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gfetco: I got this from my school but it doesn't have any straps very disappointing am I suppose to carry it by hand wherever I go? Wouldn't recommend this product.
jcotteri: Miro Blue is epic.. Almost tempted to buy another shell
Raiden Rodriguez: i love these cars man =D
brianminkc: One word of caution my players will not play Netflix reliably. Be warned. Amazon Prime and Vudu work fine... but Netflix will not stream over 1mb per second.... which is of course... crap.
Alex Platts: crap
gabelo101: 3,2,1 pufff comida lista en menos de 10 segundos ajja xD
Kotya Popov: Сергей. Учитесь у Инфокара;Молодцы ребята, только чтоб не подрезали их, а то усех у нас вызывает зависть.

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