Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro

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stylz1: Sexy weapons.

Javier LiCourt: That is one smoking hot rifle. Love the 7.62x39. So much power and with the folding stock. Awesome.

calaber40: that xcr sure looks good. to bad its only for right handers. that hinge is so big , it will take out your teeth for sure.any fixes for that problem.

hippo939: you can use pistol mag that hold 10 rounds

Mark Bradley: Is that rifle considered a pistol? I couldn't help but notice you shot 10 rounds out of it, not 5.

FlyingGrunt28: Thats a weird mag

VicariousReality7: Oh ten round, nevermind, i thought it had 5 Still that short barrel must let an awful lot of powder go to waste

Cameron Womack: The extension doesn't add anything power-wise... not sure why you're using it to compare. Just do some research, a 7.62x39 is a fair bit stronger than a 5.56mm. It (the 7.62x39mm) is the same thing the AKM Series uses. Also even with an extension, a 10 round (Canada legal) mag in this is more usable firepower than an 870, because you can use it to 200m easily.

Grant Allender: Apply cool water to area affected by burn.

hippo939: Haha!I don't know how to answer your question. Why not try to Google it yourself ?

VicariousReality7: I would guess that it is 500-1000 times as powerful as my B&T soft airgun which probably shoots at 1,25J What is the point of comparing the two? Maybe a better comparison would be to my Remington 870 without the magazine tube extension using the weakest target loads i can find

VicariousReality7: How could i possibly know how powerful your rounds are in your rifle Assuming you own it

hippo939: At least 100 X More power than your Air soft gun that's for sure !!

hippo939: I never got shot by one so I don't know . Maybe you know?

VicariousReality7: So, you do not know

Thomas Jefferson: This video made me go out and buy a XCR L in 5.56 (Non SBR Model) 16 inch... I need to stop watching your videos because they make me buy new guns!!! haha

hippo939: It's 7.62x39 round. But it's very loud

VicariousReality7: How powerful is that

A Steiner: Wow what a muzzle flash ! Did you get that micro pistol at Wolverine supplies? Its so hard to get firearms like that in Canada.

walperstyle: Can you explain this more because I'm looking for a XCR-M in .308 and people are saying I can use .308 pistol mags from the restricted versions of the gun. IE, how does one do this and stay in the law? Order up some pistol mags from the factory?
Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro 5 out of 5

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Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro