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Matric williams: ถ่ายรูปให้เห็นด้านข้างหน่อบยก็ดีนะครับ จะได้คำนวณความสูงขนาดบ่อได้
Nanami Gamer: 55555555 5.
Inacio Jr.: Pra que estava com dificuldades de inserir os códigos das linhas são esses.

Ali Abu-Talib: I hope yawl make a DVD.
StarsandStripesMan: Lexi is the only one who doesn't have a nickname :)
Luffyiscool: This is definitely on my guilty pleasure list. It's full of flaws, and I agree with your main criticisms, but I love silly & out-there concepts like this, and as a superhero fan I do appreciate what they *tried* to do here. 
MrMrblaze123: i love u and munching orange :D

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