Spray On Chrome Paint

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Stephanie Murray: What was the first spray ? was it water to facilitate chrome spread ? and also can I use chrome paint on glass ? to make mercury glass ??? thank you ,,,

Crowns cc: Wow

Ethan Powell: My local hardware store sell chrome spray in a can

Ricky Hsu: VADER!!!!!

Ramon Chavez: Haha retro-vader. Darth chrome dome.

Alex Morgan: That looks great

msdavid54: whaat is that spray he used in the 1st place?

Benjamin Gift: could i use a silver base? whouldn;t that give a rather better mirror finish?

Piyush Neupane: I want to paint my 1971 honda cb450's engine with chrome. Could you please help me on how i can do it. I have the least of ideas on this. Could i do it at home with a spray paint can? If so how many would i require and would the engines heat create any prblems to the paint later? please reply! i'll be very grateful to you

CMSandRMO09: so im guessing darth vader didnt want his helmet black anymore? major props this is awesome man

BoY860: Wth kind of paint is that if I did that I would have runs all over that paint comes out like water but sticks like glue

Jimmy Palafox: darth vader

KONGONTOWER: Darth Vader is gonna give you guys a call.

Schiz94: is that a darth vader helmet?

silver760: I'd love a chrome HELMET,Darth will be please.

GamerJuice: If I am not mistaken that is a downdraft table. Pulls the air down.

Alz Aerografie: great!!!

adi2200us: this helmet was painted in black and then polished before applying the chrome?looks pretty shiny to me

HARDlifestyleCHROME: Great question! A black base in combination with the chrome will give you the best reflection possible however the process will work over any color or shade. You are essentially making a mirror and all mirrors have a darker base behind them.
Spray on Chrome Paint 5 out of 5

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Spray on Chrome Paint