LG Optimus Q By Straight Talk Review

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Review
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Review
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Unboxing
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Unboxing
New LG Optimus Q By Straight Talk
New LG Optimus Q By Straight Talk
Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic Unboxing
Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic Unboxing
LG Optimus Q. new Android phone announced by Straight Talk
LG Optimus Q. new Android phone announced by Straight Talk

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blackhawks997: I legit yelled out loud "OH MY GOD" when you opened maps!!!!
I recognized it was the rockford area!!!!

Genesis Obadiah: I disliked this video because when I got this phone all the good stuff you said about this phone is questionable. Swiping between screens lags, the camera yes is a 3.2 megapixel camera, and the browser is the slowest phone i have ever used. 

THE ßIRGE: How do you screen shot on this phone???

It's Adri: this phone lookes amazing and cost $30 wow im getting that

Hunter Taylor: How do you screen shot with this phone, I've had mine for 2 years and still haven't figured it out

D3M0N-K1ll3R: does it have facecam

Desiree Rayburn: Can anyone tell me how to screen shoot on this phone? I have tired apps but they dont work without rooting.. I have tried all kinds of button combos as wee if i do have to root can some one tell me how and what to use?

barry awo: can you download whatsapp onto this phone?thanks

Rokketv: Can you get candy crush on this phone?

epoweredrc: is this on the att network or verizon?

Brenda F: lol this phone by me at Walmart isn't $45 its $99.99 so I guess it just depends on where you live. but for me it was cheaper to get it online.

Damian Combs: No, Walmart has this phone for 45, BECAUSE, it comes with the 45 dollar unlimited card. If you buy it from straight talk, you're actually paying more because it does not come with a 45 unlimited usage plan.

fallen__angelxx: im getting this phone now.

Brenda F: Thats walmart for ya!

corrina weeks: thanks becuase on walmart it says 45! walmart tryna rip ppl off!

jazmin christmas: what is the first button for

Matthew: Um ... if you're going to do a review of a phone, and obviously you thought the case would cause confusion, why not just, you know, remove the case before doing the video?

Ally Acthermann: Is the storage good

Joel Bisono: que bien!!!

Brenda F: You can get this phone for 19.99 right now on the website
LG Optimus Q by Straight Talk Review 5 out of 5

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LG Optimus Q by Straight Talk Review