Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review).

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IcedLipGloss: honestly, 99% of synthetic wigs ar elike that. regardless of the brand the wig will frizz up and look horrible. the only wigs that last for a remotely long amount of time ar ethe really curly big wigs that look better as they age and frizz

mstxsunflower: I've had this unit for about 7 days and I love her!!!! She is sooo pretty. She does tangle a little. I use a little detangler with Garnier curl shaping. I also use a damp brush to style. Love her!!!! I did get a #2 because the #1b did look very black to me on your video. The #2 is dark as well but much lighter than the really dark black. Thanks makeupdoll!!!!

sweetspice32: not good i ordered a wig from here and i wasnt any good after 3 weeks it frizzed out...

fridaynighthair: Dear Teletubkoks, please contact our customer service. Also what's your order#? We always inspect each unit before we ship to our customer. However, if you do have issue with your purchase, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible. As a responsible seller, Fridaynighthair is committed to resolve any issue with our customer.

teletubkoks: This wig is only good for no more than 8 days.I was extremely disappointed because you you give a very good,honest vibe and I wholeheartedlytrusted that this wig would be as you described it and not an 8 day wonder. I did not put anything in it,took it off each night,and still ended up with a frizzed up,nappy atrocity just a day after one week. Very disappointing.I don't think you should continue promoting Friday Night Wigs,Makeupdoll.

F lei: I just ordered mine yesterday ....can't wait to get it!

Addicted2Ashley: I just ordered mine today! Yayyy :) question: how do you take care of this unit?

Sky xo: hows the shedding ? @justicefosho

HumblyBeautiful: What I like about you is that you always respond to your comments. You are not like most veteran you tube divas. I can appreciate that.

tony: I'm debating on whether to order the GLS 50 or 21. Which do you recommend? Reasons? thx

50LittleMama: Just got mine Friday after work just in time for Vegas trip in 6 hours and it is gorgeous. I just cut the lace . My unit is very wavy and looks like it is a little bit layered. I am not complaining because it looks beautiful on me. But I was wondering if u curled yours or did it come like that out of the package? I am going to wear it back in a barette in the daytime then heavy eye makeup and flowing down at night. Any other styles you can suggest for this unit for night time?

aylix89: i love the hairline ...look decent

Aaisha Pinckney: how many days does it take for delivery??

Daphne Bondu: You have sold me. I just ordered it and can't wait to wear it. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you. You look fabulous in it! Thank you for this review.

Obemah Hesslup: i have a full size head (big head) so is it full enough if not can u sew more track into it

50LittleMama: This looks so natural om you. Gorgeous Lady!

nana esi: @KristenSumiko hey, how fast did it come when you ordered it?

chinma85: U r so pretty! wow!

thinypearl: this wig is very very nice and natural

Tammy Walsh: This wig is gorgous!!! thanks for this post!
Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review). 5 out of 5

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Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review).