Build A Simple Shop Storage Cabinet

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Build a simple shop storage cabinet
Build a simple shop storage cabinet
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Peter Trentacoste: As a apprentice, I think I will try this project., Also thumbs up for the people responsible getting you that table saw..There is good people on this planet. I am very interested in wood working. I am a retired electrician and I started to buy some wood working tools, Thanks for the video

rodel valiente: i just can get enough of your videos. more power :)

Adan Pedrero Guzman: hola buenos días me gustan todos sus trabajos y eh aprendido mucho me podría decir que medidas tiene

Adam Cleary: Steve,, I like to save wood also,,,, even if it is very small....

iwayuru123: "I'm not a that much of a hoarder - I just like to save wood" - Sounds a lot like something a hoarder would say..... Srsly m8, get help : /

StrangeClanTV: what tool did you use to make the daydos or w.e. you call em

Above the Garage Woodworking: Love this project! I may have to build one for my shop!

shawn .mason: nice video.
I'm wondering if the drawers would slide well enough with a lot of weight in them?
I want to build a mechanics tool box and will be putting lots of heavy tools in it...

mishael grund: Coolness, I'm definitely going to give this a go after I finish up with quite a neat plan I got from Woody Hyezmar's (free) Woodworking Bible.

Cole Bouchard: "Boarders"

SIMON PIDGEON: The guys who bought you a saw Thumbs up to those guys , ( Very Kind of them , helping a fellow woodworker )

SIMON PIDGEON: Lol me too , I've got more timber than my local saw mill

Bellos Disenos: Here's an easy storage cabinet you can build for your wood shop. I made this one with 3/4" plywood. Easily adaptable for anything you want to store.
» «

49Freds: Hi Steve

Joe Wells: me too steve. me too.

Jah Hubris: This video is about farting in a market

Robert Serdar: Im building the project, did the runners and moving on to the Rabbetts. you make it clear that its 3/4 in but not how high you set your blade. im going to do it 1/4 and see how it turns out.

Peter Matthew: If you think that saving pieces of wood that small is a problem, I must have a seriously serious problem lol

chrissy soriano: "The urbangreen Midcentury Modern Dresser is the contemporary interpretation of iconic design trends of the past century

Paul Roldan: i'm a hoarder of wood as well
Build a simple shop storage cabinet 5 out of 5

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Build a simple shop storage cabinet