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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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gerysc: be careful when you are using the plier, you may cut your fingers by the blade on the handle, this is stupid design, very stupid.
rany tarek: Music name please!!
Austin Jimson: Hey man can you upload the picture of new rifle developed by DRDO called Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System(MICWS) . It was displayed on defense expo 2014 
Titan Pictures: Episode 4 Coming up on 21st Feb.
David Serrano: Got that!
Gene C: I guess I'm guilty of labelling the X100 as a "poor man's Leica" as well, but it should be compared to the X1. the M9 is just *world's apart* and I wonder if they'll come out with an interchangeable lens version of the X100.
Stéphane Roux: @paltalkdevil It was probably me! LOL

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