Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

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Kathy4Love: I like your lipstick 💄 a lot what color is it and what brand is it?

Diane Milligan: So Clever to use the Dixie cups! What a great tip. The mess of spraying it onto my face was keeping me from purchasing - now I just need to find the right color for me. Thank you!

Mayra LB: omg it looks amazing! i also love ur lip color ❤❤❤

Tammy Hartline: I love your video! Best one out there on this product! I started watching bc I got this to wear for my wedding, obsessed!!!!!! The mother of pearl is everything. Thanks so much for your video! 😘 Keep posting!!!

SWTPEA: I first thought this was a room spray video lmao

Liberty May: Is this better than Mac full coverage foundation?

marzipan221: The only pity is that the foundation is so good an gives such full coverage that it hides your beautiful freckles!

Stephanie Salan: Damn. It looks amazing. Ok, I need this. Have you tried the Sephora brand version? I wonder if that's as nice of coverage, etc. would be nice for me since I'm kinda poor, lol

India Rising: would this foundation work well with a beauty blender? just it's my preferred way of applying my current foundation haha x

Megan Burke: You're beautiful inside and out thanks for your reviews☺️😘

ishah2124: I went to get this today.. It just seemed like... I don't know it just didn't look good at all so I went for the dior star. I love it.

Ashley LeAnne: best review I have ever seen. like seriously, you must have gotten A's on those book reports in school haha thank you!!x

Daryline Put: Thank you for the very complete and informative review!

jennifer p-d: I do appreciate that you used this for such a long time before giving a review.  Personally i dont like "first impression" vids because most of the time we change our mind and need more than once to test things out or give advice.  A few more things that i would like to know is.....does using a primer help and which ones. What about other application methods like beauty blender.  And how long does it last without setting it. Thanks.

Savannah Moreau: I purchased this product a couple of years ago. I used it nearly every day by applying it directly to my face and it lasted me quite a while! I don't want to overshoot how long it lasted me, but I'd say at least three months. It's an amazing product!!!

Elizabeth Mendez: disregard the o sorry.

Elizabeth Mendez: love that color lipstick and your eyelashes. What is the color of the lipstick?and how do you get the eyelashes o?

heyIM Lulu: I have extremely fare skin, would they have a color that matches me. Also, for my daily routine I use a white foundation with any normal foundation to get my exact shade, would adding a white foundation to this ruin the effect?

Wendy Ruelas: you definitely do not talk to much, i feel like your video is more informative than others because i personally like detail in subjects I'm interested in
so i felt the same way when it came to $62 dollars lol 

Simply Tephie: Really enjoyed this review. Very detailed and informative. I've been eyeing the spray foundation for ever. Now I feel confident to buy. Thank you.
Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation 5 out of 5

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Robert McKenzie: What was the air mattress you had in the video?
พู ไหน'น: คลั่งจนลืมโลกจริงไปเเล้วอ่ะ -\\\\\- เเต่มันก้ทำให้มีความสุขน่ะรู้สึกผ่อนคลายไปด้วย
เเต่ก้จะทำให้เลิกชอบไม่ได้เลยอ่ะ รักอนิเมะที่สุดดดดดดด-3-

Raven House Mystery: Good job on the review.  This is a genre that you haven't covered much lately, so it made for a nice change of pace video.  It definitely sounds like a film worth seeing.
Stampy Fan: Did you play Clara in Doctor Who?
Cod Shee: "Oh my goodness that's not happening!" Haha I'm dead! I loved this video! 😭😂
mikeax24: lmao these minimum budget voice actors sound so bored like "God bad enough we had to do an entire cartoon of this now we're doing two?"
Andrew Flores: Awesome looking field! And why the hate? Airsoft and paintball are both fun and awesome :)

Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation