Fallkniven F1 Knife Review, Part 2

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r91976: How you found the mora to be the worst at going through wood is beyond me...

FlyingSquirrel: Have you ever gotten your hands on a S1?

joenkrystel: whats your opinion on the a1

steamboatgrown: @aseglkj i couldn't agree more

campinggear1: would you perfer this over the bark river bravo 1

Enzo maya: thank you for helping ciao from italy!!!

One Putt: @iamnotme1234 A-2, or you could always go to the Bark River site and check it out...seriously.

One Putt: @iamnotme1234 A-2

Dick Fageroni: you should compare the fallkniven s1 or a1 to the bravo

BLUNTRUTH4U: @MrBladeDude V ground (bevel grind). I re-ground it from bevel to convex then back to bevel so I could sharpen it easy on the Appalachian Trail with my Gerber pocket sharpener.

MrBladeDude: Was that IZULA convexed or V grind?

MrBladeDude: @ivageivage Its why i always watch His vids :)

BLUNTRUTH4U: @MyPhotog Yes, I really like the Bravo1. It's made by Bark River Knife and Tool (BRKT). I do a review of it and build a shelter with it in other vids.

BLUNTRUTH4U: @intothewilds2 Thanks! I have been working 7 days a week. But this weekend I have off, so I'm going to do the spoon vid today (I hope).

intothewilds2: Hey Steven hows work goin my friend,I hope your jobs goin good and your workin at stashin away some coin,Hey Happy Independance Day my friend!!!not sure if youre into fireworks or not but if you are,will you be able to/are you gonna see any from where you're stayin?Got my fingers crossed for nice dry knife video making weather for you and am patiently waiting,Please take care of yourself and remember,you got lotsa wicked support from your fellow blade users/collectors..Richard in Calgary,AB,Can.

killkill120: Yeah yeah yeah! But does it gets the chicks though?

BLUNTRUTH4U: @traderjoes I was going to do it when I did these vids, but it got too late and too dark. I have a hard time finding free time these days, but I will do it as soon as I can - about a week or less, I hope.

traderjoes: When are we going to see the spoon making demo? I cant wait!

Andrewinedinburgh: I just got my Bravo1 this week. That thing is a tank. Much bigger knife than my F1 despite it being only a half inch longer. The F1 is my favourite though it's just so capable at everything I throw at it. I haven't used the Bravo1 yet though so who knows! I've also got an Aurora coming in a few days fingers crossed. Can't wait to see that spoon carving vid!

ModernViking: nice review once agian no bullcrap :)
Fallkniven F1 Knife Review, Part 2 5 out of 5

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Fallkniven F1 Knife Review, Part 2