1990 Corvette C4

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1990 Corvette C4
1990 Corvette C4
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Corvette C4
Corvette C4
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Corvette C4 Montage

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rhcmlc: A true muscle car beauty. Great combination of power and looks!

Insanebard: Hey, someones gotta have one--though there were only 448 made every year, so I also doubt this guy has a Zr1

MovieMakerKeith: @skates89 the exhaust on that car is literally just Borla exhaust hooked up to the factory stock engine. No engine mods were done and yes it is a 6 speed

Froylan Garcia: Looks good, too bad two of the four bulbs on the high mount brake light are out.

600SELV12: If I recall the Z51 optioned ones were stiff.

Artuir82: You know, sometimes there's just more to enjoying a car rather than driving like a retarded teenager. Learn to be a real enthusiast.

Matt Bartlett: you forgot to make a video on the C1

DrKiIIem: How does your temp run. I have a 1990 vette, it usually runs pretty hot, but not over-hot. Just wondering if there is a way to get more air in there?

rich17279: is that an LT1?

MovieMakerKeith: Some would say the ride isn't the best, but our vette has Bilstein shocks so it supplies an even harder ride. if u don't mind hitting the bumps hard then go with a C4, but if u want a vette you can go for a pleasure cruise in, I'd take the c5. Maybe another c4 owner will see this and put in their 2 cents worth. Keith

Artuir82: no, he didn't. my comment was a response to someone elses' comment that was apparently deleted. he said something to the effect of "stomp on that crap!" - so that is what I was responding to. the video was very good, but it appears my comment is now out of context :)

MovieMakerKeith: New England

BIGGREENLEAF1: That's good but just hope that is all that is wrong. Remember just by standing on the 96 LT-1 Vette with either transmission there is no way you will lose to your friends BMW. Also remember it is torque that gets you out of the hole in a drag race not horsepower. Horsepower is more to measure the cars top end than anything. The torque is what you need to be massaging and it spins up to its max around the 3200 -3400 rpm range, every car feel slightly different, just play til it feels right to you

MovieMakerKeith: are you talking about the corvette c1 montage? if so, I did make one but you can thank Warner Music Group for taking it off

wwaallee1: manual transmission is the only way in a sports car.. I can't belive that the Corvette was even sold with auto... I have a older one. With the 4-speed gearbox. (1988)

DrKiIIem: One of the nicest things on a 1990 I think is the rims, I love the 1990 rims better than any other, but that is me. Another thing, I do not like States where you have to have a front plate, it kinda ruins the look, but, just, one, guys, opinion,....

jjwg94: you got no ballZ you drive like my grandma.

TonySarandrea215: i have this car, same color and all

wrathguard: hi, i have a 1990 zr-1.. i will let you know that it comes with 405hp.. and that it is one of the most toughest motors i have ever seen.. lotus put it though 6rpm and held it there for 36 hours and not one problem the ls6 cant even do that.. but if it does in fact break on you.. it is a very expensive motor to fix. made by brits and put in a american body. a truely awsome motot

BIGGREENLEAF1: Learn how to drive, you should whoop his ass every time. You just don't know how to pull the hp and torque out of either transmission. If you guys are close to Minnesota bring him up and I'll show you how to beat him with a 94 Vette or even your 96 every time and without cheating because the Vette is just plain faster.

GiffinsPerformance: Someone from New Hampshire!! Did you guys buy it at Betley Chevrolet? Buddy that works there. They sell alot of cool cars!

EakcoTV: Sounds nice! Would have been 5 stars with a burnout ;) Check out my LT4!

LashoutUK: That's a great looking car - I think it's the same colour as my C4! Great little vid :)

curancho: hey guys I have a question for you there's a friend with a bmw M3 e46 and I have a corvette c4 1996 both stock and I raced him and he beat me for about 3.5 cars what can I do to make my corvette faster and then beat him I mean regular mods to increase the HP and then have a more even race my corvette is manual and a really don't lnow to much about mods because it was given to me 4 months ago by my Grandpa I know how to drive properly fast shifting and revs but I can't beat him

thevulcandrifter: The wheels have been rotated. Some do not realize that the saw tooth wheel is designed to cool the brake pads. There are two for the right and two for the left side. They can be installed on the wrong side.

Keith Henry: well at least they all had V8's in them

Tommy K: and he didn't even beat on it? get ur head outta ur ass

BIGGREENLEAF1: I never realized how much bigger of a car the C6 is compared to the C4 until that shot of the two cars side by side. We all know the C5 was bigger it was huge compared to any Vette, there are times in my ex-wifes C5 I'm not sure if I'm in a cadilliac or a Corvette, that is until she punches it and kicks someones butt.

MIGHTSPIKE: The ZR1 was a expensive mistake. The ones for sale are not bring in the dollars invested. You could take a stock corvette and get the same horse power with simple modifications. I know I have driven callaways and a special edition of Guildstard.

tantricmaster800: The 1990 Corvette is one of the most rare Corvettes ever built. It is the only one with the 1989 bodystyle,, and it has a 1991 roosterpit. They only made 2300 this color. I know, I have one, and I did the research.

MovieMakerKeith: Thanks, we will be sure to fix that

aspellpal66: i have a corvette zr1

MovieMakerKeith: L98

wrathguard: i have a ZR-1.. no joke

ryan maiese: square tailights were only on the zr1in 1990 right only the interior changed in 90 for the reg

MovieMakerKeith: @thevulcandrifter Excellent observation, however if you look at the cover of the book Corvette from the Inside the spokes on the rims point forwards as they do in the video. You brought up an excellent point though!

RogueBrit: Show it a bend......

MrTatamijo: My father got a red 1980's Corvette just like dis!

curancho: Maybe you're right I tought that for the first time but his bimmer pulls very hard mayve he has a remap ECU or somethin' he didn't tell me,or maybe my vette isn't running properly or somethin is wrong believe me I Know how to drive but maybe you're right that I can't pull the HP and exact torque at the exact revs I raced him yesterday and I had my best race against him but in fourth gear he left me behind again but first 3 gears we were even

PorscheLamboFerrari: what state is this filmed? its very green

curancho: I know what the problem is I found it My friend checked the spark plugs and one is not working LOL issue discovered.. I replaced it and now I see a difference in the torque LOL we need to race again and see the result

ThePartyMan: No, you don't

skates89: Very nice. I like the exhaust. Nice sound. Is there a lot of resonance with it? I thought it was an auto for a minute but it seems like a 6 speed man it sounds good. Please let me know what exhaust that is. I havea 1993 and id like to get mine sounding just like that. From what I hear it doesnt sound like there would be much resonance

BIGGREENLEAF1: Seriously I think there might be something seriously wrong with your car or his car is not stock and has some work done to it. It does not matter which transmission you have you should just be able to stand on it from a dead stop and wax him every time. I'll admit that if you guys are launcing from a roll the LT-1 can be a tricky little motor to get the right feel for when to make moves up and down the rpm range to make the most power at that moment in time. It just may take some practice?

PuppetKing: Is the ride stiff? I am just wondering because I heard C4s are too stiff. If the ride kills a lot, then I'll have to pay more for a C5, and I don't want to pay more or buy something else. Please tell me since ur a C4 owner.

angriestjr: hey come check out my vette. its a 1995 c4 lt1

FORDGTFANATIC: i wish i had a zr1....

Bhargav Desai: its his dads lol
1990 Corvette C4 4 out of 5

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1990 Corvette C4