Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro

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bigbigblast: Was there someone in the back that's from Ilocos in the Philippines?

stylz1: Sexy weapons.

Javier LiCourt: That is one smoking hot rifle. Love the 7.62x39. So much power and with the folding stock. Awesome.

calaber40: that xcr sure looks good. to bad its only for right handers. that hinge is so big , it will take out your teeth for sure.any fixes for that problem.

hippo939: you can use pistol mag that hold 10 rounds

Mark Bradley: Is that rifle considered a pistol? I couldn't help but notice you shot 10 rounds out of it, not 5.

FlyingGrunt28: Thats a weird mag

VicariousReality7: Oh ten round, nevermind, i thought it had 5 Still that short barrel must let an awful lot of powder go to waste

Cameron Womack: The extension doesn't add anything power-wise... not sure why you're using it to compare. Just do some research, a 7.62x39 is a fair bit stronger than a 5.56mm. It (the 7.62x39mm) is the same thing the AKM Series uses. Also even with an extension, a 10 round (Canada legal) mag in this is more usable firepower than an 870, because you can use it to 200m easily.

Grant Allender: Apply cool water to area affected by burn.

hippo939: Haha!I don't know how to answer your question. Why not try to Google it yourself ?

VicariousReality7: I would guess that it is 500-1000 times as powerful as my B&T soft airgun which probably shoots at 1,25J What is the point of comparing the two? Maybe a better comparison would be to my Remington 870 without the magazine tube extension using the weakest target loads i can find

VicariousReality7: How could i possibly know how powerful your rounds are in your rifle Assuming you own it

hippo939: At least 100 X More power than your Air soft gun that's for sure !!

hippo939: I never got shot by one so I don't know . Maybe you know?

VicariousReality7: So, you do not know

Thomas Jefferson: This video made me go out and buy a XCR L in 5.56 (Non SBR Model) 16 inch... I need to stop watching your videos because they make me buy new guns!!! haha

hippo939: It's 7.62x39 round. But it's very loud

VicariousReality7: How powerful is that

A Steiner: Wow what a muzzle flash ! Did you get that micro pistol at Wolverine supplies? Its so hard to get firearms like that in Canada.
Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro 5 out of 5

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Saybe Plays: This deserves way more views! It's hilarious and I love it!
4ever VIP: lá la lá la lá la là,lá la lá la lá la là :D
ghostnr9: I see fat people...
Karene Katene: freak u
Ryan: Not really sure why everyone says the pax is so hard to clean. Put a little alcohol on a pipe cleaner and run it through the tube and mouthpiece, only takes a couple of minutes.
I love my pax 1, it's been working great for the past 2 years

Tania Xoxo: i use mineral power n its the best
ethan vanacker (TOTALDEAVASTATOR): i see you have a yak-9T im going to get mine soon hopefuly

Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro