Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing A Graphic.

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Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.
Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.
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The Silhouette Cameo Review: The First Cut
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Silhouette SD Review
internet tracing an image with google
internet tracing an image with google
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Silhouette Cameo Review

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Omy Miranda: I just need to thank you.  This has been the most straight forward useful video I have seen.  Thank you so much, you just made my life easier.

Nate Grede: Turned on the Silhouette for the first time and used this tutorial to pump out my first vinyl race course graphic in under an hour.  Great info here. Thank you.

angela b: what is the difference in s cricut and this machine  i am shopping and not sure which one to get 

Rachel McGee: I've watched lots of videos and this one is the most helpful.  thanks

Fernando Salas: Did you use the designers edition or the basic edition?

9pt9: I imported some text that i got form a screen shot on a web page. I want to make stencil form it. How do I do that?

Rachel Bowler: Love you, Love this. I'm praising you while trying this out on my silhouette. Thanks, Margaret!!

Carol Daugherty: ended too abruptly

Justine Campeau: can't you just use the trace and detach button??

nam305: how do you save this image to the cameo file

chadwicktl: Thank you so much for this video.  I just bought a new Silhouette Cameo a couple of weeks ago and I am using You Tube videos to teach myself.  Thank you for your help!  It is greatly appreciated.

Dilly Dally: thank you for a very simple and easy to understand video :-) but one thing, I didn't have to remove the white space around the image

Sue M: Good tutorial. Learned a lot & I have been wondering how to do this. Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Wilburn: You know, I have learned so much from YouTube videos that it is great that I am able to share something to help someone. Usually I make a video because a friend or someone on the Yahoo group is having a problem and it is so much easier to show how to do something than to explain it in words to someone.

Vane CZ: Thank you so much! Great tutorial... It's amazing how people is willing to share their expertise with us... Congrats!

Margaret Wilburn: Yes, you can import JPG and PNG files with the original or Designer. The only thing the Designer imports that the original free version doesn't is SVG files.

MsPAttynet: Does importante works online with the design edition?

hot5envy: Thank you for your helpful video. Much appriciate it. ( From Australia ) With thanks.

Margaret Wilburn: Found I could only put in my email by putting it in the video description...which I did. How annoying is that???

Margaret Wilburn: I found the image and did a trace. It is not hard but fairly tedious. This had way too many parts in the middle to easily grab just the ones you want. It also had open spaces around the plug...anyway I deleted unwanted stuff, fixed the plug edge and messed with the nodes a bit. I have the image done...but it won't let me put in my email in any form. It wouldn't even let me put in my ISP name.
Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic. 5 out of 5

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Silhouette SD/Cameo 27: Importing a graphic.