Spray On Chrome Paint

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Kornel Cajka: Anybody else thinking chrome Darth Vader?

ZomhadRC: awesome!

Stephanie Murray: What was the first spray ? was it water to facilitate chrome spread ? and also can I use chrome paint on glass ? to make mercury glass ??? thank you ,,,

Crowns cc: Wow

Ethan: My local hardware store sell chrome spray in a can

LeafyisThere: VADER!!!!!

Ramon Chavez: Haha retro-vader. Darth chrome dome.

Alex Morgan: That looks great

msdavid54: whaat is that spray he used in the 1st place?

Benjamin Gift: could i use a silver base? whouldn;t that give a rather better mirror finish?

Piyush Neupane: I want to paint my 1971 honda cb450's engine with chrome. Could you please help me on how i can do it. I have the least of ideas on this. Could i do it at home with a spray paint can? If so how many would i require and would the engines heat create any prblems to the paint later? please reply! i'll be very grateful to you

CMSandRMO09: so im guessing darth vader didnt want his helmet black anymore? major props this is awesome man

BoY860: Wth kind of paint is that if I did that I would have runs all over that paint comes out like water but sticks like glue

Jimmy Palafox: darth vader

KONGONTOWER: Darth Vader is gonna give you guys a call.

Schiz94: is that a darth vader helmet?

silver760: I'd love a chrome HELMET,Darth will be please.

GamerJuice: If I am not mistaken that is a downdraft table. Pulls the air down.

Alz Aerografie: great!!!
Spray on Chrome Paint 5 out of 5

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Max Wu: Could either one of these be a choice for triathlon?
tobi rotten: nice kaiju skin mite...
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d2tw4all: I don't believe a lost GPS lock would cause the 350QX to behave this way.  I suspect it's more likely RF interference with the radio signal, causing it to fly erratically.  Usually if the QX loses GPS it simply won't hold x/y position, it happens to me when I don't wait for it to lock, and you can still fly around you just can't let go of the sticks and have it stay in one spot.  It still stays level.  For it to spiral like that I believe RF was interfering with the actual 2.4ghz spektrum signal, sending incorrect commands.  Might have tried just turning the tx off, as that forces a return home and ensures it has no rf lock so it shouldn't be susceptible to interference.  Would be a good test anyway...
TearOfMangolia: Can you show your dog bite now? I keep wanting to see it but I don't. Very curious how it has responded over the years. :) 
Osiris: A good video that is quick to the point. Well done. :-)

Spray on Chrome Paint