Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD

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Araya131: these guys would probly crap there pants if shot at by a real gun.

JackedRado71: These guys would probably survive real combat ha

Dictives: Scout do you know what vest that guy with the ump was using?

GhostWarrior97: thanks! :)

scoutthedoggie2002: Evike and Airsplat

GhostWarrior97: hey scout whats a good website for finding these guns. I know airsoftGI is a good one but do you have any other suggestions?

Devan McNeil: Where do you get your guns? I am looking to buy and would love to find where you find yours.

Ahmad1342: Sounds like fapping

THEMIGHTYSQUIGZY: i was about to ask that actually :P. thanks! keep up the videos my friend!

scoutthedoggie2002: Google Tiger111HK and in their search box type "Mask" And in answer to the question your going to ask me next, yes they do ship to Canada.

THEMIGHTYSQUIGZY: hey scout, could you direct me to a site that sells one of those full mesh face masks some people use in your videos?

tommy kelly: 1:15 i was wishing i could control time right at that moment hmmm

LoneSomeLetsPlays: hey scout whats a g&g umg shoot at

Triple H3lix: how old are you and do you live in the US

jason li: ~le grenade comes the two ppl almost kill the cameraman trying to get away

ethan mckenna: Me and Bruce have the same glasses...just saying

starwarsguyism: Hey scout, do u make your own airsoft forts? If so can you give some tips to building good airsoft forts(like steps)since my forts suck

GhostStorm: Why does a m1a1 have a tommy gun drum and the tommy gun have a m1a1 stick mag?

madnessavenger16: 4:08 that very nice m4 is it a gr16 raider?

madnessavenger16: 1:48 those attatchments come with the one im getting
Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD 5 out of 5

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Gevork Katrandzhyan: nice gun and great sight...heeard altos good stuff about Williams SIGHTS...ENJOY...!
Movie House: very thanks for tips
Manaury Reyes: Stupid summer tires
Gilles Godin: Why you guy never talk about the 650 CAN -AM  Out lander witch have a lot more power that all those Japanese atv you  guy compare Japanese atv whit the 800r or 1000 BRP or the 850 Polaris .....what wrong with the 650 BRP   ?   ( 62 HP!!!)
Pauline Pham Van: Mais d'où tenez vous cette légende de la nocivité des micro ondes?....
L'énergie des micro ondes agit sur l'eau des aliments...alors on se calme et on cuit aux micro ondes sans pb.
Et dire qu'il y a tjs un savant pour vous expliquer que la terre est carrée....

A73X3: SO if I understand this correctly, THAT gun just shot a 4 1/4'' target at 915m... daaammmnnn I need one
Fernand Serre: Sounds deeeeeep! lol

Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD