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DragonWorldProducts: Ass Cream 3 was the worst of the Ass Cream games and one of the reasons why it's so bad is the fact that Haytham could have turned into a good guy in the game but instead the "plot" or lack thereof chose to turn him back into generic bad boss number 23 from the generic bad guy boss collection out of the ass dimension. The whole time I was rooting for Haytham to become an assassin again but then have his boring son get killed off by other Templars so you spend the rest of the game as Haytham the more interesting character trying to get revenge or whatever which would have made this game so much better then what it was. 
ItsScream | CS:GO Battlefield 4|: lel you hear the zombies banging, and the spiders getting action
33Dannyb: I meant Air Combat, oops.
Renan Oak: Muito boa rom... parabéns...
Ingrid Morbid: I just wonder how long did it last? I have a feeling those lighter ends washed out very quick or not?
0oKILLJAMo0: me pasas el link de adobe after effects¿?

Testing a Porsche Race Car at Sebring, FL