IKEA BESTA Shelving Unit Assembly

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IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly
IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly
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Adam Payne: You're a life-saver! The pictogram shows the back plate going in upside down. I don't care for their directions. Or lack their of.

Jason L: If I do not screw the 2 innner top corners to the wall, would the whole thing topple down towards me when all doors are opened? Door seems heavy.

Jason L: 10:55min about the special shelf bracket i have 4 pieces. If I were to install more than 2 shelves, for the other extra shelves will not have the special shelf brackets am I correct?

Jason L: How many shelves board should I buy? I intend to put A4 size book/files. Will buy the same model in the video.
If I do not mount to the wall, will it be fine?
13:23min what is that model name of the door? I only found square doors.

Nicola Adriaensens: Why is my besta shaking?

Bhatti 786: call for ikea fixing . +971552900255

fully sik: hi, i just purchased a similiar unit but with 2 seperate doors, a full bottom door and the top one glass. they are both quite heavy and they both lean down to one side i presume of the weight, any thoughts on how to rectify this?

Jason Sullivan: really good informative video. Nice job guy. best 14 minutes of my life to be honest.

oscar carucci: I had designed some cool knee pads with their logo and they told me that even it was a good idea, they could not use it because I was not an Ikea associate, what a joke, meanwhile everyone still on their knees. Way to go IKEA!!

Asher Balagot: Did you just use a regular screw driver to screw them together?

sRidge R: Thanks for answering my question. Got another one: how did you get the doors? It appears Ikea is no longer selling the doors for the 75" model.

sRidge R: Thanks so much for the video! I do have a couple questions: How much weight can the unit hold? I don't see a number on the Ikea website. I have an extensive gaming collection which includes some heavier stuff. And my second question is, do you think it would be alright to do a little mod where you drill a hole in the side and on the door so you can loop a chain through to put a padlock on? Wanna make sure my collection is safe! lol

Geoffrey Page: Very helpful.  Now I know how those white plastic things on the back work.

OrangeXenon54: Why didn't you show how to screw the two units together!?

Stef Serafin: Sucks they don't give you a screw to mount to the wall the entire unit nor do they suggest what type of screw.

tasev1: Those white plastic squares, are they useable for hanging a shelf from the wall or are they only anchors?

MasterChief0522: I recently bought 2 bookshelves, 2 height extensions and 2 wide "cabinents". I want to assemble them around my TV in a square shape minus the middle. I have everything built, but I am unsure of how to put the extensions on the bookshelves as well as installing the top "cabinent". The instructions that came with the products are unclear and I was wondering if anyone had done something like this and could offer some advise. Do I need the suspension rail? Can I connect the pieces together with screws or will it be unstable?

Bilal Arshad: Do you think the back panel adds to stability of the entire shelving unit? I am planning on vertically stacking my gaming consoles (one on each panel) - so I want to leave that area open (for ventilation). I've noticed that after putting it together if you move shake the unit a bit, it doesn't feel that sturdy (note: This is before, you screw it in to the wall - which I was hoping to avoid, especially cause I am not planning on installing doors of anything kind)

Martha Burtis: I'm attempting to put one of these together, and I can't figure out how to keep the back panel from slipping out of the grooves as you slide it up. Once I get it 12 inches or so up the back, the panel just pops out of the grooves. Your video makes it look so easy, so I'm very confused! Do you have any advice?

Ramon Solorzano: Very helpful video. I used this to help me install both my bestas... one question I do have. Is it difficult to bolt these to the wall. I live in cali and im afraid of a quake pushing these over.
IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly 5 out of 5

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IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly