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Fallen Lord: Он принимает любое кастомное разрешение до 1080р (игры с открытым конфигом я могу запускать в 960 на 540) для HDMI входа, и выводит такое же для VGA выхода?
С частотой обновления никаких проблем не будет , он ее нормально определяет?

Joanne Freeman: Hey....just a quick question....I have just received Sleeping Beauty DVD in the post and it also doesn't have the Disney classics number on the spin which is fine but also the box is blue and slightly different to all my others.....I want to open it to see if its genuine but im not sure il be able to return it if I do...please help! Thanx x
Moneek Nicole: When will you have more cowrie shells?
Владимир Домбровский: Да ее долбить надо по 5 раз в день, какой нахер комонрейл!
HowkeyLL: You are wrong, Octavia uses the same setup as VW Golf, for cheaper models its simplier and for pricy models its multilink. Octavia has it with most powerfull model but VW golf with 2 most powerfull models. Thats the only difference (it depends on horsepower of the engine which suspension you get)
Rich Br: for the chainsaw deaths since ada wears leather trousers they should have had her get decapitated instead off keeping her head
Sanja Markovic: yeay so cool game,ooooooooooh,i cant a playing game,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,that so fantastic,hihihihihihihi,i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 i love this Totally Spies that so best

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Unboxing