Jet Boat Home Build

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jet boat home build
jet boat home build
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Did this video help you?

RubiTrack: I want to build one of these. Where do I start?

gassolean: awesome work guys :)

Robb's Homemade Life: what a rocket! you had me worried at the bridge. made me a subscriber.

SkyHawk024: those look a tad short for 10ft

Josue Garcia: What engine? and price for the engine?

littlejohn 1411: I gotta give it you, you've got skills. Awesome build!

dirtydogg06: How much to build me one??

Morgan Chore: Do you recommend putting the Teflon on the bottom? And what engines do you guys use?

Christian Werne: How did u get the alumionum to not rist and how did u do the engine

freespeachrulez: This is absolutely amazing fabrication work. I tried spot welding aluminum and it burns thru so easily without knowing the settings right off. This build was quite expensive too I bet. Again excellent work! Wow!

SeregaCh: Love your boat! How much did it cost you in materials to build a hull?

vivitar45: need some crash padding in it if you crash and you end up getting tossed around in it might be hard on the boddy

joe clark: hoiw fast do those things go?

m d: freak the plans can I be an investor???

HUNTINGITNZ: how do i get one?

HKPSG1Shooter: AWESOME boat, and even more awesome navigation skills! I've got a 16 foot Duracraft with a Yamaha HO engine.....I've been thinking of doing a small jetboat with a Sea Doo Supercharged engine, with a rock-proof hull like the one you have on your boat. After seeing your video, I know I have to build one now!

jian wang: Very beautiful, whether this video sent to my mail, thank you

Andrew Savage: LOVE IT

porpoisefathom: could 650 cc work on a larger boat say 18 ft? around 1500 lbs dry weight

Howard Moore: I've had a boat idea in mind for a few years now. This would be the perfect medium to test. Message me if you'd like to talk.

Eddie Eismann: Aluminum don't rust

mdymus: these are awsome videos. the boats are sweet!!! i live in alaska, these would be perfect for running up the creeks and slews. please if you have plans ya want to sell or know where i can find some i would gladly purchase them from you. my e-mail is any info would be greatly appreciated. i have built similar boats, bigger and with a prop......not so good when ya run out of water and run into rocks, th jet is what we need, thanx

tracy george: crazy sob

deborahbendel1: Sick... You guys did a great job.....

64jellybean: Hi i live in Christchurch and have had jet boats over the years but i always thought i,d like to build something like what you have designed. I,m not sure if you build these professionally or not but is there an opportunity to visit your workshop or meet with you to have a closer look at your boats. My email address is if this was possible

iLOVEadamANDaj: simply sick ass crap...i want one damn it

YouTubeOTT: HOMEMADE !!!!!!!!

davidnandavid: The level of skill that happens here is beyond ANYTHING I could hope to achieve. This is probably the coolest thing I have seen for a long long time.

LikeAnR6: That's so cool! Gave me a lot of ideas too! Thanks so much for sharing!

Leagh O'Keefe: Very nice job man

ubduck560: what did it cost to build?

tracy george: dude, alum, does not

martysprinzl: Dam nice work guys !!

Raven Metonoutofindout: Awesome boat, typical kiwi can do attitude


Jacob Hayden: That's awesome I want 1

deborahbendel1: Great custom fab!!!

jeryl1968: great boats nicely built i have built sneakboxes for duck hunting this was a good desighn looks like fun just a suggestion you might want to figure out a way of putting floatation in them i was in a friends airboat that had no floatation in it he came up to a bank and water came over the stern and it went strait to the bottem in about two minutes we hardly had enough time to get out of it before it went down nice boat tho fun video thanks

DirTyOhGee: I'm very impressed. With both the build and the driving. WOW looked like a ton of fun. With the all aluminum seats my ass got cold just looking at them. :P

ThreeWinds Boardshop: shut up and take my money!

wingplum: You are talented.

Christian Werne: I mean rust
jet boat home build 4.9 out of 5

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jet boat home build