Duke 200 Wheelie

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Duke 200 Wheelie
Duke 200 Wheelie
ktm 200 wheelie
ktm 200 wheelie
duke 200 wheelie
duke 200 wheelie
KTM Rc 200 and Duke 200 wheelie
KTM Rc 200 and Duke 200 wheelie
Ktm Duke 200 Wheelie
Ktm Duke 200 Wheelie

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Prashanna Subedi: That safety Advisory
I wish i could do that in home.

z3r0h: awesome helmet :]]

Amal Ajai: Man, i would like to know what have you done with your duke's tail end! Looks sexy! And cool wheelies

David Daimary: Would love to get the tail kit that you have used. looks awesome.

Luis Fernando Vásquez: Can you tell me what modifications have you made to the bike? I would love to do the same with mine

Luis Fernando Vásquez: Is the bike modified?

Sathya Saran: Wow!!!!

Edgar Guzman: Very nice bike, please upload a video of how to cut the slide plates

RedBird: did u change your back tire?

MurderKett ™: wtf xD how wasy would it be with the 390 duke ^^

erdem safak: smooth

Mario A. Del Valle Naizzir: hello the rear tire its battlax 003 150 or 160? cause looks wider

wilmer calibo: MORE VIDEOS BRO, do some high speed runs with it too >.<
anyways how did you remove the tail of the duke and whats the name of that exhaust? it looks really cool

Prince David: brand name of ur helmet

Piyush Verma: cool wheelie... Which Exhaust....??

ASGaming: which aftermarket exhaust you have?

Timothy Cashin: Nice vid, i just started doing some on my duke 200 today! Got the nose up and even got that sweet spot i think, but do you change to second while your mid wheelie??? i run out of revs because it red lines in first

Redline Nutcase: i don't get it, how come some people get the front wheel up so easily in Duke200. I've tried so much with Clutch on highest RPMs.. it doesn't come up.

Kroshlua Pachuau: Hi there i also got The KTM DUKE 200 with stock exhaust can u help me out in doing some tricks like wheelie.. can i get your facebook account name? wanna ask something about bikes :)

TheTapirAnt: akash you got to get your balance right ,find the sweet spot
Duke 200 Wheelie 5 out of 5

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DeadlyToxic gaming: it leaked
GeorgeBonez: My Ghost 350 didn't come with this cool little saddle mount thing to put my hook assembly or Claw. Does anyone know what these things are called? In this vid he called them "pieces" so that doesn't really help me do an online search to purchase one.  Another mistake I see in this vid is that his string on the right side goes under the anchor bolt (correctly) but then feeds down through the TOP of his spindle bracket pulley. The other side probably isn't like this and it isn't his fault because this is a common problem with the way the crank roosterer is packaged from Barnett and it causes the strings to cross on one side. This causes the strings to tangle on that side. The way to fix it is to remove the anchor bolt and pull the string off of the bolt pulley. Tough to explain but you basically have to remove the anchor bolt and fix it so that the strings do NOT cross on either side. This will make you roosterer run really smooth and free of tangles even when it is cranked all the way in!
chronofusion: I can promise Win 8 does NOT equal Windows ME. I've used damn near every version of windows since 95 including ME for 3 months then trashed it to return to 98se until Xp became available. It's simple. Start8 or Classic Shell. Other than that minor grip fix, it's slightly faster than 7 ( depending on what you're trying to do) in almost every way. Some ways are the same speed. Areo glass theme gone? Yes, that sucks, but It's not a deal breaker for me. However, 39.99 no tax=great deal
Ivo Teixeira: Looks good, but this is one crapty trailer.
Josh Jones: very nice!!
1980sbrawl: close battle

Duke 200 Wheelie