Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD

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G&G UMG - Brems Mosfet
G&G UMG - Brems Mosfet
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Araya131: these guys would probly crap there pants if shot at by a real gun.

Tyler Deeds: These guys would probably survive real combat ha

Dictives: Scout do you know what vest that guy with the ump was using?

Jason Morgan: thanks! :)

scoutthedoggie2002: Evike and Airsplat

Jason Morgan: hey scout whats a good website for finding these guns. I know airsoftGI is a good one but do you have any other suggestions?

Devan McNeil: Where do you get your guns? I am looking to buy and would love to find where you find yours.

Despotic Waffle: Sounds like fapping

THEMIGHTYSQUIGZY: i was about to ask that actually :P. thanks! keep up the videos my friend!

scoutthedoggie2002: Google Tiger111HK and in their search box type "Mask" And in answer to the question your going to ask me next, yes they do ship to Canada.

THEMIGHTYSQUIGZY: hey scout, could you direct me to a site that sells one of those full mesh face masks some people use in your videos?

tommy kelly: 1:15 i was wishing i could control time right at that moment hmmm

LoneSomeLetsPlays: hey scout whats a g&g umg shoot at

Triple H3lix: how old are you and do you live in the US

Jason Li: ~le grenade comes the two ppl almost kill the cameraman trying to get away

ethan mckenna: Me and Bruce have the same glasses...just saying

starwarsguyism: Hey scout, do u make your own airsoft forts? If so can you give some tips to building good airsoft forts(like steps)since my forts suck

GhostStorm: Why does a m1a1 have a tommy gun drum and the tommy gun have a m1a1 stick mag?

Bunni: 4:08 that very nice m4 is it a gr16 raider?

Bunni: 1:48 those attatchments come with the one im getting
Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD 5 out of 5

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Araya131: these guys would probly crap there pants if shot at by a real gun.
masterchief3k: it's powered by compiz. i recommend linux mint. my favorite mod of ubuntu.
joko turwanto: terimakasih lumayan membantu
ألجوهره محمد.: ايش دا؟؟؟
Alejnadro Rodriguez: Beautiful! I followed almost every step (i never saw that huge pen at the beginning) and at the end i can say i much resemble the final result. Thanks for posting this vid. BtW am a girl
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Greymerk: The lapis has been changed to stained clay in latest mod update due to the fact that it's considered a precious resource with certain other mods in play.

Airsoft War UMG, M4, SCAR, M1A1 Scotland HD