Provari Vs LavaTube: Best Ecig Mod Review

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Jason Campbell: Nice comparison between the two mods Chris, for me out of those it would have to be the LavaTube, good video buddy catch you on the next one mate.

Yung_ Soto: mods were expensive back then

Vhalds Buzar: Provari is much expensive but the specs is worth for what you paid for

Cesar Corrales: Provari is better

Joe Cherfan: Congrats on 200k!

abraham cisneros: Like

Marques Thompson: I seen all your videos

PolishVapesUk: Well we all know which one 

Bryan Wilson: you are very boring here...its like night and day compared to your videos much livelier and animated and entertaining 

alan steiner: provari for sure!

427SuperSnake1: With ProVari you are paying for quality of vape and most importantly quality of the mod itself. Plus you don't get the rattlesnake vape with the provari..

Midstar: I use the Provari with a protank 3. Just wondering what tank you would recommend to work best with the Provari? The Protank 2 comes with the kit, but doesn't work well the design, so looking for another alternative. Thanks.

Chris Telesco: My Vamo broke... Provari is on its way. Loved my Vamo and for the price ill get another one but my buddy has had his Provy for years with no probs. I like quality products.

My eCig Thanks for doing the legwork.  It's good that someone is doing it.  It sure shortens the learning curve.

My brother found Eversmoke and likes it a lot.  I told him I might like to try it. He referred me to this site: http://myecighub[dot]com

Not sure how they stack up to others but the site looks interesting, nonetheless.

RitzDaCracker1: Why anyone would buy a provari beats me... It doesnt do anything to justify the extra $100 that it costs...

hbashah79: get evic from joyetech...way cheaper and the quality is not bad it can do whatever the provari does :)

James Carpenter: just a note, u can check resistance with the lavatube, click the fire button 5 times and there u go.... also if u click the power button 7 times, u get the remaining battery. Personally, I prefer the Provari as well as I have both of these mods... great video though and I agree these are two of the best VV devices, just wish for the price the Provari was VW as well. Also, if you get a lambo v2, which is a knock off lavatube, it only costs around 60 for the tube itself

IndoorSmokers: lol yea I hear ya. If your wanting to try an ecig mod you could look at my review for the ego t-2 from joytech. That ecig mod is only about $25 and it vapes pretty nice. For the batteries and charger you'll end up spending about $55 - $60, but still a lot less than the variable voltage mods I reviewed in this video.

Danette2007: Holy cow!.....those are way outside my budget.....

IndoorSmokers: I'm going to be doing a review for the EGO T2 Upgraded. It's an Ecig MOD that only runs around $25.00 or $50.00 for the complete starter kit. It's not a variable voltage and doesn't self calibrate or anything, but it might vape pretty good so be sure to check out that review when I get it up:)
Provari vs LavaTube: Best Ecig Mod Review 5 out of 5

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Provari vs LavaTube: Best Ecig Mod Review