Disabling Onstar

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Disabling Onstar
Disabling Onstar
Disable/Remove Onstar
Disable/Remove Onstar
How to fully disable ONStar system in the electric car GM Chevy Volt  April 2014
How to fully disable ONStar system in the electric car GM Chevy Volt April 2014
Disable OnStar - 2009-2010 Chevrolet Traverse
Disable OnStar - 2009-2010 Chevrolet Traverse
Disable OnStar 2011 Malibu
Disable OnStar 2011 Malibu

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Running Out of Air: Just an FYI for the people who do not know any better. Onstar data feeds into a central file about you. The problem with that is about who drives the car. So, while insurance companies are getting this black market data to adjust your premiums, your friends drive fast when they borrow the car. See, cell phones are no different. Yeah, it is your phone but what if your angry boyfriend takes it? Infinity is the world we live in. Onstar is a way to record data and tie it to you. I am removing mine as soon as I am sure of no lockout or theft codes are activated. I have other people that drive my car and I do not want the tracking to affect my government data profile. Oh, and before you "conspiracy" hacks chime in, do me a favor; watch the following first. Watch "Terms & Conditions May Apply." Also, do your research on the Utah Data Center. It is not "if" we are being recorded (including Onstar that is turned off but not physically disconnected.), but it IS how often we are being recorded.

atxformfactor: How is this any different than removing the fuse in the interior panel that feeds the onstar device?

Valerie Nakamura: my car is stuck in theft mode and dealer ship cant reset my car my car wont let them into reset its saying or reading somthing that dont exsist  so what can i do and how do i do it please please help me

Valerie Nakamura: how do i do that on a ford contour SE thy cant get in tol reset my car what do i do please help me

Steven Mahoney: If I do this will I not need the onstar Retention and bypass for an aftermarket radio install? 

Mario Hernandez: Will this disable phone mode also.because for know im not able to listen to the radio at all

xenangel2: Thanks for the video. I just needed to know where the unit would be located and general info about the wires. I have a lose connection to find in my Chevy Tahoe. Thanks!

Violative911: Where is this next video?

davesherman74: I tried this on a 2010 Traverse, but after unplugging that harness I got a "Service All-wheel Drive" message.  I just find the periodic interruptions telling me I should subscribe annoying, that's why I'd like to disable it.  I've got the cellular antenna disconnected for now, hopefully that shuts it up.

Kenzo Roberts: How is this performed on the 2014 impala

jaejay716: Why is everyone so paranoid. All the millions of cars on the road you think really think someone is tracking you?? Come on now. What are we all big time drug runners lol. Too funny

bluto8888: in the front under the heater controls

AiboDoctor: If u Disable it,The Police will come and put u to Jail!!!

Oscar perez: Where is that located on a silverado 2014

steven anderson: Hi   can you tell me if there is a back up way that onstar can connect to my car.  I have detached the gps antenna , light on " onstar " went red ... but when I try to connect to onstar , it still goes through ....   can they track my car still ?   gps stops now working on car ...   I cannot locate onstar box in 2014 ltz impala , so disconnected the gps antenna ...

steven anderson: Need help , do not want to be tracked at all , but want GPS ( on My Link ) to work ....  Need someone who knows 2014/2015 new impala ltz unit on-star

Hi , I have a new impala LTZ 2014 with " My Link " and when I remove the power it shuts down the stereo and all.  There are 4 outlet plugs on the unit < 2 bigger ones on bottom ( very bottom seams to be power to box , but shuts down stereo when I upluged it .  I unplugged  the next big up from bottom ,  and next smaller unit as well that has only one small wire ..seams to be antenna ... does anyone know if I unplug the 2 center plugs , is this correct ?

Since , I only have one green light on mirror it still stays on .  ???

Sweetheartkandi: where is it in a 2009 Malibu i looked in the sides of the trunk and under the drivers seat can u help please

Jeannette K: Hi seen your video I got a 2008 CTS with navigation but No blue tooth does the aftermarket modual have Bluetooth ? What is it called so I can do a google search for it. I rather purchase it instead of being policed by OnStare.
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Disabling Onstar