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APEX - One Woman Band: Yay, missed you, welcome back ! :) I always love how relaxing your videos are, and going out to appreciate simple things of nature and life are the best things ever ! Cheers from France 
AMGkompressor20: It looks like a stock gtr Neither car launched 335 is tuned by what speed he hit I would say jb3 mayb and intake, if the 335 had race gas and meth gtr would get smoked
Joyce Evans: Check out this video on YouTube:
jazzwordup: hey I'm going to be ordering roaccutane from orderpharma this friday. is there a difference between roaccutane and accutane?
brilliantcc: haha! guys, i made this freaking video in year 3!!!! so just...whatevaaa
Stevin Tyler: I love you makeup it's flawless
Carlos Gavino: He uploaded this 5 years later

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