Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review).

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JacandY: hey you look so glam!i lov it! does it feel like human hair?

makeupD0LL: @karimi8861 thanks! you will love it. =)

melbourne300: @makeupD0LL actually know you don't. I was very surprised that you didn't have to. I now buy more from the OZONE line more then anything. You will be shock with the texture and quality of this line. You can also go to the website and get a closer look at the wigs with their magnifier viewer. Just click on the wig and most of the website allow you to view the wigs in sections at close ranges.

xoxoashleyd1: I just ordered mine today! Yayyy :) question: how do you take care of this unit?

deeray126: looks nice liking it

XhijahG2: you've lost some weight? lookin good

pinkieopp: It looks soo pretty ! =)

mstxsunflower: I've had this unit for about 7 days and I love her!!!! She is sooo pretty. She does tangle a little. I use a little detangler with Garnier curl shaping. I also use a damp brush to style. Love her!!!! I did get a #2 because the #1b did look very black to me on your video. The #2 is dark as well but much lighter than the really dark black. Thanks makeupdoll!!!!

50LittleMama: Just got mine Friday after work just in time for Vegas trip in 6 hours and it is gorgeous. I just cut the lace . My unit is very wavy and looks like it is a little bit layered. I am not complaining because it looks beautiful on me. But I was wondering if u curled yours or did it come like that out of the package? I am going to wear it back in a barette in the daytime then heavy eye makeup and flowing down at night. Any other styles you can suggest for this unit for night time?

BabyDollNatural1: Does this wig tangle fast? I'm a dancer, do u think it will hold up through out the sweating?

justicefosho: @CereLove i was thinking, i will not put any products on it like i do with my other wigs. maybe that will help it not to tangle. i really only wear my long wigs on the weekend so that's why i don't put too much in them. do you use anything on yours?

makeupD0LL: @SuperMegadee no problem. thanks for watching!

makeupD0LL: @micdeleon no, buy a wig conditioner for synthetic wigs. regular conditioner will mess your wigs up! trust me on that one. i know from experience lol.

justicefosho: @tatiyanakissdoll well, you know it depend on how you handle them. i have not bought wigs in like 6 months because where i live it's way too hot for all that hair... but i can say gls39 is my favorite, and i wear it like underwear. it still looks great. i will say this, if i was to wear gls21 like that it would have been a mess to comb through... (i've had my F.N.H wigs for about 1 year)

Sally Hansonxo: hows the shedding ? @justicefosho

makeupD0LL: @ScarletPhoenix1981 yay! can't wait to see your video response.

F lei: I just ordered mine yesterday ....can't wait to get it!

gangstaLOVER: wow you look so good here !

IloveCupcakesandTea: beautiful....just wish it was a full lace

Jazzibella alex: You are stunning!!!!Love the wig on you....

makeupD0LL: @lestina25 thanks! GLS13 looks so full and pretty. def. diva hair! =)

Beatrice Hollens: @cocoa510pricess lol

makeupD0LL: @kyoukona hey. check out my other lace wig reviews in the playlist. i have done 2 updates since on gls21. also, synthetic hair is shiny compared to human hair. over time the shine will decrease.

makeupD0LL: @VintageBeauty187 lmao!! thanks.

Cee Ivy: you are a beautiful young lady! thank you for the make up tips!!!!!!

GIPINK27: `more lace fronts please!., :)

makeupD0LL: @csu19084 mac diva l/s

Eyezlykmyne: great thank you so much

TheLadyoflace: Luv the video and the lace front looks fab on you. The eye makeup is very pretty. Thanks for sharing. TLoL

safiya yusufu: wow, so gorgeous. A question though, do you take it off every night, because im sure it will hurt since you are not using the glue. please make a tutorial on how you apply it without the glue, i really really want to get one asap, i just checked out the website.

teletubkoks: This wig is only good for no more than 8 days.I was extremely disappointed because you you give a very good,honest vibe and I wholeheartedlytrusted that this wig would be as you described it and not an 8 day wonder. I did not put anything in it,took it off each night,and still ended up with a frizzed up,nappy atrocity just a day after one week. Very disappointing.I don't think you should continue promoting Friday Night Wigs,Makeupdoll.

HumblyBeautiful: What I like about you is that you always respond to your comments. You are not like most veteran you tube divas. I can appreciate that.

thisStrongMami: love the wig! looks great!

kyoukona: hey! im wondering about whether or not it held up pretty well? im also wondering about the shine..i am a little skeptical of synthetic lacefronts... is it realistic?

sndanim: Hey, i loveee this piece on you! Gosh ur a stunner- a black Barbie :) So I am def. going to order this lace front! Btw when are you going to do the update, you said you'd do one in 1 or 2 months- to give us an idea of how the wgi held up?? I'd love to know that :) Hope to hear from you! Mwahh keep up the good work

Nikkie NikkeL: awesome u jus made me a customer of theirs. most natural wigs i've ever seen

KristenSumiko: @nana7481 I placed my order Tuesday evening (about 5:30ish), got an email from usps the next night saying it was shipped Wed. It came in with the mail on Saturday. So for me, it took almost 4days but i think if I ordered earlier in the day it may have just been 3 days :-/... but it came fast enough in my book :-)

Obemah Hesslup: i have a full size head (big head) so is it full enough if not can u sew more track into it

thinypearl: this wig is very very nice and natural

makeupD0LL: @1SimplYounique thanks girl!

Aaisha Pinckney: how many days does it take for delivery??

makeupD0LL: @KristenSumiko hehe nice! do it! don't hestitate. =P

sndanim: @makeupD0LL YAY! u Did it :D Thanx a milli sweet heart- i'll def. go and check it out in the morning- coz i live in Australia- that's right u got a following Down Under! :)

nana esi: @KristenSumiko hey, how fast did it come when you ordered it?

makeupD0LL: @MissGlamourGirl1992 thank you!

makeupD0LL: @BarbieBillionaire hmm i didn't know that! thanks for letting me know!

antonette s: It looks really good on you, great colour match, cannot even tell its a wig/or weave..looks natural!!!

makeupD0LL: @safse i do take it off every night. =) and thank you.

makeupD0LL: @TIkesha thank you!

kelyshaunta1: I just purchased gls 21 on Friday about what time should I receive the wig? You sold me on this wig it looks really good on you.
Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review). 4.9 out of 5

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Friday Night Hair-- GLS21 (Lace Front Review).