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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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bd10232003: I tried their foundation but was totally unhappy with it. It kept separating and I kept squeezing out water, and it was too sticky for me. With these results I wouldnt mind trying it out... Hey I can always take it back to Target if I don't like it.. TFS
MacNutz2: I have been very close to death on two occasions and not once did I think of gods or any such thing. I am in cancer treatments now with a fifty fifty chance of surviving cured. I am not praying or giving any thought to gods or the idea of an afterlife. I do not want to die, there is much I still want to do, but I am not afraid of death itself, only the potentially ugly process, which I intend to avoid the very worst of. Death is inevitable.
GAMER KEKS: Ich frag mich wer tut sich das an und steigt in so ein Kostüm und tanzt so behindert vor der Kamera?
OldsMannn: Nice vid my buddy has a 496 mag ho sea core It's Fast!!!!
KrunkyJamal: Mine always freezes at 8:45 :( ...anyone know how to fix post-FMV freezes?
TronZX14: Will these vanes fit any shaft? Is it a basic slide-on and heat the plastic up to get a tight fit? I use Maxima 350, and just want to make sure they will fit before I order them and try them out. Thanks
Paul O'Reilly: What a lovely vinegar face.

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