Posch Splitmaster Log Splitter

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MrLeonard55: Now thats a log splitter, lol.

Sean9696: what ever happened to hatchets and axes jeeze!

perki1952: Sehr gut!

MrLeonard55: Nice ram.

Christian Eder: Made in Austria !!! Nice Splitter i got a 30 Ton Splipmaster with an 6 Cross to split wood very good machine. Österreich hat innovationen !!

honeybees1: where do you get a ram so long from?

NBMonkey: very cool!! powerful, compared to the ones I've used. NBM

valmet840s2: Thats the way to split wood. i bet that machine has saved you guys a lot of work. Good Videos.
Posch splitmaster log splitter 5 out of 5

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Posch splitmaster log splitter