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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Michael Ayodele-og: Thank you sir.
Johny Etwer: I remember once on your videos you put a description saying ˝ if chuck noris would drive a tank then it would be an IS-3˝. Nonsence, Chuck Noris doesn't drive tanks, tanks drive Chuck Noris.
Yevgeniy Kossov: Alexey Lesukov is the most gift man in Russian sports! Haters gonna hate!!! Alex number 1 in Russia!
MixBeat Gaming: Sucks Its no longer being made I wanted that time line in my Heart of iron Game play
metalstudman1: @nam6128 Did you verify the coil was connected?Not sure what big nuts you tightened , but the cover should just go right back on- I'm sorry if you're in trouble with your dad- Had no clue you were a youngster.
BlackLusterSoldier JSL: no mames lley regala :)
Zach McClune: This makes me want to build a time machine, seriously freaking loved that time in my life. Getting food money to get something to eat while I was at headgames every Saturday. I would save food money to buy cards. I will cherish yugioh forever. It was a everyday day thing for me when I was a kid. Started in 6th grade, I'm now 23. Quit for 5+ years. Sorta playing again. Love my six samurai deck, not because its good I live the samurai culture. I always played warriors. I bult my old matayza the zapper deck. With united we stand, the captain lock down. freak those were the glory days.thank you for making yugioh.

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