Disabling Onstar

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Disabling Onstar
Disabling Onstar
Disable/Remove Onstar
Disable/Remove Onstar
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No Start! 2004 Trailblazer. Onstar comes on all the time?

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davesherman74: I tried this on a 2010 Traverse, but after unplugging that harness I got a "Service All-wheel Drive" message. I just find the periodic interruptions telling me I should subscribe annoying, that's why I'd like to disable it. I've got the cellular antenna disconnected for now, hopefully that shuts it up.

jaejay716: Why is everyone so paranoid. All the millions of cars on the road you think really think someone is tracking you?? Come on now. What are we all big time drug runners lol. Too funny

Kenzo Roberts: How is this performed on the 2014 impala

bluto8888: in the front under the heater controls

steven anderson: Need help , do not want to be tracked at all , but want GPS ( on My Link ) to work .... Need someone who knows 2014/2015 new impala ltz unit on-star Hi , I have a new impala LTZ 2014 with " My Link " and when I remove the power it shuts down the stereo and all. There are 4 outlet plugs on the unit < 2 bigger ones on bottom ( very bottom seams to be power to box , but shuts down stereo when I upluged it . I unplugged the next big up from bottom , and next smaller unit as well that has only one small wire ..seams to be antenna ... does anyone know if I unplug the 2 center plugs , is this correct ? Since , I only have one green light on mirror it still stays on . ???

steven anderson: Hi can you tell me if there is a back up way that onstar can connect to my car. I have detached the gps antenna , light on " onstar " went red ... but when I try to connect to onstar , it still goes through .... can they track my car still ? gps stops now working on car ... I cannot locate onstar box in 2014 ltz impala , so disconnected the gps antenna ...

AiboDoctor: If u Disable it,The Police will come and put u to Jail!!!

Oscar perez: Where is that located on a silverado 2014

Sweetheartkandi: where is it in a 2009 Malibu i looked in the sides of the trunk and under the drivers seat can u help please

Mia Ramirez: How do I do it for my chevy malibu 2011?? I'm lost 

Zavier H: where is the follow up video?

Jacob Russell: I cannot find the $99 device on your channel. Could you provide a link for this device video?

Jeannette K: Hi seen your video I got a 2008 CTS with navigation but No blue tooth does the aftermarket modual have Bluetooth ? What is it called so I can do a google search for it. I rather purchase it instead of being policed by OnStare.

Michael Vardac: Appreciate your making this video. Your knowledge and presentation is head and shoulders above the rest. Q: Regarding the XM radio: What happens to it if you disconnect the power. Bottomline: How can one keep XM working without being tracked. Q2: In regards to tracking: Does not keeping the cellular phone connected (even if you disconnect the GPS antennae lead) still allow for geo-location data to be obtained by the cellular service provider? I know T-Mobile/Verizon/etc all do this on a regular basis. Pls inform. Thx again for your good work.

Mark TheCarGuy: Hey can you do a video about the Xm box box.

steven warren: I drive an avalanche I'm pretty sure mine isn't in the back lol 

Nathan Harrington: if I unplug them all to take it out will it do anything to my car

fastacker2: This is why I am never buying another GM vehicle. (after 30 years of loyally buying them). they put a tracking, spy bug in your vehicle, and force you to pay for it!

01deztiny: @Ginger6259 hahahaaa lmfao

BigOldGuy65: You may think OnStar is great -- but -- let's say you go on a vacation: GM will know when you left, what roads you took, what restaurants you used, what motels you used, what amusements you visited and for how long, when you returned, and how fast you drove. GM says they have the right to sell this information if they want, but they're not doing that right now. I'm turning off OnStar (my Buick dealership refused).

soccerboy161011: Thanks for buying a honda and killing our economy

fastacker2: You think they make the device and install it without it showing up in the price of the vehicle? You pay for it. I like my Honda now.

fastacker2: Honda is made in America and has as many American made parts as a GM. And they respect my right to drive my car that I paid for without having big brother eavesdrop on me.

210peanutswaye: 07:50 niice ass, grandma-OH, yeah cool vid.....

vector150: I want to remove everthing to do with onstar out my trailblazer.

vector150: You are clearly a blind sheep.

squareatheist: Onstar is despicable. I can't believe that anyone wants big brother in their car. I sure don't want him there.

Ice: No need for onstar at all..you can use your cell phone to call for help and it also has gps which you can just shut off and to make sure just battery is out...walla! and you are a free citizen..and when you need to make a call or use gps just turn it back on!

Richard Conner: Where is it at in a 09 cobalt

Kissra Lynnkay: Vehicle GPS devices all use cellular protocol which emit radio frequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation that is harmful to your body. Manufacturers place it in the back (not under dash) to keep it as far away from your body as possible to minimize your exposure to this radiation frequency. That's why it will be in the back ;)

Bill Blast: what about in Ford trucks do they have anything in them for GPS?

77huss: Isn't there a fuse you could just pull out?

rogueweapon: so where is that replacement video?

Kissra Lynnkay: no it will not

highdesertutah: Thank you very much for making this video. I'm looking at a Chevy Sonic but don't want the mandatory big brother On-Star.

rickwins66: Anyone have any idea how long the rechargeable battery will continue to power the cellular unit? Since removing power disables GPS, I am assuming cellular will continue to transmit for a couple of days until the battery dies. So during that time, you are still sending data to OnStar through cell towers. Even if you unplug the antenna cell towers will still pick up your signal when you are close enough to one which means they could still possibly track your course.

Kissra Lynnkay: That depends on your truck year and model

ethaneveraldo: That video is perfect for all the car stealers out-there who stole cars with onstar. haha no more tracking! all those people paying for onstar tracking are screwed!! lol

2boredtwocare: Are you still planning to upload the vid for the GPS replacement?

vector150: So some years back a guy I knew. Was having issue in his marriage. So him and his wife took a drive and parked to deal with an issue not in front of their kids. It turned into a heat argument. Some how or another OnStar turned on the OnStar heard them bitching at each other in raised voice. Now both will tell you no threats where ever made. And neither used and foul language. OnStar called the cops and they was both arrested for domestic violence.

soccerboy161011: you don't have to pay for it

Kissra Lynnkay: no you don't need to disconnect the car battery

Kissra Lynnkay: Not sure about F150 2004. Best to ask your dealer. I would think so that you have a GPS tracker in a 2004 model. Ford always installed all the bells and whistles on their vehicles while other car-makers- made them paid-options

soccerboy161011: Honda is a japanese company so thats where most of your money is going. I'm pretty sure the government has alot better things to do then spy on you

Kissra Lynnkay: Assuming the device is sending your location and other telemetry; the rechargeable battery will not work beyond couple of hours from the moment you disconnect the power supply. Since the GPS antenna is disconnected the unit will continuously seek a GPS location which will drain the battery very quickly. Cellular triangulation is possible within the approximate 2 hours of battery life ;)

terry green: Where is the video that show how to link it to my phone? Searched your videos and didnt see it.

Addiman98: Why would you make this video you just showed how to disable the anti theft system in a car that prevents these things from happening and now you show them how to nice thinking Sherlock

Harry Wexler: If its so easy to disable what good is the security feature for anyway?

Stanley Hutchinson: Beautiful, Thank you!. I was thinking of buying the New Chevy Cruze Diesel, but I did NOT WANT to be tracked, like the way NSA scandal now is tracking all phone calls and emails. Thanks again. Oh, so where can I get the $99 device? Is that LA Glendale you are driving through?
Disabling Onstar 4.6 out of 5

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Disabling Onstar