Review: Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun

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Michael Danforth: Looks like your in a prison cell

RonPaulFriends: It says " made " in the USA because 90% of the parts are " made " in the USA. If it was just assembled in the USA from foreign parts it could only legally say it was " assembled " in the USA and not " made " in the USA like it is.

usernamemykel: This 88 Maverick only has a one year warranty, whereas the 500 has a 10 yr warranty. There's a reason for that... maybe the 500 is built ten times better and therefor worth the price. Something to consider.

esm1911A1: I envy you guys in the US. Here in the philippines, that maverick alone costs about 850 USD if converted from peso. plus USD 170 for the gun license. wonder there's so many loose firearms here in our country. For the mossberg 500 and 590, they cost around USD 1460 for the gun alone. Well, about every gun here is priced that way. Here, gun ownership "legally" is for the rich. Some kind of status symbol I guess. Our own Armscor is much cheaper in your country than buying it here.

David Ferreire: bought mine in Pennsylvania for $220 at pickles Sporting goods in Whitehall. well put together, and for the price nobody could complain. i love it

swiftcoyote: Even used, as long as it's in good condition, it's a very good price.

Safitea: Reading the comments Im guessing its a good deal at $120!!! :)

Safitea: Im considering buying one of these used, it has a 28" barrel, and really appreciate your video.

dopehousex3: Just bought this shotgun today and after shooting it all day at the range, I like it.

Cheech1968: I'm not sure that is true. If you look at the factory stock...along the bottom side, there is a small flat cutout where one could screww in the eyed head to which a sling swivel can be mounthed (at least there is on the 88 I bought). Just thought I'd share.

xpoom3: its under 200 in texas at academy.. just over 200 with tax... and i went skeet shooting with it and it isnt that bad actually

ThePoorMansButter: "It's not the size that counts. Its how you use it." Yeah thats what I keep telling myself :'(

007Kiristo: It's the same price in Texas.

SpiritCock: Asshole gun store in MD trying to sell the 20" maverick for $289 before ridiculous state tax. I walked right out.

ohnotheytookzeus: $179.99 in Louisiana, store bought. I guess it was so cheap, only because I live in a state close to the manufacturer's plant.

subbie02carrera: Just picked one up with pistol grip for under 200 new....great gun!

robertquentincobb: Awesome. You're Vids are very good. Do more. Good Luck.

watchnow95: yes you can get it in 20guage 26inch 28inch and 18inch

DixielandPrepper: Their $280 if you buy them off the mossberg site

94Thatguy: Bought mine for 260 in CT
Review: Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun 5 out of 5

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Review: Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun