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Alan Jhonathan: Grand duos eu nao achei um aparelho muito bom tem bugs e varios aplicativos tipo gta san andreas desinstalei por causa de um bug da textura que so tinha nos grand duos (ate onde pesquisei e nao achei uma nenhuma solução para problema ai eu desinstalei o jogo que era otimo)
Thisispow: I liked this video because someone ATLEAST TOOK THEIR F*CKING TIME TO MAKE THIS VIDEO AND DID ALOT OF TESTS!!!! sorry about that. Due I dident like the game you chose
Epic Toy Channel: PAW PATROL [Nickelodeon] FULL EPISODE Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion GAME SHOW Full Episode Parody
IamDestruktor: I have inadvertently installed multiple ROMs so when I boot my system, I get an option of ROMs to boot from. Will your method completely delete all ROMs and just have WebOS, as I'd like to do a fresh start over?
Cathy Sochayseng: Thanks for sharing... i tried it! It was so easy and loved it :))
FumpLa: Mach doch bitte auch mal eine Kritik zu HELL ON WHEELS (von AMC)
MrOnegesius: Painted Action? Are the new ones also painted actions (like a cheap Henry)? I was thinking of getting one of these to be the plinker alongside my Anschutz, but if the actions are only painted then I will give it a miss. Note: I could put up with the other faults such as the trigger, but if it is painted then it is too low a quality firearm for me. PS - Don't throw that Bausch & Lomb scope away - that could be worth more money than you think.

Avatar la leyenda de Korra Libro 3 Sub Español