Yamaha Bolt Vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race

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Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race
Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race
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2014 Yamaha Bolt vs Harley 883 Comparison Video
2014 Yamaha Bolt vs Harley 883 Comparison Video

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Reggie Jefferson: does the bolt have a 1250cc kit? I think not (drops mic)

Tom Lahren: haha.............stage one or two a Sportster and you will still fall behind. Sportsters are pure junk but thats another story. Plus the Sportster is broken in more................talk about a break !  Hope all the HD Kool Aid drinkers out there see this. JUNK..........Sportster junk !

surferd619: i have a new 883 two weeks old first bike in 25 years so i'm not quite used to it yet .
i ran across a c spec bolt this morning . our race went much differently .

Chad Smithsen: Barnyard, American pig, versus technology.

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networkbits: both of em sound lame!!!

Robert Presti Jr: Why didn't they run against a 1200?  883 vs 950  is a 67 cc disadvantage for the 883, a 150cc advantage for the 1200. If they don't feel 70ccc one way or another is an advantage why didn't they run it against the 1200 Sportster?

Donovan Davis: How about you get the same year of the two then see which is better...

evilmuscle: Japanese copy everything 

Gary Clarke: Check out this video on YouTube:

ThePazmeister99: allot of butthurt harley fans here...but honeslty has anyone ever bought a harley for its 1/4 mile time ? if you want speed you buy a super sport

Malcolm Todd: Funny EFI vs. and old carburetor bike? A 950 vs an 883? I know, let's put it up against an real brand new EFI Sporty and do that race again? Are they afraid of just how stupid they will look?

lmdetect: Both a couple of ugly ass bikes. Now I have to go out to the garage and look at my Shadow Spirit to get the taste out of my eyes. Lol

illizard8: Man Americans are loud. Everyone on the street could hear his intro.

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Jay Teal: you guys are couple of tools !!  lets race a 13 yr old carbureted bike against a brand new fuel injected bike. yea, hmmm that makes sense.   883 vs 950 makes NO sense either. your only doing the vid to promote your accessories and your dealership. the 883 wasnt built for speed besides. Im sure the bolt is very fast no doubt, but seriously guys ?!

Richard Turner: Why would you compare a 13 year old carbureted Sportster against a brand new Bolt? If you cant get your hands on an Iron at least find an 883 that is fuel injected. The Bolt will still probably win but at least it would be a legitimate comparison.

John Cox: hmmm...a 60 degree, sovc modern v-twin against an antiquated 45-degree v-twin designed around radial engine technology... Did anyone expect the Harley to win?

HeavyHitter5150: Soooo, we've got a 2013 fuel injected bike against a 2001 carbureted bike?  How the Hell is this even REMOTELY fair?  Lol!!

World Traveler东北: now run the 1200 sportster
Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race 5 out of 5

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Akash Kamisetty: hey guys nice film but a bit of more sync between video and audio would be fine! :D
ᛟ ᎷaciejᎻadam ρrodu©tioת™ ᛟ ツ: nice video! regards :)
susankayej88: Excellent idea will definitely try these! I just put up a video on my channel of cookies and cream roosterroach cupcakes :)
Victor Manuel Hernandez: archivo eliminadooooo
Fallenstar37: There are studies that learn specific systems e.g. you go for 1 year long weekend school and then you seek for a job in the company that implements this system. 
David Charles: I know this is a older video now but still badass! That freakin pissed off rumble makes my nuts tingle! Nothin quite like the sound of a cammed Mustang! You sir have given me inspiration to cam mine!
randomproductions97: Dude, Mr. Big freaked me the freak out as a kid

Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race