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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Adam L: wow..lol its works...wired as hell tho
TheMors1975: no eye protection--lucky didn't anything in her eyes
winkdogydog101: wow u for real? i thought it was bad ass at first but could hand load faster then what that speed loader just did dont know why it took so long? just slow turning or what?
D Perete: CGI is looking too fantastical, LotR used be darker, realistic, now everything has bloom effects and bright colors.
HourGlassDM: sabes como se resetea la bios? se que es con el jumper en los pines del CMOS pero no c cual es el procedimiento
κUρι άκΟς: RX-7 = NSX > GTR
///M3CM: Thanks for your help got it wired up! Only thing it is really quiet unless you set the alarm off

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