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pokemonking3000: @BigBadBoodaddy There is a difference in OCG and TCG every now and then. Don't tell people to stop playing if they recognize that there is diffrence between the 2
carbonfibreguy: What were the specs on this suppressor as far as diameter and length?
lisar3006: Dan, I found the same thing out you did about this leatherwood scope but it was another fellows scope. It can't take recoil from M1A or FN-FAL type rifles with a hard bolt slam. I pulling my Leatherwood off my M1A and put it on my daughter's Savage 5.56 bolt action. I plan to buy the SWFA SS-3X15 FFP for $299.00. I also found that the Primary Arms scopes seem to hold up well and have interesting cross hairs but nether of these scopes are going to be a Zeiss Zeilvier. However the SWFA has a military contract with the Navy and are well built. I plan to paint our Savage if that helps with you make up your mind to paint your rifle but black work too. 
cam21fr: oh. hmm then i wonder whats in the one 36 cuz it looks the same
vanessa robles: Im obsessed with your videos. I love this look !!
pinkssophie: this fone is da best. If ya thinkin of buyin it GET IT IV GOT IT ITS GR8. WELL DNE LG
SeanVigueFitness: Check out my SEQUEL to this workout, "The 20 Minute Killer Core Workout Video #2!" Click-> http://youtu.be/JviVQD8Lwks Enjoy & please like, comment and share with your workout buddies. Thanks! Sean

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