Build A Simple Shop Storage Cabinet

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Build a simple shop storage cabinet
Build a simple shop storage cabinet
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Simple Shop Storage - Free Plans
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Bank of drawers for the shop!
Bank of drawers for the shop!
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Mario Chingon: awesome, like the details and love your shop...

chrissy soriano: "The urbangreen Midcentury Modern Dresser is the contemporary interpretation of iconic design trends of the past century

Paul Roldan: i'm a hoarder of wood as well

Escape From NY: Your funny. Love your humor.

Jose M. Pulido: Good thing you hoard pieces of wood because it is so expensive that... it does not grow on trees anymore...ahem.

Brian Manthé: As always, I enjoy learning from your channel. Only thing that still baffles me is how 'rebate' can become 'rabbit"
One is a small small furry animal with long ears much like Bugs Bunny, the other is a wood cut for seating wood pieces

Melly Tessa: Great video, I liked it!
This is 200 pages wooodworking guide with carpentry tips and tricks is very useful for beginners and the 150 premium videos can help any woodworker to hone his carpentry skills. =

O.G. Families: you're really cool, man )

Wolf Lahti: But...
 I might be able to use that splinter of wood in a project some time in the next 15 years!

humz invo: idol ! idol! idol!

Franks DIY: great job and I like your new saw. The question is is there anything in place to stop the drawers from coming out when pulled too far ? I'm making a video right now on my workbench, were I'm
 putting a drawer cabinet underneath and still deciding on buying drawer slides or doing what you did ?

Tim Flynn: I know you can make it to any spec you desire, but could you list the specs for this particular cabinet? Looks simple enough but it would help in wood purchasing. Thanks.

patrick mcglone: Steve,
you have great woodworking skills. I plan on building this cabinet one day..congratulations on your new table saw . I'm sure you deserve it. and remember to respect any and all power tools..

m walton: very nice work, thanks for sharing!

Elissandra Simone de Lima Silva: very nice job.

Jose A. Munoz Jr: Do you use Brad or finish nails?

taylor barker: i have that same porter cable saw. i love it

OnkelPunkrock: Oh my god. I know that problems too. Cause i´m a hoarder too. ;) Wood, sheetmetal, piping and truckloads of other stuff. :D I´m so thankful that my better half doesn´t go into the basement because she would kill me :D

nisha145ns: I wish you could stop skipping stuff. how did you make sure the back fit like that. I'm so confused.
Build a simple shop storage cabinet 5 out of 5

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Build a simple shop storage cabinet