Winchester PDX1 .45 ACP 230 Gr Supreme Elite Bonded Test W/denim

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johnnylyonns79: Thanks your awesome

UnforgivingDemon: At 871 feet per second that's moving for a .45 especially out of a 3.78" glock 30. There is no reason that round should not have expanded at that velocity. Remember most 1911s with 5in barrels average at 820-850 ft per second and they have no problem expanding. Gold Dots are where it's at.

Дядя Федя: What is a difference between Winchester Elite Supreme and PDX 1 Defender? Beside boxes?

Matt Johnson: I'd recognized those sandpaper grips anywhere!

RIPbiker13: I guess it's a great option for rapists not wearing clothing... A test with 4 layers is a perfectly viable test. A pocket alone makes up for at least 2 layers right there.

Alexn1067: thats what I use in my 1911. Really because it was the first brand of hollow point that I put through it and it fed perfectly. the only thing is that I noticed the recoil is more stout with this round... I think its a hotter load.

Alexn1067: I would not want to imagine a scenario where a naked man was trying to kill me.

HYDRA DYNAMIC: Great test! But one shot into the denim is only 50% of the test. You have a 50/50 percent chance of expansion with every first shot you take in any ammo test.

bereanminded: My Ruger P345 loves this round! I found that I liked it and the Federal Premium 165 gr. Hydra-Shok the best with slightly better accuracy from the Winchester. It is just very hard to find right now.

STEVE P: did it work or not? would you reccomend it?

dimitriosvulgaris: ohhhh FO SHO!!!!!!! Nice catch bro..

dimitriosvulgaris: i did a test also and i will never leave home with out PDX 1 in my 1911 good video though.

271867: Four-layer heavy denim test is not intended to simulate any type of clothing; it is merely an engineering evaluation tool to assess the ability of JHP handgun bullets to resist plugging and expand. A well-designed bullet exhibits little difference in expansion and penetration between the bare gelatin test and four-layer heavy denim test.

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Winchester PDX1 .45 ACP 230 gr Supreme Elite Bonded test w/denim 5 out of 5

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Benjamin Thomas: Nice man
Carlos Rodrigues Da Silva Carlos: Legal muito bom gostei
dsavish: pretty good runs.
SydnayWayHey: Damn, those are long.
Mister Elexandre: Holy freak, thank you for ruining everything with your god damn spoilers.
ArJuna22: I use the same Harbor Freight setup. You can put far more brass in each tumbler than that. I leave only about an inch and a half of space at the top of each drum when dropping in brass and then fill with warm water to about on inch of top. Add Lemi and Dawn and tumble for 2-3 hours. Make sure you deprime first. Brass will look like new.
For drying I just lay out the brass on a towel on a table and place a small fan aimed to blow over the lot. Overnight it is totally dry inside and out.
Another tip for the Harbor freight setup. Those tumblers notoriously go through rubber belts like crazy. I was breaking one belt every 5-8 hours tumbling, even with light loads. I then purchased a Goodyear fan belt of proper equal size and cut down the pulleys to match the "V" shape of the belt. I have not and probably never will break the belt again.

Its Me Julious: Got them in gray with blue

Winchester PDX1  .45 ACP 230 gr Supreme Elite Bonded test w/denim