Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing A Graphic.

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Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.
Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.
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The Silhouette Cameo Review: The First Cut
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Did this video help you?

Omy Miranda: I just need to thank you.  This has been the most straight forward useful video I have seen.  Thank you so much, you just made my life easier.

Nate Grede: Turned on the Silhouette for the first time and used this tutorial to pump out my first vinyl race course graphic in under an hour.  Great info here. Thank you.

angela b: what is the difference in s cricut and this machine  i am shopping and not sure which one to get 

Rachel McGee: I've watched lots of videos and this one is the most helpful.  thanks

Fernando Salas: Did you use the designers edition or the basic edition?

9pt9: I imported some text that i got form a screen shot on a web page. I want to make stencil form it. How do I do that?

Lindy Sellers: You are a lifesaver, Margaret!
Thank you so much for making this video. 

Rachel Bowler: Love you, Love this. I'm praising you while trying this out on my silhouette. Thanks, Margaret!!

Joe Zoc: So can I use illustrator cs5 with the cameo? I like to create my own designs and logos and would like to cut them out. I still have not found a tutorial talking about this.

Carol Daugherty: ended too abruptly

Monica Bradford: I tried to email you but it came back. My ? is do you have a video or can you tell me how to take this same image and trace it to cut vinyl in the different colors.

Anan Atturki: what kind of printer should i get for the silhouette?

number5ful: Hi...can you please do me a huge favor!!!?  Before I buy this cameo machine...can you please do a video for me!!  Can you please get a oilers team logo from yahoo or google, and cut a stencil for me how too?  Like have the cameo cut out the circle border, letters and tear drop...that way I can paint those sections any color I on vinyl or paper if its easier...if the cameo can do it, I will buy it!!!  Thx

Sylvia Minter: Thank you for a great tutorial.

MargB: Hello There! I followed your instructions to the teeth but the cutting of the image after printing it came off :-( I was trying with capitan America. Any suggestions?

Elizabeth T: Margaret - Great Video!  I have watched a few on You Tube and yours are the best!  May I please come live with you for a few months or will you please come live with me?  Just until I greatly improve my Silhouette skills!  

Margaret Wilburn: Marquee select is just drawing an "imaginary" box around objects to select them.

soulfeltsmiles: Can you tell me what is marquise select ( i think thats what you said) i get lost after that part

Justine Campeau: can't you just use the trace and detach button??

Jacob Findlay: What program are you using on the computer?
Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic. 5 out of 5

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Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.