1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6 Cold Start And Walkaround

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1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6 Cold Start And Walkaround
1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6 Cold Start And Walkaround
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1989 Ford F150 3 speed 300 Straight 6 0-100
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0-100 1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6
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1989 F150 is KNOCKING!!!!!!!! 300 Straight 6 Bottom End KNOCK
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Cold Start 1989 Ford F150 And 1990 F250 Diesel
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1986 F150 inline 6. 300 2nd time running
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Ford 300 straight six engine build up
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1989 Ford F-150 4.9 / 300 with Flowmaster 10
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my first truck 1989 ford f150
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96 ford f150 doughnuts donuts 4.9 300 inline six

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hondaus90: What is the name of that song at 3:15?

uscar17: ct'un beau truck ! Et une bonne station de radio ! Merci our la vidéo !

Hauler Scraper: you lice in a mattamy homes sub divsion???

76hotrodF250: wow, a 90 model with a C-6...weird. Yeah, them radios were pretty good, but its hard to find them in working shape, atleast around here anyways. My dad went through about 3 of them in his 91 ranger he used to have. Gotta love tape decks man!!! I still love to listen to tapes, brings me back to the late 80s and early 90s when I do...

Roushfan5: But that said the speakers on my 91 Maxima SE do not work.

Jack Hitchcock: Although on the XLT models it will chime instead of buzz.

Kenneth Coventry: This really made me miss my 1989 F-150. I had a nice blue one. It was also a Custom (which I thought were better than the top trims of that time). I'm trying to find one like it, but it seems impossible to find a V8 that's stick shift and 4x4.

themaritimeman: That's awesome!

IDIDieselJohn: 89 btw. The C6 was in production from 1966-1996. The last engines to have it was the 300-6, 302 and 460. The 6.9 Diesel motorhome has the C6 to :D

TNJfarm: Pretty good looking thats a good sign the cab corners arnt rusted thats good

BlackCloudPSD: wow im impressed. clean truck

brendonk01: I like it other than the automatic transmission lol

e schmidt: That has a C6? How lucky are you?! Most had an E4OD or and AOD. That was the early years of the automatic OverDrive tranny in the f150.

IDIDieselJohn: No idea lol. Don't know alot of titles of newer country music. Thanks!

IDIDieselJohn: Yeah me to I preffer the 70's for both cars and truck! Get me a 78 Lincoln Continental and a 73-79 F-series and I'll be happy as I can be :D

76hotrodF250: That is a nice truck, not real big on the 300 Inline 6, but still nice, that should have an AOD 4 speed in it, I think its the E4OD in that year model. Cool idea with the truck box / tool box idea, I like that. I can't believe the orginal Ford radio is still working in it. Thing is with those inline 6s, they can sound mean if you get the right exhaust on them, and there basically a 302, minus 2 pistons, they wrap up the rpms nice.

jackiebooda: s.o.b. needs t oget wore in! lol...my dad has a 97 f-250 heavy duty w/ 97,000miles on it. old body style...yeah good trucks..

John: un peu

themaritimeman: Common for automatics on trucks back then.

IDIDieselJohn: Yeah lol. How do you know?

IDIDieselJohn: That's it? Still a spring chicken in my books! lol Ours is rust free everywhere. Been rust proofed for some stupid reason by previous owner. Who the hell rust proofs an RV that doesn't see winter? But whatever, mint condition :D

Grasshopper80s4ever: I have a 1990 F-150 with 365,000 miles on it and it stile runs like new!. It's worked all it's life from a farm to a landscaping company.Have a good one man. from the 80's kid

460fordtruckman: i would figure they a had the 9 inch axle in but no see clip specails LOL

fordfurious1998: @FordMan055 i can answer that my dad use to have the same truck its to indicate the keys have been turned to acc or if the doors open it will make that sound two (if the keys are in the ignition

IDIDieselJohn: Got a 90 F150 parts truck, no engine/trans and the 90 F250 diesel.

aaronamerine: weres the bed?

IDIDieselJohn: The E10 will slightly lower your mpg. Here in Canada, it's all been E10 for years now. Makes absolutely no difference in engine performance! It actually cleans out the system, tank and everything. So if some time later it start loosing power and etc., change your fuel filter, the E10 cleans out the tank and all the crap ends up plugging the filter, if the tank was dirty enough. Also E10 prevents fuel from freezing no matter the temps* The 302 is not a very good engine compared to the 300.....

naterade21: only a 3 speed? wtf

IDIDieselJohn: There is a couple that pop up for sell in my area with that combo or similar engine trans. combo, but most 4x4 trucks get beat to hell....so it makes it harder finding one of this age that's in half decent shape.

IDIDieselJohn: Fasten Seat Belt warning, or if you leave your key in the ignition, and open the door, it will also buzz to let you know you forgot your keys.

Roushfan5: I can't see that little pickup being able to pull that huge diesel of yours, and with NO weight on those rear wheels, that thing would get pulled with the IDL just idling.

Joshua Brown: Hey John. I got a question for ya again about my truck, 1989 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat 300 I6 EFI motor with the 5 speed manual. When I bought the truck the guy before me said he only used Unleaded. Well, for me that means that gas is $3.54 per gallon!! Have you ever tried to use the 10% Ethinol Fuel? If so did it change MPG's or how the engine ran or anything? Also, when this motor dies I plan on switching for the 302. Know how hard that might be? Thanks!

IDIDieselJohn: What's the mileage on your rig? Man nothing works lol. ours has 140,000 miles and everything works and all original, even the A/C is still working on the original R12 stuff.

IDIDieselJohn: Back in the 60's and early 70's, GM had a 2 speed PowerGlide automatic.

Shwan Ardalani: are you gonna keep the F150 after all the restoration

Tom Shuart: i'd throw on some long tube headers and get a new exhaust setup, make it really mean sounding

IDIDieselJohn: There excellent trucks and these straight 6's are bullet proof engines, but way to freaken hard on gas!

AOO08DOYOUHEAR: Super clean! If she was 4X4 she'd almost be an alright truck. Tug of war lol. The 7.3 would tear that half ton to pieces. 1 89 and 2 90's what you need now is to come buy my 90. 302. Posi 4.10 gears. 4X4. Ifs. No rust at all. I'll make you a killer deal, if you're willing to drive 2,700 km to get it lol!! Great song by the way. 5/5

Hauler Scraper: lol they look the same lol.

Kenneth Coventry: @ClayPigeonKiller I'm aware that the Customs were the lowest end trucks, but I honestly loved it better than my grandfather's XLT. I'm a Ford guy, so I know the trim level by heart, but I guess my comment did kind of sound like I didn't know what I was talking about.

Hauler Scraper: ive worked for mattamy homes, in the past, i know where they build lol!!!

IDIDieselJohn: Dunno if we'll do that, but will defenentlly have to do something to get the noise level up! i'm use to my diesel lol!

Nick Dennis: how did you get the interior so clean?? or was it like then when you got it?

TheGsrb17: My uncle has the same year n motor truck n clean plus it's 4x4 :) I'm thinkin of gettin it

Jake The Snake Productions: Damn, she's solid!!!

talldude123: ditto!

76hotrodF250: Yeah, I had been corrected before about the C-6s, but then afterwards I thought only the 250s and 350s had them after the mid 80s, well at almost 27 years old, I'm still learning about cars, I got a late start on them, as I didn't know squat about cars until I was about 21, and even then I didn't know much. But also I don't care much for cars made after 85 ethier, so i don't read up on them after the 85 year models, I prefer stuff more like my 76 f250 and my 81 Ltd.

6030diesel: ditch the muffler john! my mercury M-100 with the 300-6 has a thrush muffler on it. its well burnt out now and you can only hear the exhaust when you really romp on it. just how it should be!

IDIDieselJohn: I recently re-calculated mpg, driving 55 on the highway, grandma take offs, etc. gave me 14.1mpg. 90% highway driving.

IDIDieselJohn: Yep, so glad it's got the C6. They were getting pretty rare in these trucks. The most common one for F150's was the AOD. The E4OD was mostlly for F250's and 350's, but was also an option for F150's.
1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6 Cold Start And Walkaround 4.9 out of 5

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1989 Ford F150 300 Straight 6 Cold Start And Walkaround