Maula Jatt - Pakistani Punjabi Film - Music - Songs

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maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs
maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs
Maula Jatt Part 3 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 3 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 12 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 12 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 8 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 8 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 19 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 19 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 6 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 6 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 7 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 7 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 5 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 5 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 15 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 15 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 13 (Nuri Natt)
Maula Jatt Part 13 (Nuri Natt)
Hawa Cho Mehkan - Video Song - Young Malang   Vinaypal Buttar. Balli Riar. Yuvraj Hans
Hawa Cho Mehkan - Video Song - Young Malang Vinaypal Buttar. Balli Riar. Yuvraj Hans

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Muhammad Sufyan: Hahhahahaaah

sarbjit singh: Big fan of nuri nath

Gul Zaman: indian punjabi copied this movie too LOL

ozi choudry: actually the indian movie sholay was copy of the pakistani movie iqbal e jurm, gabar singh was copy of sultan rahi in that film

moviesathome100: So bad crap film bad acting stupid storyline freaking crap ,take this of you tube lol


rustam90789: noori noori da vird karo, shafa miley gee haha

James Bond Returns: chutiya punjabi gandoo punjabi

mirzanasirali: punjabi jawan

azaminocent: Work from home very easily earn money

Cherry Popper: Hooon inni choti, te laaaaaaash inni vadddi hahahahhaa

TheAshawinify: get lost u mother freaking sikhs i have a deep hatred of u people , u have no punjabi culture the only thing u have is ur sick sikh relision and stop trying to message me the real punjabis are muslims defending who are defending and defended their country.

boxer12313: Gr8 Movie

ezeeedarling: Not die ... I want to be murdered ... would go better.

blackpearl098: @NAQEEBBUTT Baat rahi defend kerne ki to this is not something I am claiming in entire. Go to any library and read sikh history. Read about Khalsa and why it was created. We have minute secularism problems in India and some political parties exploit these shortcomings to gain political mileage however whole community cannot be blamed for mistake of few.

Kim Jong-Un: Respect.

blackpearl098: @NAQEEBBUTT Aapko bahut badi galatfehmi ho gayi hai ki sikhs khalistan banana chahte they. Khalistan movement was never supported by the entire sikh community. Just like you have separatists in Balochistan, we had separatists in Punjab, but unlike your government has harassed and exploited baloch people for years, Khalistan movement was started because of dirty politics being played by then Indian congress president and PM of Indian federation Indra Gandhi.

blackpearl098: @vaj99 1) Sikh empire was not based to conquer anybody's land and sikh empire was rich enough to live happily without invading other's land or country. 2) Muslims never ruled whole India. India never existed that time. It was Hindustan. and It was Chandra Gupt Maurya dynasty whose kingdom's boundaries were placed beyond current day India.. from persia till all the way to indonesia and malaysia.

jattnaalpanga: what the freak..... are they living in the third world??? bye the way... good overacting!!!

waqasayub22: sholay a copy of many hollywood movies.sholay is bullcrap.

iztraab: nawa aya sooneyaaa!

vaj99: @blackpearl098 thanks for getting rid of bangladesh. it was the least productive part of pakistan, and was a heavy burden on the country. pakistan became more prosperous and powerful as a result! nowadays the maoist have taken control 0f 45% of india and a qaurter of the population of india will die from a plague

punjabistan01: @TheAshawinify yes but 100% of ANAKHI JATTS are Sikhs. The biggest jatt folk hero, even in Pakistan, Jagga Jatt aka Jagtar Singh Jagga.... from a jatt sikh family. I aint hating tho, just keep watching from the other side of the border and see how real jatts do it son, brruaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

ashizara: excellant film, my old time classic

Sikandar gujjar: @Amardeep661 lale di jaan tere jaise sikh brawan nu dek k dil khus ho jande.......Amardeep aaj te sare dukh dur kar sareh ni.......Allah zindge kare teri

blackpearl098: @vaj99 3) Muslim rulers were very much converting Hindu's to muslims forcefully at that time, thats the only reason, KHALSA was established by Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj in 1700's. Khalsa's prime responsibility was to protect Hinduism from cruel muslim rulers who were ancient form of Taliban. Don't know what form of distorted history you read in Pakistan.. But this is truth. Khalsa and its followers are evidence of this cruelity.

rj tabi: very nice NAWAN AYAN HAIN SOHNIYA

PUNJABI SHER: lollywood should try making this again?? it would be good but they have freaked the industry up by chasing bollywood hindu phenchords they have ruined our punjabi movies.

PUNJABI SHER: so who did noori natth play?? was he just there to spice up the film??

rehan3600: f-cking amazing.

PUNJABI SHER: who was saja phelwan?? so sultan rahi was a bad ass in real life then.


nimmy yousaf: @vaj99 it was the arabs who converted us once we was in indians we stiil are lol paki indian dont matter we are one

nimmy yousaf: @blackpearl098 bro chill im pakistani but indians and pakistanis are the same

punjabistan01: hahaha this scene was copied in an indian punjabi movie by yograj singh, word per word watch?v=n9mVnt9chQ8

rst4150: classic! i personally like yograj singh's version thou

ezeeedarling: I would say .. instead of body, it should be corpse.

muzzy786: O Twadi Kher Hove! Noorii!

BILALDINMALIK: (qaidi aysay b hotay hain )LAHORE ki 2 jailain hain oun may say aik may aik qaidi aya tha jis ka name SADDIQUE tha jail may new qaleen banwatay hain kam krwatay hain jis say damma honay k bohat chance bar jatay hain bt mukhtasir yeh k saddique nay kam krnay say inkar kia ousay har kisam ki saza di gaye lekin wo na mana ab aur ab ous k azaz may aik board likha gaya hai in jail jb koi new qiadi jail ata hai to board parhaya jata hai jis pr likha hai HAJI SADDIQUE BAN nay ki koshish na karain

mantor420: hahahah nawa aya sonya

NPderive: @sohneya1 1:18

ohwahwah: we pakistani punjabi ruled in pakistan and in india and what you indian punjabi do getting killed by poor nation like hindus.

nimmy yousaf: @blackpearl098 pakistanis and indians are the same

291006291005: as u punks are living in 1st world country, open ur eyes and look around urself then let me know who is rich and who is poor. u r just net though punk only

leopardking2002: punjab rulez...

kinguncleNO17: Hay man, davester98 man, you is funny man. Get out of Canada and visit some other countries, you will pick up knowledge about other people and other cultures. Shezadeh, be patient, from the comments of davester98, it is apparent that he lacks knowledge of other cultures, so be patient and pray that he opens his eyes and heart. We dont need to come down to a level that is below us. Classic clip.

vaj99: MP?

SaimDI: I'm a Muslim Jatt, and you're right. Deen vakhra e, par qaum uhi.

n hussain: @blackpearl098 my dear brother fight na karo apes main both are punjabi.but aap too abi apna kalistan nahi bana saky.kaya defend karna hai.crap

8ATM4N: listen son if u hate pakiz sooo much? why are u watching this pakistani video and commenting on it? do u seriously not have a life?
maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs 4.2 out of 5

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maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs