How To Program Your Team Xecuter Coolrunner

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How to Program your Team Xecuter Coolrunner
How to Program your Team Xecuter Coolrunner
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Daakist: I have corona v2 and when I read the nand I get two 49mb files. I dont see a cpu key though. At what point am I supposed to get it?
"Create ECC"
"Write ECC"
"Create image" 
"Write Nand"  through the Nand reader QSB OR through coolrunner/jr programmer?

LUCIANO87472: wow link the programs?

oEPIKFAILZo: I can't open NANDpro, I've installed port95 and I've also tried adding the dll to the NANDpro file. Moved NANDpro to desktop, all kinds of crap and every time I go to command prompt nothing. All I can do is view the contents of NANDpro and enter a new command prompt. I've googled it and a few other people have had the same problem , please help!

pIcky_TV: so im gonna write over in the commands center falcon.xsvf since its a falcon ?

ThugzMODs357: am trying to program my coolrunner with LPT but its not lighting up do you know why ?

Gamecheat13: Just got my coolrunner thanks man love the site

cyrusXmods: Can u please help me thanks

cyrusXmods: Hwy when I connect my cool runner to my NAND -x and turn on the NAND x nothing happens on the cooll runner no lights turn on nothing at all. I have tried flipping the cord that u plug into it upside down and everything still no success.mcan

hotbari: @CarolinaGamer Thanks to your help I have my coolrunner up and running with freestyle dash. Just curious... Now that there is a new dash out. What do I need to do to upgrade? Update the nand and then install the dash update via usb? If that is correct how to I update the nand and with what files?

drywater: @CarolinaGamer will i run into any problems if my eject button is broken.

OriginalKyleHD: you should apply for YouTube Partnership bro! =)

hotbari: @CarolinaGamer OK, sorry to be such a noob here. Where do I get the cpukey from? Is it the one that shows on the web page? Do I paste the key inside the cpukey.txt document or replace the name cpukey with the actual key string?

CarolinaGamer: @CarolinaGamer no but you can go to my phat install video and look at the part where you create your ecc glitch file, and but your cpukey.txt file in the my 360 folder, and just create your ggbuild file from there.

hotbari: @CarolinaGamer OK, what I want to do is install custom dash so I can run games off a hard drive. So I guess I have to do the ggBuild thing next. Do you have a link to the proceedure? I can't believe how many steps there are to having this completed. Thanks for your help.

CarolinaGamer: @hotbari it depends what you want to do, flash yoru original nand back if you needed to recover a key, or use multibuild 0.4 to build your ggBuild file.

hotbari: OK, thanks to your help. :) I installed the nand-x, wrote the new ecc file, Wrote the new falcon code to the coolrunner, Installed the coolrunner. Now all seems good. The xbox boots to the blue xell screen. I can view the html from my laptop. So my next question is.... what needs to be done next?

Daniel Bettis: right click>extract to folder :S

CarolinaGamer: @CoDsFlamin You would write the jasper file to the coolrunner.

MrPCP: What if i was to do a JASPER would i write the mb as well or just jasper?

hotbari: @CarolinaGamer I HAVE THE NAND-X. I already read the nand and did the ecc part. I was in the process of installing the coolrunner when I realized I had to program it first. I also have the ck3 to nandx cable for future nandx upgrading. Just missing this one piece. Now I have to wait who knows how long because the coolrunner to nandx cables are all sold out. :(
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How to Program your Team Xecuter Coolrunner