Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

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Yvonne R: OMG can you please do this video again but in like 2 minutes? Like cut out the entire beginning and stop talking!!! Just show how to use the product!!

Paige Wells: I love your lipstick!!! What lipstick is it? 

Hajer ElGihani: Your lipstiiiick 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍 what is that?? 

Alejandro Serrano: Looks flawless. I just bought mine at Sephora today and they matched my skin IQ with 500 Dark Beige. They then finished it off with the Airflash powder spray which has a bit on a tint to it. I feel like it looked a little orange which i definitely do not want. Should i go down to number 400 and use the Airflash powdered spray?

Lexi Hay: Can you do your makeup tutorial for this look? I love it! Idk if I could spend that much on the Dior, but it is gorgeous on you!

Kirsten Wright: Ugh I love your lipstick. Why does it have to be limited? 

plugrapls: I really like your more natural looks, I'm a fan of yours but this is a bit much. you look much more youthful and fresh without all of the heavy eye and lip makeup. This is meant as a compliment- let that natural beauty shine!

Nouunnn: You talk a little bit too much..

Shahana Tahir: one can lasted me six months and I use it almost every day. Love the product !

Andrea B: I love this foundation & Your review! -I had previously been applying this by spraying it straight onto my (Sephora )large powder brush but was looking for a better way so Googled reviews that led me to your vid -The dixie cup idea was *seriously* genius! Thank you!! <3 

Cher Alkrief: Is this foundation good in pictures 

Monique Santos: he

Iiza123: I think you have pretty same skin colour as mine, yeay! I ordered the 021 Linen shade because of this review. Just waiting it to arrive so I can try it out! They don't sell this product anymore in our country, so online purchasing was the only option. Btw, have you tried Nars sheer glow? And if you are then in what shade? I really would like to try sheer glow as well, and we don't have Nars counters in our country either. So I am in need of help to get my shade. Thinking about purchasing Ceylan perhaps?

dhara naik: Where did you get your necklace it's beautiful 

Jill S: You are so preatty

Tazzie1312: I do wonder if this would work well to spray it onto a sponge or beauty blender and apply it that way.

Nat Azoulay: You look way better with dark hair!

Naeema Kaiwi: With makeup u look soooooo diffrent 

Hellokitty: Woah,you look really different without makeup on.

vitaliyab: Great video Alli! You are great at what you do! 

mac77oasis: I bought this last year and returned it because my skin was too dry for it. I would apply it with a brush. Your technique for applying the foundation is really interesting!

Natalie Bowles: which lipstick are you wearing?

DIANA GONZALEZ: Allí, cuanto te dura el producto? Y aplicándolo cuantas veces a la semana, gracias un beso desde Colombia :)

sheeki shokola: I hate it it has pink undertone I regretted buying it I paid 66$ for this joke I wasted my money 

saimuntamed: Might sound weird, but I love to hear you talk! lol

Stefanie Weiß: You are a natural beauty, don't think you need that much make up but understand that you like it! Like your videos, go on like this!

carmengonzales282: i lik the blue dresser behind u

Katy Larson: How many uses do you get using this product? There's 2 ounces in the bottle, but do you get the same amount of uses as a 1 ounce liquid/cream product? Just trying to see if this is actually way more expensive per application. At the Dior counter in my Dillards, the makeup tech said to apply it with a brush by spraying directly onto It then buffing it into the face. They did recommend using their primer and setting spray, which was another $80.

Rachel Kacsmark: :) make up tutorial on this look please!

Irene Araújo: "my skin is horrible right now"... can't hear this -_-

Monique Reilly: I love your freckles :) I'd love to see a more natural look on you, I find that quite hard to do so I'd be interested to hear tips. Btw I love your hair, it really suits you

feminista29: Thanks for this! This foundation has been on my wish list for a while, but the price kept me from picking it up. Glad you broke it down and showed a demo. Think I'll actually pick it up and use your tips! BTW, I am loving the darker tone to your hair! It suits you well. ;)

Makeup by Maria: i love your lipstick!i have a makeup channel i would love if you come check it out thanks!(:

Brittany Moore: Everyone has probably told you about this... but I work at Sephora and the Sephora brand air flash foundation is a much cheaper dupe for this. You should really try it and review it for your followers. :)

Katie McNabb: I've wanted this foundation for a while but how about I'm getting anxiety right now, thinking about spending $62 on foundation. Sheesh!

Janet Hernandez: What lip color is that?

Mila S.: You look sooooooo different between wearing makeup / not wearing makeup :-o

Dosh kabob: you are to beautiful

bluemickey23: Love love love your lipstick!! It looks a lot like my wnw lipstick in cherry picking.

Zyphera: This is amazing!

Tess Tancredi: Her hair looks awful in a bun. Like she looks like a 12 year old girl going to a ballet recital.....

BeautyByMrsOutlaw: Uhhhh yeah I need this in my life!!!!!! Every time I watch your videos I have to go buy whatever your using or talking about lol!!!

PrimadonnaGirl914: You have to do a video on how you do your hair!!! Like how you do your buns and how you curl your hair because it looks stunning and I would like to style my hair like that

EGMedina1: Hair tutorial please. I have ur hair length and I've been wanting to put it up in high bun but I can't seem to be able to. So please do one. It would be helpful. Thanks. Ur sooo gorg!! 

sunnydalegal: "getting sacrificed to the makeup god" haha :)

PrimadonnaGirl914: You have to do a video on how you do your hair!!! Like how you do your buns and how you curl your hair because it looks stunning and I would like to style my hair like that

sarahrocks991: Do more reviews! You do a great job! Loved this

jaysweetie562: Very nice review!

beautywithbreexo: The foundation looks absolutely amazing on you! I also really love this makeup look. Thanks for the review!
Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation 4.9 out of 5

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Courtney Guidry: OMG 3 straight minutes of nothing but cuteness!! ^-^
Riley Morrison: Ranger
Samuel Sanchez: are these coming to america
firstname lastname: I got the lg900g and the $30.00 for 60days and 300 min plan. then i bought the zte midnight ($20.00) for all my smart phone/wifi needs. lol I never even acticated the zte... i just use it for wifi and angry birds, emf meter apps ect. together the 2 phones are awesome xD Why pay more then $15.00 a month for the lg900g?

Review + DEMO | Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation