LEGO City Cargo Terminal Review, Set 60022

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LEGO CITY Cargo Terminal Review - LEGO 60022 Airplane
LEGO CITY Cargo Terminal Review - LEGO 60022 Airplane
LEGO City Cargo Terminal 60022 set Review!
LEGO City Cargo Terminal 60022 set Review!
LEGO City Cargo Terminal Review. Set 60022
LEGO City Cargo Terminal Review. Set 60022
Lego City 60022 Cargo Terminal - Lego Speed Build Review
Lego City 60022 Cargo Terminal - Lego Speed Build Review
LEGO City Cargo Heliplane 60021 set review!
LEGO City Cargo Heliplane 60021 set review!

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The Diamond TNT: Did he review the forklift backwards!!🤔😱

The Daily Lego Man: the back piece is I lighter shade of grey than the other bottom piece

MrObsolete530x: no dimensions in the desc

Fang Fang: the drinks symbol means fraigel

Mayo Hosko: boxes with the wine glass logo on them means fragile

isidro mena: I had that set but I accedently let it fall and it broke

trissi nator: gold theres gold in them darn hills

Mayo Hosko: i think to get maximum use of the cargo space, Lego wants u to load the small cargo boxes with the Lego set box cargo onto the plane using the conveyor belt. then stack the cargo boxes at the back of one of the cargo holds to reduce floor space in the cargo holds, to make way for another cargo piece on its respective pallet. if u don't stack the cargo boxes at the back of the cargo hold, they conveyor belt is a useless part of the set

Jack Jack: the red wine glass means fragile

THEKHAN 1: gold plates painted

Reed Boucher: to be onnest I think Lego should make another city airport sub theme because they havn't done that in years it feels like just re built the passenger plane from 2010 awesome how it looks

RRB Ninjago!: I think the 2006 Passenger Plane set that I own is easily the longest plane of all time in terms of a minifig size plane. I mean Ive never been able to display it, its that large. I also own the cargo plane from 2008 and the Passenger Plane that came in the 2006 airport and those arent even close in size to the 2006 Passenger Plane set.

Jon Woodall: its need a police in there becuase what if some one trys to steal it

Vaderbricks: GREAT REVIEW!

Vijayakumar Subramani: I love it

Nicolas Nino: Message to MarzNet256,

In regards to the comment which you made about the cargo plane being 4 studs longer than #3182, you are incorrect, you have miscounted, there are three 2 stud long fuselage sections, a white one at the front of the plane just behind the roosterpit section and two green ones at the rear of the plane just in front of the tail section, making it not 4 but rather 6 studs longer than #3182. Instead of looking online, I recommend you simply look at the paper instructions which were included with the actual set, you cannot get more accurate than that.

MarzNet256: The cargo plane is 4 studs longer than the passenger plane from the lego city airport set 3182. It has two 2 stud long sections in the fuselage, in addition to the four 8 stud long sections in the fuselage. Checkout the LEGO building instructions online. This thing is big! This cargo plane set makes a fantastic complement to the city airport set (3182). I wish LEGO would make an an airport accessory set with with a proper push back tractor and push bar (3181-Passenger Plane has one but the tractor is not like the real thing). The new airport fire truck (60061) is also a killer addition to any airport set. You can get this set for $80-it's kinda a no brainer. Oh, and this thing will go up in value. Check the latest prices on set 3182, it costs' me 80 bones in 2011.

Nicolas Nino: SIGH OK, these are the facts so please READ CAREFULLY!

Fact 1: LEGO set 7893 (passenger plane) is "2" studs longer. - FACT
If you count the number of studs in between the roosterpit piece and the rear (empennage) piece these will be the results which you will get for the aircrafts in the following sets:
LEGO set 7893 (Passenger plane) - 40 studs.
LEGO set 7894 (Airport) - 24 studs
LEGO set 7734 (Cargo Plane) - 32 studs
LEGO set 3182 (Airport) - 32 studs
LEGO set 60022 (Cargo Terminal) - 38 studs

Final result: LEGO set 7893 (Passenger Plane) beats them all in size. - FACT

Fact 2: The wine glass symbol on the stickers simply indicates "FRAGILE". Any big company which ships out anything fragile will ship it in a box with the exact same symbol and will also have the word FRAGILE on the box in big letters. The difference is the wine glass symbol in reality have a crack on them. The one on the stickers does not, but they both indicate the same thing.

Fact 3: the rear landing gear on this aircraft just simply sucks. The main design of the airplane in this LEGO set has the complexity of a large modern LEGO aircraft and yet the rear landing gear looks like the landing gear of a plane made for toddlers. The rear landing gear design looks just like the design on those old LEGO airplans from the 80's and 90's. Not very complex.

MarzNet256: Is the plane longer than the one from the city airport set (3182)? It looks like it's the same size. Also, the city airport set (3182), which I bought new in 2011 for $80, is now going for  $370 new. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen to this cargo set.

EtceteraAnimationsTM: nope, the plane 7893 is bigger.
LEGO City Cargo Terminal Review, Set 60022 5 out of 5

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Tyler Prater: this is awesome can you put up instructions
ae86miami: You can get different readings between the car being cold and sitting compared to just turning it off. That wasn't mentioned.

LEGO City Cargo Terminal Review, Set 60022