IKEA BESTA Shelving Unit Assembly

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IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly
IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly
Board Game Shelves with Scott
Board Game Shelves with Scott
ikea besta shelf unit assembly service video in DC MD VA by Furniture assembly experts LLC
ikea besta shelf unit assembly service video in DC MD VA by Furniture assembly experts LLC
Ikea EXPEDIT / KALLAX shelf - how to assemble and wall mount bookcase
Ikea EXPEDIT / KALLAX shelf - how to assemble and wall mount bookcase
Ikea assembly. Expedit shelving unit. 5 sqrs.
Ikea assembly. Expedit shelving unit. 5 sqrs.

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oscar carucci: I had designed some cool knee pads with their logo and they told me that even it was a good idea, they could not use it because I was not an Ikea associate, what a joke, meanwhile everyone still on their knees. Way to go IKEA!!

Asher Balagot: Did you just use a regular screw driver to screw them together?

sRidge R: Thanks for answering my question. Got another one: how did you get the doors? It appears Ikea is no longer selling the doors for the 75" model.

sRidge R: Thanks so much for the video! I do have a couple questions: How much weight can the unit hold? I don't see a number on the Ikea website. I have an extensive gaming collection which includes some heavier stuff. And my second question is, do you think it would be alright to do a little mod where you drill a hole in the side and on the door so you can loop a chain through to put a padlock on? Wanna make sure my collection is safe! lol

Geoffrey Page: Very helpful.  Now I know how those white plastic things on the back work.

OrangeXenon54: Why didn't you show how to screw the two units together!?

Stef Serafin: Sucks they don't give you a screw to mount to the wall the entire unit nor do they suggest what type of screw.

tasev1: Those white plastic squares, are they useable for hanging a shelf from the wall or are they only anchors?

Ramon Solorzano: Very helpful video. I used this to help me install both my bestas... one question I do have. Is it difficult to bolt these to the wall. I live in cali and im afraid of a quake pushing these over. 

sigzor302620: Very nice video to help us put these popular Bestas assembled. When attaching 2 units together are the holes already on the sides to put them together or do you have drill your own holes for that?

sixtyfiveford: I did not.

zeebeque: Is it mounted to the wall? You show you would drill through the mark - but did you?

sixtyfiveford: Yes, but you need to make sure you get it screwed into a stud in the wall.

cotes42: Hi, Are the white spacers on the corners strong enough to carry the cupboards as described in the manual? I have the 60x40x64cm besta units and I'm mounting it to the wall off the floor as instructed in the manual but I'm worried. Thanks in advance!

sixtyfiveford: You're welcome.. Glad it helped.

Finnogda: Oh Man thank God for You, that's all I have to say - you've saved my sanity!! And yes, the grooves are on the bloody unfinished side!

sixtyfiveford: It should work the same with the grooves in the unpainted side. They could have changed their manufacturing process. If not I am almost positive they will just open another box at the store and swap you out the damaged piece. But I think your OK with the one you have. Note: 2 people make installing the back a ton easier.

ceebelle: I have an issue with my back panel they put the grooves on the unpainted raw side. Any idea if IKEA will let me return just the back panels or do I have to return the whole unit ?

Dan Myers: The ones I have bought from walmart does not require wall anchoring. Thats why I was asking no biggie...

sixtyfiveford: I think all bookshelves require a wall anchoring kit to be supplied to consumers these days.
IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly 5 out of 5

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IKEA BESTA shelving unit Assembly