Springfield XD Subcompact Vs XDm 3.8 Carry Review

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DeezNutz: The XD series is one of my favorite guns I have ever owned. Ive had the XD for ever and just finally picked up another in the XDM. They are absolutely flawless guns, I wouldn't be able to think of one negative thing to say even if I had to!....Now as far as this video, this guy is trying waaay to hard to sound like a hick to be able to take this "review" serious! 

pricelesspits: I like this guy. He sounds like he would be cool to go to the range with

mr22indubs: was it a Glock that your buddy that shot himself in the ass with ?

mr22indubs: I paid 589+ tax for my XD subcompact 40 new in box with all the gear... did i over pay? i slapped a Viridian C5L light/greenlaser .. its one bad mo fo

Bud L: fiteen dolla a piece if ya do da mat.. hahaha. Thats funny right der I don car hoo ya are

jim bob: Daggum... I done made up mind after watchin a fellow red neck learn me up real quick. Sub compact it is. Ima go pick one up when I can. Georgia shirt?.. Cmon man! Go big red!! I aint forget whatcha all did to us last bowl game.. lol, get r dun. Good video

Gun Slinger: No they dont swap out

sCreeCh1012: have you tried interchanging their magazines? does it work?

Gun Slinger: I use armslist(dot)com and Gunbroker(dot)com. Gunbroker(dot)com is an an online auction website only for gun related items such as ammo, guns, parts etc... But with the recent gun surge even the prices on Gunbroker have skyrocketed. I purchased the XDsc for $350 back in June off there, but now you cant find it for less than $500. Good luck with your search. 

Monique: Where would be the best/most affordable online sites to buy these guns? Great video!!

Gun Slinger: I prefer the XD Subcompact really over the XDm 3.8. Like you said yourself, it can be used for really just about any situation. Carry, Bedside, Target Shooting, Self Defense.... You name it the XDsc does it all. I recently bought the XDs .45acp but sold it even before firing it. It was jamming when loading Hollowpoints, so I just got rid of it while it was still unfired and bought the Glock 30sf. The glock is running great also. Both the XD and XDm lines are great. But stay away from the XDs.

armed. N.willing: great comparison vid!! I almost bought the 3.8 xdm instead of the bi-tone one you saw from my channel. Which gun feels better the sub, or 3.8? 

Gun Slinger: Thank you sir! I subbed your chanel as well! stay tuned for XDs .45acp review very soon. 

KSTANG: Nice review man 

Gun Slinger: I recommend that you go get yourself a 3.8 model in the 9mm or 45acp. 

Gun Slinger: i never recommend mexican carry... i have a buddy who shot in self in the ass once before. always use a holster!! thanks for your question

Patrick Hinson: what are your thoughts on mexican carrying those?

Gun Slinger: Thank you mate. I love my both of my XD model pistols very much. I really wish I would have gotten the 3.8 in 45acp. But no worries, just an excuse to save up for the XDs 45.

Js Dubon: Good review sir. The 3.8 will be mine in a couple of months hopefully. 

Patrick Hinson: that 3.8 is pure greatness 
Springfield XD Subcompact vs XDm 3.8 Carry Review 5 out of 5

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Springfield XD Subcompact vs XDm 3.8 Carry Review