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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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FanThemePark: At 0:33 how do you do the move twice?
rzrback911: Why are they talking about it being solid aluminum when its half plastic and screwed together? I can find a real, solid aluminum case that actually HAS a mirror and holds my credit cards in the back.
Annica Lundén: @mylindblom Ser ut som om de uppdaterat sina bilder på hemsidan sedan jag gjorde videon.
ReadySetGlamour: Ok, def. have to check these out! I'm such a bronzer hoarder. elf has an awesome highlighter (it's called their shimmering whips), if you know how to use them they're beautiful on the skin!
James Freeman: you should never touch the inside of a computer unless its unplugged or its a hot swappable server, you'll hurt your self or your damage the computer. 
SlxSaberZ: I swere this guy smokes weed.!LOL
YamiPoyo: So is it radio active itself? And is it useful as an ion jet engine fuel?

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