Jet Boat Home Build

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Boat build video
Boat build video
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Homemade plywood jet boat (Gearing upgrade)
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Kietgia Huy: Helo drawings of boats free or sold for how much

Carlos: Se puede obtener los planos de diseño? Impresionante!

waz00z: what is the engine?

Samael Salamanca: Como puedo obtener los planos de construcción de este diseño?

Kyle Barfield: Contact info for complete build or plans please? Website?

Adrian Hernandez: awesome what kind of motor do you put on it

Jesse Snowden: hey bro! love your design, where can i get those plans?

Ants McKeown: mean boys what a great boat nice build

Steve-o GG: I am building one of these and trying to decide on what to do with steering.  Donor jet sky steering cable is to short..  Boat steering kits and 1 1/2 turns lock to lock...  is that too much?

Josue Garcia: What engine? and price for the engine?

SkyHawk024: those look a tad short for 10ft

gassolean: awesome work guys :)

Robb's Homemade Life: what a rocket! you had me worried at the bridge. made me a subscriber.

littlejohn 1411: I gotta give it you, you've got skills. Awesome build!

dirtydogg06: How much to build me one??

Morgan Chore: Do you recommend putting the Teflon on the bottom? And what engines do you guys use?

t dog: crazy sob

t dog: dude, alum, does not

Eddie Eismann: Aluminum don't rust
jet boat home build 5 out of 5

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jet boat home build