Yamaha Bolt Vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race

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Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race
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Junior Jones: two wheelchairs racing

dnnich: I remember when they raced the 750 virago against the 883 and the 750 won in every challenge back in the 90s. It was close though. The displacement difference was a lot bigger in favour of the 883 sportster.

Gerry K: I would like to see a bolt race a 1200 sportster

Buhma CSeries: It's a fair comparison..... 2001 883 has MORE horsepower than the 2015 883. 53hp to 45hp. So basically a brand spaking new 883 would lose even worse to the Bolt!
Face it.....1950 Iron 2015 Iron 2001 Iron....all the same slow ass HD crap.

As for COPYING....one word VROD! Yamaha came out with the muscle cruiser in the 80s with the VMAX.... Harley 20 years later came out with the V-ROD - even the goddamn same name!

Indian had the V-TWIN before Harley by a decade! Who copied whom?

Hathorr1067: Considering that this is an advertisement for the bolt...

Hathorr1067: Considering that this is an advertisement for the bolt...

Hamdan Perkase: no one american brand can beat asian-man make fastest 2 wheel or 4 wheel machine..............banzai!

poncoolride: Well you can argue over who is fastest all you want. but as far as style and aftermarket support the sportster wins every time. btw isn't the bolt a 950cc? you would absolutely destroy the bolt with a 1200 sportster.

Patrick Schwarz: I bet my 2013 Camaro could smoke you 2001 Honda Civic

Ray Alam: if they are so better, they should stop copying.

Counterattack: Well obviously the bolt would win, giving that it has a bit more torque at lower speeds, but the harley being that old certainly didn't help.

Old Soldier: Lol....

Desmo Valve: LoL you gotta love this stuff, because its so silly to compare apples to oranges that folks just cant stop talking about it. But i do give these guys some credit for trying. Well im going to say it again, they are taking a very old but proven and still used today kind of technology up against todays current technology. They dont even use a current year HD to compare it with, i guess this was done to make very sure that its not a close race. Its like putting my 71 buick electra (with the 455ci engine )which weighs about 5000 lbs with me and a spare tire in it, against what ever luxury touring sedan japan offers. The only thing this proves is how much better todays technology is than old school, but to do this just to sell a motorcycle, it only means desperation the japanese have to just to sell something, and a poor one at that. A stock 2001 883 only makes about 48 to 53 HP and it has a carb, yamaha will not give the rated horsepower of the Bolt, only its torque rating. So here you have a 14 years old V-twin bike with with a displacement of only 883cc, 2 valve air cooled pushrod design, and carb, compared to a brand new 2015 model with a displacement of 940cc, electronic fuel injection, 4 valve per cylinder, higher compression ratio due to todays cylinder head technology. The similarity of the miles on the bikes is totally insignificant when you compare technologies, if the Bolt had 25 thousand miles on it, it still wouldnt be a close race because of technologies involved. The Japs just dont get it, they believe faster, better handling will lead to Brand loyalty, it doesnt. Harley Davidson and Ducati have found what works, and has stuck with it, the reason the japanese cant do this is because they are in too much competition with each other ( honda, yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki, ) Harley Davidson is second to none when it comes to brand loyalty overall, Ducati is Second to none in brand loyalty among sport bikes. To this day Ducati still uses the Desmovalve valve train in all its mortorcycles, a very ancient technology it has used since its very first motorcycles. The one Crown that japan still holds is they are the Undisputed world heavyweight champions of COPYCAT in the Auto and Motorcycle industry. The very best motocycle is the one your riding, its the one you feel good about, the one that gives you riding pleasure regardless what anyone else thinks of it, as for me when it comes to sport bikes i love the way my old 95 ducati 900 feels and sounds, it far from the fastest, doesnt handle as great as many of the jap bikes, and not as efficient either, but everyone gives me the thumbs up, or dude your bike is SICK, i get the same treatment when on my 2001 sportster 1200, with its one off parts that i have modified. Any 600 can smoke either of these, but i dont care, because from stop light to stop light, my bikes get much more attention that those japenese land rockets:) Just SayN

Old Soldier: Yes!  The Bolt is faster, but it isn't a Harley.

Old Soldier: Yes High School and College students will be thrilled about the new Bolt

oldcratch: Well that was a terrible comparison. The difference between a 2001 and a 2004-up 883 is worlds apart (very different bikes). I've got an idea, lets race an 82 Mustang (with only 5k on it) against a 2015 Camaro. Sounds fair right?Wonder why they didn't use a comparable bike?

Paul Metcalf: The Bolt has more nearly 100cc's larger, overhead cam, four valves, more advanced engine and transmission = No contest

Reggie Jefferson: does the bolt have a 1250cc kit? I think not (drops mic)

Tom Lahren: haha.............stage one or two a Sportster and you will still fall behind. Sportsters are pure junk but thats another story. Plus the Sportster is broken in more................talk about a break !  Hope all the HD Kool Aid drinkers out there see this. JUNK..........Sportster junk !

surferd619: i have a new 883 two weeks old first bike in 25 years so i'm not quite used to it yet .
i ran across a c spec bolt this morning . our race went much differently .
Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race 5 out of 5

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Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race