Yamaha Bolt Vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race

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Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race
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Alejandro Mirabal: 2001 Sportser 883? Even the recent ones are underpowered. Off that eunich of a Harley got toasted. Put the Bolt against a recent Roadster, hell, or a recent 48. The Bolt has less torque and HP than both of those.

Cookies React: 1:44 The Harley is possessed

North Valley Locksmith: 2001 883 is not fuel injected…

Chris Kreiner: love too see someone run across me on my harley 48 that bolt looks quick

Theodore Aniskoff: stupid bikes anyway

twintriode: I never will understand some of the folks that buy/review/modify Harley Davidson motorcycles. Listen; dipcraps Harley's are NOT fast bikes. Go ahead throw you stage whatever at it....it is still SLOW. I've been riding Harley's for 26 years and this kind of crap has been going on forever. Giver it up and do what the harley does best; cruise and sound good.

Sir Didymus: I think people are missing the point of a Harley - it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there, as long as you look good doing it.

Jim Germata: hey jackasses the Vmax is a V4 engine the V-Rod is 60 degree V twin water cooled engine give me a break they're not the same animal I'm not hating on the V-Max it's a badass bike. the 883 Sportster has a hell of a lot more personality than that copy Bolt.

Shane Miller: 15 years old and that harley probably is worth more than the bolt. thats why you buy a harley.

MrSwitch1934: Bullcrap drag race. The 883 is sixteen years older.

steher: Stupid video, it leaves out so much info to be any type of comparison.

steher: My upgraded Sporty is still under the cost of a 1200 and would leave the Bolt standing still. I dont race at all but its nice to have the nuts to go 2 up with all my camping gear in the mountains.

Mayheezy592: So you took a 12 yr old carb'd bike against a new fuel injected bike.....great test boys, fail.

Jefferson Smith: I don't think people get a Sportster to race with.
I think people get a Sportster so they don't have to say "hey check out my new Yamaha". That and it's hard to play that 'harley serenade" on the back roads with a Yamaha.
If I were going to get a bike to race with it would probably be a.......Harley.
They seem to be doing pretty well in the NHRA.

Mark Palmer: Yamaha spends millions on engineering.  Harley engineers buy a pack of cigarettes and just keep trying to sell the same old crap.  The results of this drag race were no surprise to me- at all.

Ryan Lundell: Yamaha is fuel injected and the HD is carbureted... not saying the HD would win but at least put against a year that is fuel injected. Plus neither of these bikes are built for speed. Not why you buy a HD or yamaha bolt. Dumb video

koroum paok: the bolt is a copy of the iron ...
bolt 950cc
sportie 883cc and heavier
bolt wants to be a harley it can try but it wont

igotajob: i wouldnt ride that harley 883 girls bike!!! lmao!!!

Richard Luebbe: The Bolt is no doubt faster but the Harley rider looked better getting there   Thanks for the Video

Johnny Lagore: i regularly blow the sox & dungeree's OFF of sporty riders just for street kix. They ALL seem to wanna go at it. I do it all with my 2015 Indian Scout (only add on is a pair of Rinehart's).My ride weighs in at only 550 wet & has 100 HP ! I traded in my 820# pig Fatboy for the Indian. I absolutely luv it the best ...(& this is my 34th. Motorcycle...!!) As always, great job Kyle & Co.--i would like to see way more aftermarket stuff for indians...alot of companies are missing the boat here (i think ??)
Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race 5 out of 5

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Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race