Disabling Onstar

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Disable/Remove Onstar
Disable/Remove Onstar
2014+ Silverado OnStar Disable/Remove & Location
2014+ Silverado OnStar Disable/Remove & Location
Disabling Onstar
Disabling Onstar
How to fully disable ONStar system in the electric car GM Chevy Volt  April 2014
How to fully disable ONStar system in the electric car GM Chevy Volt April 2014
Disable OnStar 2011 Malibu
Disable OnStar 2011 Malibu

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Zoe Ally Love: Guess this would get a thumbs up if you had lighting but it was difficult to see anything. You were informative though

Dee Brown: The module killed 4 batteries in my 09 impala 2 Chevy dealers couldn't figure it out.. I took it to a mom & pop place and they did and I haven't had a dead battery since.!!!

teknonut1946: I have a 2003 buick rendezvois, if I leave it sit more than 2-3 days the battery will discharge from the voltage going to the on star system. I noticed the snow was melted over the antenna on the inside drivers side. I am not using or paying for any features from On star. Is it posible to install a simple shut off switch, or is the problem related to the after market remote start. If I just kill power to the computer I will wind up resetting other things each time I shut it down. I can go out and start it every day but there must be a better way.

Michael Dixon: will on star still be able to tarck you?

Paul Arsenault: how to disable onstar In a 2007 Pontiac montana

Jacob Caperton: I have a 2002 table and I'm trying to bypass the onstar were I'd the fuse thing

J Roax: does anyone by an chance know where the box is in a 2016 camaro zl1

emerybryant: btw im going to be just removing the module and likely throwing it away... lol

emerybryant: i have yet to look at mine but according to diagrams i find, the early 2000 model suv was apparently under the dash.

zonkered: Where is the video on how to replace onstar?

Procedure Alvarado: Hi can you help me please if I need to disconnect everything to not be tracked with my miles

Procedure Alvarado: Hi I did disconnect the power supply to the box but my impala 2015 LT has 4LTE Do I have to disconnect the antenna too to prevent onStart record my miles and where I am ? I am leading the car I want to prevent then record my miles
Thank you for your help

Browningate: What's the point? To reduce the vehicle's weight by 2 pounds?

Kevin Seabron: where is the onstar box located in a 2008 Cadillac cts

Joseph: Where is the box on my 2013 Buick Verano

Tyler Vaughan: Is this a 2009?

Qwan Love: So if I do this to my 2001 blazer would I still need to by a different wire harness for my aftermarket radio to work

Running Out of Air: Just an FYI for the people who do not know any better. Onstar data feeds into a central file about you. The problem with that is about who drives the car. So, while insurance companies are getting this black market data to adjust your premiums, your friends drive fast when they borrow the car. See, cell phones are no different. Yeah, it is your phone but what if your angry boyfriend takes it? Infinity is the world we live in. Onstar is a way to record data and tie it to you. I am removing mine as soon as I am sure of no lockout or theft codes are activated. I have other people that drive my car and I do not want the tracking to affect my government data profile. Oh, and before you "conspiracy" hacks chime in, do me a favor; watch the following first. Watch "Terms & Conditions May Apply." Also, do your research on the Utah Data Center. It is not "if" we are being recorded (including Onstar that is turned off but not physically disconnected.), but it IS how often we are being recorded.

atxformfactor: How is this any different than removing the fuse in the interior panel that feeds the onstar device?
Disabling Onstar 5 out of 5

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Zoe Ally Love: Guess this would get a thumbs up if you had lighting but it was difficult to see anything. You were informative though
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Disabling Onstar