FAST & FURIOUS 7 (2015) - Trailer #1 (Fanmade) | PAUL WALKER, THE ROCK, STATHAM, DIESEL

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Bashar Tamer: رووووووووعة 😙😙

John J. Rambo: shaniqua brown : Glad you love it pal! I know you guys want a fake Fast Furious 8 trailer and you're gonna get it, planning this already!

shaniqua brown: This is the best

John J. Rambo: My Resident Evil 6 fanmade trailer with 2 Millions Views got deleted, youtube is freaking garbage i'm pissed. People loved that trailer as i had 2500 likes and 1100 dislike.

John J. Rambo: Hey guys, just uploaded my ultimate FAST FURIOUS 7 trailer, enjoy!!!
FAST & FURIOUS 7 - Ultimate EXTENDED 5 MIN. Trailer (HAN / GISELE Story) HD

John J. Rambo: Guys, i'm making a FAN EDIT of the new FURIOUS 7 Official trailer, stay tuned (quality stuff)

John J. Rambo: I'm glad you guys enjoyed my fanmade trailer, now the OFFICIAL trailer is out and it was great to see Paul Walker again, i loved that guy and i respect him
Official Trailer FAST & FURIOUS 7 (2015) Official trailer # 1 HD

TheRaid2: Lol

John J. Rambo: FAST 7 SNEEK PEAK #2 is out 7 seconds of 7 cars
FAST & FURIOUS 7 (2015) Official Teaser Trailer (7 seconds of 7 cars) SNEEK PEAK #2 HD

John J. Rambo: Official Trailer this week, Saturday!!

Vin Diesel !!!

John J. Rambo: I hope they make Fast Furious 8 too!

John J. Rambo: Guys make sure you watch my PAUL WALKER tribute it's a great hommage for Paul and his family. PAUL WALKER (R.I.P.) - Special Video [TRIBUTE] - Fast & Furious 1 - 7 : Best of Brian O'Conner

John J. Rambo: I've seen Brick Mansion, it was ok but Paul was awesome in it, i miss Paul...

Edson silva: Masssa

Danny Boy: rip paul walker

mohamed boughanmi: fake!!!

Gang: paul walker has dead

Antonio Ramirez: Q películon va a ser fast oh furios 7 
FAST & FURIOUS 7 (2015) - Trailer #1 (Fanmade) ᴴᴰ | PAUL WALKER, THE ROCK, STATHAM, DIESEL 5 out of 5

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FAST & FURIOUS 7 (2015) - Trailer #1 (Fanmade) ᴴᴰ | PAUL WALKER, THE ROCK, STATHAM, DIESEL