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waiz muhd: What is the motherboard?
Sola Dax: For those concerned about the durability of your juicer, (any juicer) : Just go easy on the juicer, and it will last you for a long time. Now that I know my Phillips better, I would recommend to you cutting your carrots in pieces (halves) and mix them with something juicy or soft, like a tomato. Same thing goes for ginger, which can become a killer to your machine. And the most dangerous fruit, the lemon, make sure the pieces are very small and you do not use the center parts that will get entangled and this will break the funnel. The juicer does not completely get rid of the skin, so if you slightly peel your carrots, the taste will be much better. And as for oranges and lemons go, these must be peeled, otherwise the flavor of your juice will be ruined.
MrMotoflou: From his new album, "Songs to Nap To" No offense, I hear people saying 'this is what his music sounds like.' But it makes me sleepy and sounds generically like a million other things I've heard. CHEERS!
jonny boy: so its a story about a man having poopy murderous sex with a autistic girl? thats what i got out of it. 
lucien2333: sympa dommage qu il n'y ai pas autant de neige vers chez moi
Doobs Doubligne: Why are you men getting so offended ?! Oh she's a ugly bitch she seems like a cow cause she didn't like that one guy.. If he was telling some hilarious joke well it wasn't that funny and she didn't owe him her time of day. OR Are you the people that curse women out after you get rejected? In that case.. Chill. 
Myriam EH: You have a mic please stop shouting we can hear you.

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