintball
João Reis: You should have a webpage with all this written so that we can read faster, and do copy paste the code. Other than that its excelent.
ana fernanda palafox: your great at what you do ! but you just talk too much about things that have nothing to do with the exercise...its just distracting.
Jennifer Rogerson: Beautiful job! My I ask why not just put the bronser bellow your cheeks to contour insted of all over them. I mean it still looks the same doing it your way, however a wast of product. I loved your lipstick color it was beautiful on you.I also love working with lose powder eyeshadows. I think the pigment is so much better and funner too! ; ) thanks for sharing!

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