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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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giuseppe sanalitro: lo comprato proprio adesso!
CriscianaLovely: How tall are you?
Charlotte BUR: hahaha you're such a tight ho :P
Guds Skyfall: @Axelhander Lol. SSFIV's English voices are for the most worthless. Ryu or Sagat would be perfect examples of horrible voice acting. They are trying way too hard to make Sagat sound über masculine; ends up sounding like he suffers from throat cancer.
Jozef Reuser: Nice review, bit old but nice!
Thomas Bastien: How do you call the trick at 1:29?
우봉주: I think this is at the top of the list for my replacement car I need to buy by summer next year... Unless there are any better alternatives. Small/well-made/not-too-expensive plug-in hybrid that will give me HOV lane sticker and driving fun at the same time. The question is will they sell it in North America as well...

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